Large Cocaine Bust Tracked to Arcata Business Owner, According to DTF

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On August 30, 2018, at approximately 7:00 p.m., Special Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force (HCDTF) served multiple search warrants at various locations in Arcata and Eureka.

After a multi-week investigation, special agents were able to identify Arcata resident and business owner,

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Ariel Arguelles-Sosa

Ariel Arguelles-Sosa (age 40), as a suspected narcotics dealer within Humboldt County communities.

At approximately 6:45 p.m., agents spotted Arguelles-Sosa inside a parked vehicle near the intersection of Russ and I Street, Eureka. Agents detained Arguelles-Sosa, along with his associate, Abdiel Parras-Sosa (age 20), and served a search warrant on the vehicle. Agents located just over a¼ pound of suspected methamphetamine and approximately 17 grams of suspected cocaine. Both subjects were arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF) on charges of transporting and poss essing controlled substances for sales.

Abdiel Parras-Sosa

Abdiel Parras-Sosa

At approximately 7:40 p.m., agents served a second warrant at a residence located in the 1100 block of Cedar Drive, Arcata . At this location agents contacted another one of Arguelles-Sosa’s associate s, Miguel Angel Garcia (age 32), and detained him while they searched his residence. Additional suspected cocaine, along with a firearm, was located inside Garcia’s residence. Garcia was subsequently transported to the HCCF where he was booked for possession of a controlled substance and related firearms violations.

Later in the evening agents served additional search warrants at Arguelles-Sosa’s business, located in the 600 block of F Street, Arcata, as well as his residence, located in the 4000 block of Ponderosa Way, Arcata .

Miguel Angel Garcia

Miguel Angel Garcia

At this location agents located approximately 3 pounds of suspected cocaine, 2 ounces of methamphetamine, and 4 ounces of heroin. Agents also seized approximately $65,000 in US currency and two of Arguelles-Sosa’s vehicles. The currency and vehicles are believed to be the proceeds of narcotics sales and will be held pending asset forfeiture proceedings. Arguelles-Sosa’s bail was set at


The HCDTF was assisted by officers from the California Highway Patrol, Alcoholic Beverage Control, Arcata Police Department, Eureka Police Department, and Investigators from Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office . This is believed to be one of the largest Humboldt County cocaine seizures in recent history.

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other na rcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539

gun and cocaine



  • Agree 110%. Build a wall that stops evil bass turds and I will chip in.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    A business owner. Which business, other than selling drugs…

  • Family Business. Sad

  • Family business. Sad.

  • The pusher don’t care, if you live or if you die.
    God damn the pusher man.

    • Loved that song you must be old like me. Steppin Wolf right?

      • Yes, Steppenwolf recorded and performed that tune… written by Hoyt Axton, who struggled with cocaine addiction himself. Okay, I’m old.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Yeah, we’re old: “. . . The dealer is a man with love grass in his hand, but the pusher is a monster and not a natural man. . . . .” If memory serves. Those were the days.

      • Steppenwolf just FYI

        • Woah woah woah. Nobody should step on wolves. That could be dangerous for the health of both parties.

        • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

          God, you people are old!

          I guess that explains all of the psycho pro-Trump Treason commentary in this blog’s right-wing crazy comments section.

          So, Alzheimer’s Disease has set in already for some of y’all, has it?

          I guess that explains your vote for Benedict Donald. 🏌️‍♂️🇷🇺💰🐘💩

          • Still mad Trump won..get over it…lol he’s doing better than anyone..crying for almost two years. Lol…it’s going to be a painful coulpe more years for ya…move to San’ll fit in nicely

            • You’re kidding, right? Don’s in pretty deep, lying ALL the time and getting “flipped” on by a lot of associates.
              And, didn’t win. It was rigged 😘

              • Don't believe everything you think

                Never in the history of politics have so many angry people spent so much public money to dig out so little dirt as has been going with those who have been Trumped. This is the sort of Inquisition that is formed when the smugness of the self righteous is insulted.

                The only real “rigging” that took place is in the minds of the bottom feeding “Opinionate” that gets drunk their off the I own internal rage. They just can’t tolerate being thought they are wrong. Right wing conspiracy believers and left wing conspiracy believers are exactly the same- paranoid, unreal and easy to fool as they are made into chum by the sharks swimming in the internet waters. Easily hating, willing to swallow anything that is shiny or flashy, never understanding that just because they want something doesn’t mean it exists.

                • His LAWYER GOT ARRESTED and testified that Trump is guilty of MULTIPLE FELONIES. [edit]

                • Know of many lawyers who would avoid arrest if someone with power and desire to find guilt targeted them? Examine anyone with a fine tooth investigation and who would escape?

                  Clinton and her lawyers should have been arrested for her milking the State department ,while she was Secretary, for donors to her various personal slush funds, by offering them access, for running an insecure server against the regulations of her own department. Besides the two faced ethics of Democrats, if everything alleged against Trump was established, he would still be better for the country than those the Democrats offer. How can Democrat voter stomach themselves because, in addition to supporting Clinton, as dirty as she has been for decades and totally ignoring what their own party did to Bernie Sanders during the primary, they keep making the same stupid mistakes election after election.

                  AND THAT IS YOUR UNFORTUNATE REALITY. Look at the filth Democrats live in before frothing at the mouth at Trump. Who by the way has negotiated a tenative agreement with Mexico to have tariff free benefits attached to minimum wages so that there is less advantage to businesses moving to places where they can access sweat shop labor. Something Clinton arrogantly gave away when he negotiated NAFTA and which speeded the flow of good wage jobs out of the US.

          • You are getting very close to elder abuse.

      • Curtis Mayfield

    • Great song.

  • The cops took his vehicles and cash because they believe it was obtained with proceeds from drugs sales. That is some bullshit. How about proving these guys are guilty before you steal their money and property.

    • ahaha they caught them with the drugs, fuckem.

    • I wonder why you feel this way? Are you by chance an acquaintance of theirs?

      • Rico’s Tacos has the best Mexican food in Arcata.

        Judges should make decisions regarding forfeitures, not the cops who get to keep the toys they steal. How can the cops determine if Ariel’s wheels were purchased with coke or chimichanga money. Due process is a civil right.

        • time to change that.

          Gotta quit calling them “Civil Rights” and start calling them “Duties of sworn individuals”.
          Seriously, it is the supreme law, and should be those folk’s prime duties. As this timeline has shown, getting that warrant only takes a bit of time…..
          point 2: I never thought their food was all that great, and this explains how that spot was able to keep going for so long.

        • Aye chihuahua. Business is slow, so they just looked around and said, hey. Upgrade the menu? paint the place? or put organic ingredients in the mix? Have to feed the man, pay all the taxes licences, and fees…it take to sell tacos. ….or. ….sling some powdered vitamins. Jaja.

        • Ahh yes , drugs are fun and who gives a fuck because some dude makes a good taco !!!

        • So you seriously believe the cops just – what, take these things home with them? They’re going to impound, then the courts determine guilt, then they are seized and so on. Dang, you guys don’t even watch enough TV! And where else would all that cash have come from? Their allowances?

        • Take the business too!

          I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the taco business is probably the front for the drug business, and not the other way around. Coke, Meth and Heroin don’t make you hungry, so dealing to boost business sales isn’t a valid defense LOL

        • Sharpen your pencil

          You do realize the assets are held pending asset forfeiture hearings, you realize who presides over those hearings, right?

  • Haha with all that shit they still needed a redbull

  • 1. I’m a Democrat. 2. Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill allowed asset forfeiture before conviction. It is in direct violation of the Constitution. 3. I walked door to door for Clinton his 1st time. I despise him now for many legislative reasons. I dare Trump supporters to gloat. They own worse trash now. Both sides have been duped. 4. Gore Vidal in 1985 detailed how our democracy was over & why. Decline & Fall of the American Empire was pub 1992.

  • Who in the fuck can afford cocaine still? Just switch to meth,then heroin, then do us all a favor and die quickly.

    • Speaking as someone who loves a few addicts, that is brutally harsh.

      • “Enables” you mean. You and Betty Chin.

        • Loving doesn’t mean enabling. You can care about someone and offer to help them get sober without enabling them. That should be fairly obvious so my guess is that you just wanted to be insulting. I’m sorry that meanness is your response to someone else’s pain.

          • With you on that, Kym! Anybody who thinks that love equals enabling hasn’t had the experience of caring for someone who’s caught in the trap of addiction.

            • Detach with love.

              They fall on the floor passed out stoned cold? U can cover them with a blanket, that’s love. But u let them lie on the floor.

              We can’t “help” anyone get sober. Because just like the addict we too are powerless over it.

              Only Higher Power can help the addict.

          • Yep. Harsh?….there goes my pessimism again whoops. Just having a hard time accepting peoples life choices latley. If a person wants help from addiction I’m more than gald to help. For the people who don’t……. well…. do us all a favor. Been down that road. It’s a long dirty road with a lot of peaks,valleys and potholes. I’ll tone it down though kym

          • Kym in the short time ive gotten to know you
            (6 months and solely through your journalism and regular comments here on your website). Ive been blessed by your patience,kindness,empathy,
            dedication and saintlike ability to not respond often times when im not sure I would be able to hold my tongue if i had been insulted or had my own integrity questioned in the same manner. You continually raise the bar and give me a higher standard to aim for.. Keep rising above, you belong up there, not down here with us dregs.. Someone has to set an example and while youre not perfect, you do a pretty darn fantastic job…👏👏👏

          • Amimissingsomething

            Beautiful Smile… beautiful thoughts to you Kym….Thank you !!!!

      • My experience with “loving addicts” has taught me that there are people in this world who are dying and would give anything to be able to live on. Then there are addicts, who have the gift of life, but they piss it away. Addiction is slow motion suicide, and dead addicts ultimately got what they wanted.

      • Harsh? Yep. So are the drugs. And so is the way out of them: Self reliance and self respect are the first step out and NO F-ING way am I paying for “assistance” anymore. Stand up and pull up your baggy a_ _ pants , eat rice and vitamin C and stop doing it!

      • Thank you miss Kym!! I am a recovering addict/ alcoholic. We do have feelings and emotions just like the others. Most people won’t give us a chance or a hand up in life. We get what we have coming I get that.
        I made the choice to change my life around and have a great family now. Life is good. To those who have nothing but negativity… I still love you and we both know I’m just as important as you are. Have a great weekend all!! Hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. We ALL need love and the right to be happy

        • Love you, Gazoo. You and many other addicts have given the world a lot. Thanks for coming out the other side!

          • When in the history of the world has it been decided that managing to regain enough self control over your own behavior to not inadvertently kill yourself is ‘giving to the world?’ I was not going to go down this road because of its charged emotional content but this pushed me over the edge. Addicts do not “give a lot to the world” except stress, pain and grief.

            At best, stopping being an addict gives hope that it is possible to recover a lost person. That is good but best is that they should then participate in helping others not to make the same mistakes. So it is not addicts who give anything to the world at all but those who strive against addiction that can give something.

            • That’s a mighty tall pedestal you put yourself up on dontcha think?

              Trust me, we all wish we had the perfect upbringing like you, we all wish we were as perfect as you, we also wish nobody else had to deal with the things we got ourself into.
              It would be great to live the perfect world that you live in.
              But that just doesn’t happen to some of us, we get dealt a different hand then you did. You were dealt a full house as some of us grew up in an empty house. I truly hope that nobody you know or anyone in your life or circle ever has a bad hand delt to them as you are so perfect you wouldn’t be able to reach out and help as you are so high up in life you couldn’t understand anything other than your perfection. Life is what we make it. Today I’m happy in life and had a great learning expience in which I do pass it on to others in hope they never cross your path. Good day and a better tomorrow. Your highness.

              • Yes, thinking well of myself is a constant goal. It’s the thought that occurs when the opportunity to cause harm, or even help when it required, is presented even if no one sees. I don’t want the misdeed to haunt me. I don’t want to think less of myself.

                It’s not a very high pedestal at all. It’s not going-to-invent-the-cure-to-cancer idealism. It’s just don’t go there when it could gratuitously harm to anyone else. Why would anyone settle for less?

                Why do you assume that those who do that are blessed with all that is good? Is that not saying that circumstances dictate behavior? That there is no choice? I don’t think so when your whole point is that there is.

            • Gazoo, had a great reply but I also know him and know some of the good he has done in this world so without giving away any details, you don’t know who he is and I do. And, he’s done more than just not being an addict.

      • What happened with the bust in the business park in Redway a week ago?

        • It was DEA. I’ve been trying to get information on DEA busts for years. The Public Information Officer is very nice but their response is…We’re investigating. We never learn anything. Which, in my opinion, is an immoral use of government power but I have limited money and time to fight what is most likely a losing battle.

      • Thanks, Kym

    • So you are an EMT? Great attitude. I dont wanna get in your ambulance.

      • If you work as an EMT, medic or are involved in emergancy care you’ll understand the dark humor and pessimistic attitude you will gain over the years. And yes. Hopefully I don’t see you in a ambulance! ( not a good place to be)

        • Takes a certain kind of person to deal with blood, shit, piss, and other bodily fluids, not to mention everything else…dealing with the sick and dying people everyday.

          Hats off to you, and others who dedicated their lives to save people.


      • Hey, Scooter – check into just how many resources (not just fiscal ones) wasted on those calling and needing ambulances again again again again again again again again etc. Then complain.

        • It’s not even that as much as the next person in line to be brought into the drug addict’s influence. If they then start down the same road, in turn they will bring in more people. That is the very definition of “epidemic.”

      • Ikr! That’s what I was thinking.

  • What business was he operating?
    a restraunt? Or that wierd place by the co-op that traffics in remittances?
    This kind of stuff is pretty common with local buisiness owners, many who never could have succeeded if not for 40 years of invisible funding to prop up their unviable buisiness idea.
    Amigos know just as well as gringos how the cake is made.

    • Oh you mean the OLD upstairs eatery shut down years ago in Jacoby Storehouse? Steve whats his name? Is he still in prison for dealing? He got what he deserved.

  • Congratulations to all who accomplished this bust. Get the drugs, get the dealers, get their ill-gotten gains. Who’s next?

  • Rico’s tacos . Their speedy Gonzales plate is killer

  • I thought cocaine didn’t exist anymore I guess I was wrong

    • There is a lot of cocaine in Arcata and Eureka. It made a big come back amongst the idiotic and self-entitled. Funny thing is it is of such terribly low quality it barely resembles the old cocaine. The people buying it are fools and morons. But hey- they think they’re cool so yeah take their money and mock them!

      • How do you know?

        • I sold him some bunk shit

        • Uh ill chime in and say because people do it in front of you and you can smell the nasty acetone and see its all sticky and weird instead of flaky and light like in the 80’s.
          Yes i did coke in the 80’s like millions of other folks and it was flaky Peruvian and more like the high of chewing coca leaves than some meth type feeling. You could do a little, dance, and go to sleep.
          Of course its also about how you use it&if your addiction prone in general or not. too much or daily ruins ya and the addiction grabs people. The need to get higher and higher can be strong! Thats why folks turned to crack which is cheap and very very addicting.

          If you do a quick search youll see that theres more coke and heroin available worldwide than ever before, personally i saw it come back big at parties here around 6 years ago, nasty dirty stuff….

          • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve never been a big fan (saw people lose their land over coke habits) but I see it all the time anyways. And maybe once every couple years I’ll try a line- and it is crap- here in Humboldt. I knew the real stuff. I can’t believe these kids are doing this crap and even calling it “cocaine”. And I can’t believe the police never bust it- it’s everywhere and blatant. At least this time they actually did something. Wouldn’t be hard to take down a lot more…

      • You are correct but the quality isn’t poor because of anything that’s been done to it post import. Nope, the poor quality starts right there at the manufacturer, they stopped using an ether base during production, from there the quality only gets worse as Mexico is now cutting it all with Methamphetamine before shipping it out. Another thing to consider is also the possibility that the Meth they’re cutting with has Fentanyl cut into it somewhere along the line as much of the Meth in Ca and in this area specifically has tested positive for Femtanyl. So in the end you get shitty cocaine that actually has two other well known and seriously harmful pollutants in it. I know, I know, people are going to say, “wait a minute, you’re saying that as if there’s good cocaine at all, ever.” But the reality is that everything is an art, whether you’re painting, growing MJ, cooking, writing a song or manufacturing drugs there’s an art to it all. In that, you’ll always have cheap artists who think that cheap paint and cheap canvass doesn’t matter as long as they can sell more of it to more people. Drugs are bad mmmmmkayyyy
        Meanwhile in not so new news the “leader” of the “free” world says that snitching is bad… you can’t make this shit up 🙄😂

        • In my 1911 I trust

          If you live in Humboldt county, the free world isn’t seeming so free, with the eye in the sky and all….

    • Adulterated crap that people pass off to rich posers as cocaine seems to be gaining popularity. Real cocaine does not exist anymore.

    • ! This is the New Humboldt, where every drug kingpin in the nation has moved to! Plug a weed into dirt=get millions! Thanks to the Discovery and History channel, we now have the entire world of drug lords. Hey, they still need their old South Florida fix!

  • Which business? I’m gonna guess and say it was in Uniontown Shopping Center….Check Cashing, tobacco and pipe store or… Rico’s Tacos

  • All the other Coke dealers in the county will have a banner week. Humboldt consumes more coke and heroin than most places in the United States!

    • So so wrong.
      Have you heard of this place called los angeles where hollywood is? &lots of big companies that have huge coke issues, if the guy before you gives his presentation all amped up and feeling good on coke then youre gonna have to be too to compete. A friend who works at a big corp in exec area says they get shown anti-cocaine movies like theyre in a DARE program or something, for real.
      So no, humboldt does not consume quite that much, not even close.
      Now if you want to talk beer and weed, we’re probably in the top 5. Beer & cocktails especially.

  • The Local Coke usually is stepped on (cut) At least twice if not more by the time it arrives here for consumption. Purity doesn’t seem to discourage sales. Seeing prices are at an all time high nation wide. This is a proverbial drop in the bucket. The best Coke is Peruvian flake 85% pure. Makes your nose bleed every time. So I heard from a friend.

  • Hang that Peice of shit

  • The best explanation I ever heard about real coke was you do a fatty line and feel great for 20 minutes and then spend $300 and the rest of the night trying to get that initial high back.

  • I hate ones and fives.

  • Out in the state of guest Texas

    under mi sleng teng

  • drop the chalupa!

  • My guess is they were ratted out by person or persons of that ABC sting operation in Arcata a couple of months ago. Not that I care , just sayin

  • If the business survives and anyone that knows of their crime does not boycott that business, then they themselves are part of the problem. Those of you that responded as to how good the food was really need help.

  • What would happen to them under the no cash bail next October?

    One used to work at Rita’s, good food but their customer service
    was just regular; that explains why, that is a lot of money, more than doctors and lawyers make, no wonder they always seem so happy.

      • Der, one worked at Rita’s also,
        seen one of them working there

        “Definitely Rico’s tacos. Also [____ ] use to work for Rita’s”
        from lost coast outpost

        One is from both ricos and Rita’s,

        the police read this for tips, putting it out there for them, der.

  • Believe everything your told

    I like how they found a legally owned gun at one location and SUSPECTEDcocaine but didn’t find shit.
    So they decide seize the gun and put it in the photo with all the drugs they found else from different people and different locations and connected them. Smh. They looked so foolish taking apart a bath room even taking the toilet off! only to realize there wasn’t any evidence or drugs for them to pin other than some suspected gun charges? A legally owned gun. Petty ass detective didn’t do a great job. If you look at the report they even say suspected cocaine. No physical amount nor do they know for a fact what they found. Great job

  • Believe everything your told


    • Suspected? Everything is “suspected”, legally speaking, until sufficient scientific tests allows the lawyer ridden courts to say proven. Even then a defense attorney never met enough proof of anything for his satisfaction. But without suspected first, proof is never developed at all.
      Crooks don’t like “suspected” either but until magic creates immediate results, they have to live with it until trial.

      • Believe everything your told

        Just remember when all the stupid media outlets reported that missing pair of tourists up here to realize she wasn’t missing. This democrat kinda sees what trump was talking about when he says fake news. All local media are quick to report whatever law enforcement or any higher up tells them. With out doing any research or there own at times. Kym does great reporting, as well as updates her own work with her own research. But don’t believe everything the news tells you cause they often fix their mistakes like everyone else.

        • Having done a lot of research on missing people, I’ve learned that it is believed that the odds of solving a case drops hugely if there isn’t a solid lead in the first 48 hours after they disappear. I, and other media outlets could wait to report something til someone was missing a week or two or, we could do what we do, report that someone is missing and then the worst that happens is the community is alert and looking for someone who actually is alright. To me, that seems like the best way to roll. We’re not stupid. We’re making what we believe is the best choice.

          Don’t believe everything the media tells you. But find individual outlets and reporters you do trust and know that sometimes they will make mistakes, but they also will update with corrections if they do. Also read what they write. Did they report that someone did something? Or do they say that Law Enforcement says they did something? Are they reposting a press release? Or are they posting reports from multiple witnesses? All those things can help you decide whether something actually happened or if it is likely it happened or if it is doubtful.

          • Believe everything your told

            Critical thinking, too bad most people don’t know how logic works, nor do they weigh all the information before giving an educated answer. So your saying that if reported immediately missing people can be found thanks to the news? (Even if they aren’t missing) Is it safe to say that press releases like these written by law enforcement are biased as well and make all these individuals look guilty, and that sharing by the multiple news outlets further help strengthen the law enforcements claim? Even though there’s a disclosure that presumes they are innocent? The press release makes everyone look guilty of the same crimes, and in cahootZ. What’s your opinion?

            • I do think that social media is a fantastic way to get and spread information. Sometimes that information leads to finding missing people. Of course, it doesn’t happen every time but it does happen.

              Are press releases written by law enforcement prejudiced? Yes. It reflects their point of view which is why I post that disclaimer at the top to try to mitigate in some way people’s belief that it must be the absolute truth.

              Posting about any crime even after conviction is going to lead to some innocent people being wrongly held to have committed crimes. But I think as a whole, the community is better off knowing what is happening than not knowing.

              The community would be best off if each person read press releases though as presenting a point of view not as definitive proof.

              If I could, I would gladly present the suspect’s point of view. Unfortunately, most lawyers aren’t keen on their clients talking to me.

              • Believe everything your told

                Great insight. And I agree it’s better to know than not know. That’s why your a great reporter and have a great page.

  • Wow! Amazing number of you folks know an amazing lot about drugs for being such complainers about the addict situation around here. Perhaps you should stop the whining about it since you have pretty much all been participants, too.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      I like tacos

    • Being a participant, dabbling, or experimenting is one thing. Being a hardened thieving social parasite junkie is another. My theory in life is. “If your a drug addict without a job, your either a thief or a whore!”

  • Booked and released…and it’s business as usual.

  • thats what happens when the niece gets busts and squeals. dat rat. dat dirty little rat

  • RICO’s Tacos… grab a bag of the hard stuff while you get your taco. and you thought you were just addicted to their tacos….

  • Love Bug Star Ski is playing “The Fever!”

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