Man Alleged to Be Child Molester Discovered Hiding in Closet

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Joshua Seth StrangeOn Aug. 31, 2018, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office investigators served a search/arrest warrant at a residence on the 14000 block of Highway 96 in Hoopa following an investigation into child molestation allegations.

During the service of the warrant, investigators located 43-year-old Joshua Seth Strange of Hoopa hiding inside of a closet in the residence. He was arrested without incident.

Strange was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of lewd or lascivious acts on a minor and oral copulation on a minor. His bail is set at $1.4 million.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protecting the youth of our community. Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity should call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539



  • Lived in Hoopa all my life. Never seen this person. Where the heck do these sick people come from.

  • Don't Drink While Pregnant

    Really glad Honsal has decided to focus on child molestation cases. Maybe in 10 or 20 years it’ll mean more happy, well-adjusted adult survivors. Hope all the children who have been harmed get the help they need and deserve.

  • He be dressed in The Red Jumpsuit protective custody

  • He works for I think Yurok or Hoopa Tribal Fisheries. He used to be married to a teacher here. Prayers up for the child victim and other children he may of harmed. The article states alleged. May the investigators be wise and the truth revealed.

  • Preverts of this type often hide in closets, under bushes, etc. for the purpose of masturbating.

  • I’ve heard this guy On Monday morning magazine on KMUD. Isn’t he a PHD? Doctor Joshua Strange. His photo leads me to believe he’s guilty. Heard his kid was a problem child. Now we know why. Sick fu@!er ! Don’t hire Sweet water sciences !

  • Feelbadforthefamily

    What a fucken piece of shit. Hiding in a closet when your found???? Definitely screams “innocent “…. i worked for this guys family before and the last name “Strange” doesn’t even begin to unfold the creepiness. Never thought it went this deep but maybe that why he loved the foreigner Woofers that always ere around… #CREEEP

  • You sick piece of shit, it all makes sense now. There is only 1 Dr. Josh Strange, a perverted sick fuck. Prayers to his family.

  • Ick! Bring back Allison Jackson as D.A. She got 300 + years for this type of Creep.

  • This predator will soon become prey after relocation to new habitat.

  • The studies of these ingrates..
    Show us time and time again..
    For these souls ther is just No Hope..
    They never Rehabilitate..
    They only Re-Offend…

  • Really? That’s all the information you all require to crucify someone? Do you know anything about the stability or motivations of the long-gone ex-girlfriend making the accusation? Do you know anything about Josh Strange and his work in the community? All you need is a bad photo of an exhausted man and a clue that he doesn’t trust cops when they bust suddenly into his home? Child abuse is a real problem, but every time a man gets accused he’s automatically guilty?

    • No, not automatically guilty but can you imagine yourself hiding in a closet because some “misinformed” policeman came to your door? Do you think you might try and explain to the “mixed up” sheriff your thoughts about the situation? Nope. I’m going to hide in the closet instead. Do you see how that might look? So in my eyes he crucified himself by his own actions.

      • Hard to explain anything when they are primed for a take down. Many cases of guilty people getting little to no punishment for their actions at every level of our society. There’s also the clear fact that innocent people are charged with crimes everyday. Who knows about this guy, except his close family and friends? Everyone else gets an image reinforced by their own belief systems. The truth can be a very bitter pill to swallow. May he get the justice he deserves.

    • I duno if your new to the judicial system, but no one has a $1.4 million bail without mountains and mountains of evidence….

    • presumed innocent until proven guilty: Thank you. Public sucks

    • It’s easy to jump to conclusions— but this is really important to wait until the facts come out —and hopefully for all involved, the facts will come out. Statistically when accusations like this are made — they are true. And yes highly educated and upsanding members of society definitely do these kinds of things—so it is important to take it seriously for the sake of all victims. BUT the mother of THIS child has been threatening to Accuse Josh of molesting if he didn’t financially support her for years. Our justice system runs and prosecutes primarily on statistics which means there is always room for error and it is not hard to make false accusations. Hopefully for all involved this is a false accusation. Unfortunately At this point even if he is innocent…he is skrewed. People just know there is always more to the story than what is printed in the paper and keep an open mind. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • I believe Joshua Strange’s character is solid. Josh has done amazing things for the Wyatt Tribe, Warrior Institute and was The key biologist/spokesman in convincing the state that the Trinity should have a late high flush flow to support the health of the fish and the river valley. I’m confused about these allegations and again currently they’re only allegations. It’s a shame that without proof/trial, Allegations could lead to your photo on the LoCo and your reputation marred. Especially when one has young kids in the community. My prayers go out to everyone involved🙏

    • Just because someone might be educated, has worked for the Wyott Tribe, was the key biologits in convincing the state, hardly means he couldn’t be convicted of child molesting. And I know first hand about mommy’s boyfriends. I’m sure his ex’s complaints are very TRUE.

    • the fuk does his work ethic have to do with his sexual proclivities?

  • If you’ve ever read my comments you’ll know exactly what I think should happen to this guy. I love the countries that let the victims pick the punishment. Think about how much that would change things predators think about doing!!!

    • Holding people accountable is important. Can anyone tell me how a person becomes a pedophile, sex offender, against children?. I once had a gay friend who said he was raped at a young age. Having that trauma at an early age really has consequences for generations.

      • I know of numerous incidents where young children become confused about their sexuality because of being molested at a young age.

  • Truth and Deception

    The CRAZY ex- [edit], is the most two faced manipulative person. Can’t trust her to be truthful. She has chewed her way through many men leaving an ugly mess behind her. As for her mothering she is not a good roll model to say the least. Just shedding some light on the other side of the story. All you people who have something to say but don’t know these people, you have no idea what the truth really is. Something like this can be put out there for the world to see before any of the real truth comes out, and everyone will believe one side of the story. Don’t forget that there is always two sides that need to be told. Also the good ol sheriffs office is great at telling lies in their publications to make people sound terrible. Let’s keep it real.

  • Good friend of [edit]!

    if anyone knows of [edit]! Then u would have an idea what is going on here. She bounces from man to man [edit], dragging her kids along with her. those poor kids. I could tell u how many dads those kids have had pretty disqusting. She comes off real nice at first, then you see her kids and anybody would feel the same as Josh did. like i gotta help this lady out. Same story everywhere she goes. She just needs a place to stay doesnt have any money and no where to go with her kids. Once u let her in she will milk u for everything u’v got. Once there is no more she will start [edit] Meanwhile leaving u to take care of her kids. Then when enough is enough. You try and tell her its time for u to find somewhere else to live. She would threaten you with something just like this. She would say, “you cant kick me out and if you do i will say u molested one of my daughters and it will ruin your life!” I am dead serious I no her very well and was a good freind of hers until i saw how black hearted she was. She is considered very dangerous [edit] do not approach her and do not become a victim of her awful wrong doings!

    • Each of you commenters who have already convicted this man need to look in the mirror and count your blessings. In America we have due process. Let that happen because none of you sitting in front of your e-devices knows the truth. If he is found guilty in a court of law, I hope that he receives just punishment. Until then, try being an intelligent observer rather than an ignorant bloviator.

    • You obviously DONT know this woman!! The black heart is yours.
      Projection. Look it up.

    • presumed innocent until proven guilty: Thanks for saying that!

  • If he is guilty they ought to do a brain scan as tumors (and even seemingly harmless medications) have been known to cause people to do some crazy stuff. That is IF he is guilty and also if this was fairly recent behavior.

  • I heard he was in the bathroom when the police showed up minding his own business. Does that change the picture for you?

    Why did they say he was in the closet? Typo or manipulation of the story?

  • 1.4 millli yo, not your typical average bail, I guess that gets the penthouse in the Hilton. Sorry for the families all
    Involved. Sorry to all the friends affected. sometimes the lil ripples we stir in years past end up as tidal
    waves in our present. A lot of advantages taken to some native groups $ hopefully that didn’t specifically translate to our children too. Still in disbelief Josh wtf dude.

    • Fact: He was in the bathroom at time of arrest, didn’t even know what was coming his way. I get it, bad photo, molestation charges, ……. I’ve been friends with this guy since our time at Humblodt St. I know his family, mother of his first born and this story is a pile of dung. His ex- is an emotionally unbalanced person with an incredible amount of fortitude to come after him 4 @#** years later for forcing her out of his house and life. This guy is NOT this person and for everyone thinking that bail determines guilt?! No, bail determines flight risk based on accusations made, and this accusation, is the mother of all. It’s sad, because his life has taken a tragic hit, his kids, his career, direct shot to stern. So slow your roll people, and let some facts come out first. By far one of the greatest people I know on this planet is now in survival mode. And Hoopa, you should be kissing his ass for ALL that he has sacrificed for that river that runs your town. Guy dedicated his life for that cause.

      #Presumed innocent until proven guilty! (TQ for whoever keeps posting that)

      • I grew up with Josh Strange and I dont believe one iota of this shit. Please protect him from this and give him solace when he will need it most.

  • I understand 1 million is typical for what he’s charged with. Child molestation is a very serious crime and it should be.

    I heard he was going up against some big corporations in the courts to protect the salmon and the water and rivers they need to survive. Logging companies and others. Could any of them want him eliminated?
    Could they have anything to do with this?

  • Be strong Josh. The picture is seems clear from far away. You will just need to convince one out of twelve that she is manipulative, threatening, and finally lied. Once She made the call she cant take it back so she will try to prove her own innocence. I predict in a year you will be out. Providing false statements is also jail time. The ‘people’ (the DA) can lie in the press and use methods to pinch you but it will be up to the jury. Its not up to foul trolls on the internet to decide who did what. Dont waive time

  • I’ve been in his farm when josh get arrested. He is a great friend!
    Does everything to make people happy around him. He has is life dedicated to the community. He was defenetly in the bathroom when he get arrested And because we calling that a closet bathroom they sayd the closet… what a bullshit to make somebody guilty!

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