North Coast People’s Alliance Endorses Brett Watson for Arcata City Council

Press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

 Brett Watson’

Brett Watson

Impressed with Brett Watson’s emphasis on affordable housing, living wage jobs and zero waste, the North Coast People’s Alliance has endorsed him for Arcata City Council.

“The current City Council made the right choice when they appointed Brett to fill a council vacancy, and we encourage Arcata voters to keep him on the council,” said Sandy Farrell, a member of the NCPA Steering Committee.

“We’re excited to be phone banking for Brett and other NCPA-endorsed candidates and causes on Sept. 8 and 10, and we encourage his supporters to join us,” Farrell added.

Like so many Humboldt residents, Watson fell in in love with the region while attending Humboldt State University, and decided to stay. After earning a degree in Wildland Fire Management from HSU, he started two businesses, which he has owned and operated for the past nine years. He served on the Arcata Economic Development Committee before being appointed to the Arcata City Council in April 2017.

“I have an ambitious set of goals for the next four years,” Watson said. “We need to diversify Arcata’s economy and create more living wage jobs, while also expanding safe and affordable housing for all Arcatans.”

“We must also focus on making our city more livable,” he said. “I want to enhance the safety and beauty of Valley West and the Plaza, as well as create a premier dog park.”

Watson plans to help the city be proactive in both protecting the environment and responding to the threats posed by climate change. He also will work on making Arcata a zero-waste city and increasing its disaster preparedness.

His campaign is online at

People who would like to help the North Coast People’s Alliance make phone calls on behalf of Watson and others backed by NCPA are invited to bring their cell phones, laptops and tablets to the Labor Temple, 840 E. St., Eureka on Sept. 8 or 10. Paper call sheets are available for those who cannot bring laptops or tablets, but a charged up cell phone is required.

Training begins at 1 p.m. sharp on Saturday, Sept. 8, and calling starts immediately after and continues until 4 p.m. On Monday, Sept., 10, training begins at 6 p.m., followed by calling that continues until 8:30 p.m.

The North Coast People’s Alliance organizes in support of economic justice, social justice and environmental justice, and it helps everyday people become more active in civic life. It is a multi-partisan group working on issues that transcend party lines, with a particular focus on Humboldt County. People can learn more about NCPA and see a full list of its current endorsements on its website,



  • With the cost of land, lumber and building material sky rocketing. The payoffs to the county and state ever increasing. All the special interests you have to please.
    As a developer it doesn’t make sense to build affordable housing in California.
    No profit in it.

    • I would like to see some real jobs brought into the North Coast, instead of the taxpayer killing taxes being used for people who do nothing. How about a couple of subcontractor factories for Ford or GM? Or subcontracts from silicone valley, put people to work. Is that what Brett wants? Hope so. Affordable housing? Better be for Howard Jarvis protecting the taxpayer house buyer, who is hammered by these awful special interest groups, who cause financial suffering. Or, perhaps we could organize a taxpayer resistance, and not pay them for a half year, see how they like it. Or, Brett, you could lower the property taxes of small businesses, which would free up money for their employees to get a living wage. Zero waste? Ok, so is he going to organize and build a factory to recycle all this waste? Is that what you mean Brett? Or are you just like all progressives who promise shit like this, and do nothing but collect the taxpayer’s money and enjoy the good life? And if you are recycling, you could sell the saved material to companies who make things from the metals and plastics. So, Brett, are you going to build a company that employ’s people at a living wage and benefits? Like that Brett? NCPA, don’t call us and bother us with another lousy progressive, who is obviously stupid to think any real American would believe his shit.

  • He didn’t address the most pressing issue that Arcata has ever had, where does he stand on the statue issue?

    • Leave the statue alone. Only commies want us to forget history, so they can write their own, and they also want to take out the old people, who, like me, teach correct history. Mao killed as many older parents and grand parents as he could, so he could write his evil little red book, he butchered 20 million people, gays, grandparents, and the religious, Now there are a billion uneducated idiots, who have imprisoned over a million Muslims for reeducation therapy. Leave the statue to teach these things about evil commies.How’s that Mike? Know where we stand now? Also. Mao took all civilian guns. No guns, no freedom. Socialist progressives love Mao. It’s why they want, but will die trying to take them, our guns.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        You’ll die trying to keep them.

        • How about telling us why we should vote for progressives in our county govt., when there are so many pot holes. They cannot even fix pot holes, they are paid how much? The transportation dept head here, in Trinity co., a progressive, makes 16,000$ a month, yet is a total failure at doing his job. Lots of potholes, lots of democrats. We have called superintendents, supervisors, Woods, Huffman, K. Harris, and gov Brown. Nothing has been done, all democrats. Please tell us how you justify such a failed democrat progressive govt. Can’t even fill potholes. We are supposed to give them our money in the form of taxes so they can have better benefits than we do, yet not fill the pot holes?
          Although the Communists, which are just progressives by a different name, took over Hungary, they paid dearly. They took the public”s guns, locked up teachers, eliminated the sick and mentally ill, and subdued Catholics and Jews. But what the commieprogs did not count on, like here, is that most guns were not accounted for. Most guns in the US are not registered. The Hungarian free sniper brigade killed lots of commie officers. That too is the key. Don’t shoot the rank and file, kill those in charge. The commies left because their officers were dying. The Hungarian armed people won their freedom from the commieprogs, we will keep our freedom here.

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    You know where Arcata stands. ☮️⚠️

    Tear down that statue, Mr. Gorbachev! ⚒🇷🇺❄️⛄️🏒🥅

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    Karl Rove reveres William McKinley, which is reason enough to scrap that fugly statue. Tear it down. Don’t wait!

    • It was a joke, nobody in the entire county outside of Arcata cares about that statue, we just think it’s hilarious that people like you do. We really don’t care about any of your protests really. The only wall I support is one around Arcata.

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    Speaking of Arcata, what’s up with the lack of candidates for political office this year? Damn near half of Eureka is running for Eureka City Council and Eureka’s school board this November, but there are no school board races in Arcata and only one non-incumbent challenger running for Arcata City Council? WTF? 🤨

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