‘Cool School’: HSU a Top College on Sierra Club List

This is a press release from Humboldt State University:

Students volunteer with HSU’s Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program.

When it comes to sustainability, Humboldt State is among the best, according to the Sierra Club’s annual “Cool Schools” ranking.

Positioned at No. 31 out of 269 schools, HSU tied several other schools with the highest marks for divestment and innovation, criteria unique to the Sierra Club rankings.

The schools were also rated using data submitted to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). Last year, HSU earned a STARS—Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System—gold rating from AASHE.

The Sierra Club weighed some of the AASHE data differently than STARS.

“For example, we give much more weight in the areas of energy, air and climate, and transportation because the Sierra Club believes that progress in these sectors is essential for addressing the climate crisis,” the report reads. “… We give more weight to public engagement efforts, out of the belief that colleges and universities have a responsibility to encourage students to be civic actors in their communities. In the area of academics, we give relatively greater weight to curriculum over research.”

Humboldt State has a longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility. The University broadly incorporates sustainability across academic and service learning disciplines, as well as many student volunteer programs. Princeton Review consistently rates HSU as a “Green Campus”.

The University recently became a signatory to Second Nature’s Climate Commitment, and recently completed a comprehensive Climate Action Plan. Last year, the EPA awarded the university with a Food Recovery Challenge Certificate of Achievement for its reductions in food waste. Longer term, the University has set ambitious goals of becoming carbon neutral near 2030, eliminating the “achievement gap” often faced by underrepresented or low-income students, and ensuring that sustainability and social justice are at the core of the HSU educational experience.

The Sierra Club is the largest and most influential grassroots environment organization in the U.S., with 3.5 million members and supporters. The club has helped pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act, and leads the charge to move away from the dirty fossil fuels that cause climate disruption and toward a clean energy economy.

See the full Cool Schools rankings.

This is a press release from Humboldt State University:

From ‘Best in the West’ to a ‘Cool School,’ HSU makes the cut on several college rankings for 2018.

Washington Monthly

For the third consecutive year, Washington Monthly magazine recognized Humboldt State in its national College Guide. This year HSU ranked No. 60 out of 150 master’s degree-granting universities.

“We rank 4-year schools (national universities, liberal arts colleges, baccalaureate colleges, and master’s universities) based on their contribution to the public good in three broad categories. Those categories are: Social Mobility (recruiting and graduating low-income students), Research (producing cutting-edge scholarship and Ph.D.s), and Service (encouraging students to give something back to their country),” the magazine states.

Published annually since 2005, Washington Monthly’s annual college rankings often provide unexpected results, seeing famous private institutions perform lower than lesser-known schools.

For the full rankings, go to Washington Monthly’s website.

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review also named HSU on two of its annual lists: “Best Western,” which recognizes “academically outstanding” schools internationally and in four U.S. regions; and “Green Colleges,” which lists environmentally responsible schools. The Green Colleges list is developed by looking at “whether students have a campus quality of life that is both healthy and sustainable; how well a school is preparing students for employment in the clean-energy economy of the 21st century as well as for citizenship in a world now defined by environmental concerns and opportunities; and how environmentally responsible a school’s policies are.”

Sierra Club

And the Sierra Club recently named Humboldt State as one of its “Cool Schools,” recognizing the university for its commitment to sustainability. Read more about that honor here.

Student Loan Hero

The local community also got a nod from a national ranking. Arcata was ranked No. 15 in a list of colleges where it’s possible for students to earn their tuition while working 15 hours a week year-round during college.

The report, published by website Student Loan Hero, determined by looking at local minimum wages and tuitions that students can only pay their way by working at 2.8 percent of U.S. colleges.

“Fortunately, 41 cities are home to affordable colleges with tuition that can be paid for while earning the local minimum wage,” the report reads. See the full report here.



  • Yes and graduates continue at the $15/hr student job After they graduate from this ‘cool’ school. It’s cheaper to attend because taxpayers fund the bulk of costs.

    • In many fields, a bachelor’s degree is the entry level degree. If you get a BS in Botany for example (from any school) you will have to work for around $15 for several years before getting any substantial raises. But if you get a BS in environmental science or environmental engineering, or hydrology, you can get paid much better right out of school. In the STEM fields, you really have to get a MS to earn like an adult.

      • Do NOT go to college, it is a bad way to go. Most face a debt of 40k or more, all going to the govt and way over paid monkeys who spew bullshit, and are not smart. Follow what you love, and apprentice into it. Truck drivers, equipment operators, good trade school people, start about 80k a year, does not take long to make 6 figures. Start your own business, but stay away from the corrupt college monkey teachers who are failed as humans. Welding, wood workers, plumbers and electrical workers all make good loot. At least they are now, after we got rid of the big monkey, Obama. Do not feed the socialist narrative. You start your own business, you can keep it underground, pay almost no taxes, and enjoy freedom, instead of being enslaved with debt. Because of Trump, the big gorilla, youth have a shot at breaking out of the monkey socialist traps they set to keep you a slave, feeding their unearned coffers so they do not have to work or break a sweat. And after what has been said about our hero Trump, monkey is mild.

        • You sure are confident wearing those white robs out in the open nowa days!

        • I totally agree. Getting started in a trade at a young age is a great way to go. By the time your in your 30s you’ll be making killer money. Seriously, people in your late teens and twenties, become a firefighter, do construction, get something going.

          But there are degrees that can make you a lot of money. Engineering, Forestry, Biology, and a bunch of other ones offered at HSU will lead great paying jobs straight out of school or eventually. And lots of masters degrees will earn plenty of money.

        • “Stay away from corrupt college monkey teachers, who are failed as humans!”

          [edit] Second are you talking about grammar school, community college or University? Generally those in a University, are the top of their field, like some of HSU’s environmental science or marine biology. Folks who have vast experience under their belt, in their field of expertise. Third, a trade is a good way to go too, but having some extra credentials under ones belt, could also help someone in their independent trade, like accounting & marketing classes. The two can complement each other. No need for major debt, considering if your a Ca resident, tuition is free and there is assistance to pay for your books. Don’t have gas $, attend online classes once a week. Don’t have a computer, use the ones for free in the library. My suggestion, stop limiting your mind & life, maybe that’s why you always sound so resentful & cranky. Take care of yourself love.

  • Thank god students are being propagandized, I mean learning about the “climate crises” (yaaaawn) and “social justice” (double yaaaawn) while pissing away their time and (our) money at college. When you get out, unemployable, with a useless degree, you can roam the streets smashing shit and shrilling whistles at anyone who disagrees with you, all the while calling them fascist and blind to the irony. If your real ambitious, you’ll never have a job. You’ll just organize other assholes who denounce capitalism because they’re losers like you. Eventually, you could be the next Obama, Bernie or Ocasio Cortez preaching about running the country even though you’re too fucking incompetent to run a lemonade stand and never have. If you fall short, maybe CNN will hire you. Yes, yes we definitely need more of that.

    • Actually Betsy Devos, from the Trump Administration, is the one who benefits from predatory school loans, while leaving students with worthless credentials. Its in her filed 1040 tax returns, under Schedule SE, where she claims her loan company income,

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        Betsy Devos is a dimwit. 🤪😜😝🐘💰

      • And why exactly are the school loans predatory? [edit]

        • Actually she’s really smart, if school is just a business to you. If you solely care for profits vs fellow citizens receiving a good affordable education. She and others, solely prey upon low-income & middle class households. The students have no choice but to take out loans, cause their FASFA isn’t enough to attend. Or their household barely makes too much $, & receives no assistance but still need loans in order to attend college, due to increased tuitions. She & others, take advantage of the desire, of the American Dream, & lock them in loans with outrageous interest percentages. She just removed policy, that kept loan % down and squashed payback plans for hard times. Peel back more assistance programs & more students, will need more loans. Meanwhile she’s laughing all the way to the bank, thus predatory loans.

          • Shocking that you actually responded. Predictably, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Betsy Devos had interest in a debt collection agency, not a loan company. Furthermore, she divested herself of any interest in that company.
            The average student loan is less than 8% as I understand it; how is that outrageous? Being that default rates on student loans are extremely high, the risk of lending should be reflected in the interest rate. And why do you suppose the cost of school is so high in the first place? School tuition was a fraction of the cost before the government got involved. Yet you and other libs want more of the same with no regard for the fact that morons are attending college, to obtain useless degrees, where there are no job opportunities, at inflated costs, thanks to the government.

            Kym Kemp, perhaps you can email me what exactly I said that needed to be edited. I don’t recall saying anything other than disagreeing with a liberal. Are we enforcing thought crimes now? That’s double plus bad.

    • 100%

  • I Wonder what Humboldt State president will do to destroy this I’m all for helping the environment but we also have to take into consideration jobs the university is losing enrollment from what I’ve Been Told so I guess it’s not that good after all it’s been destroyed of the last few years by our so-called president of the University can’t wait for her to retire or be gone before she destroys everything

    • Its great that they have dropping enrollment. Decreasing enrollment should actully be a goal. Many of the classrooms are crowded. People sat in the aisles in every forum room, while I was at HSU.

      Also, some of the classrooms are inhumanly designed. The seats are smaller than theaters seats, force students to share armrests, and do not provide enough desk space to accommodate an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

  • Good idea, turn the football field into a recycling center

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    How many rapes, sexual assaults, other criminal “extracurricular activities”, etc. did it FINALLY take for HSU to FINALLY come to its senses and eliminate 💩 the worthless perverted football program? 🏈🚔⚖️

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