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Article posted first in the North Coast Journal and written by Thadeus Greenson. Reprinted here with their kind permission.

If you’re breastfeeding, you shouldn’t be using marijuana.

While that’s long been the stance of the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s now supported by science. Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine released a groundbreaking study this month showing that cannabinoids — the active compounds, including THC, found in cannabis — can pass through a mother’s body and into her breast milk for up to six days after her last reported use.

The study tested breast milk samples from 54 women who reported using marijuana either daily, weekly or sporadically, and found that 63 percent of the samples tested positive for THC and other cannabinoids, which bound to the fat molecules in the milk. While the research makes clear that these cannabinoids would then pass into the system of a breastfeeding child, it does not quantify the potential impacts, saying only that the data raises neurodevelopmental concerns.

“We found that the amount of THC that the infant could potentially ingest from breast milk was relatively low but we still don’t know enough about the drug to say whether or not there is a concern for the infant at any dose, or if there is a safe dosing level,” explained Christina Chambers, the study’s principal investigator and a professor in the department of Pediatrics at UCSD School of Medicine, in a press release.

While the benefits of breastfeeding are now widely accepted — it’s associated with reduced risks of obesity, asthma and sudden infant death syndrome, to name a few — this study now gives pediatricians something to point to when breastfeeding mothers ask about the safety of using marijuana.


Another groundbreaking study released this week provides further evidence of an undeniable link between cannabis use and schizophrenia, though it stops well short of establishing a causal connection.

Published in Nature Neuroscience, the study saw geneticists analyze DNA samples from more than 180,000 people — the largest grouping to date for a study of this kind — and found that people who are genetically at risk of schizophrenia are more likely to start using cannabis.

Using a variety of tests, the geneticists found 35 different genes associated with cannabis use, with many of them already associated with other habits, personality traits and mental health conditions, including schizophrenia.

“That was not a big surprise, because previous studies have often shown that cannabis use and schizophrenia are associated with each other,” the study’s lead author, Jacqueline Vink, a researcher at Radboud University in the Netherlands, said in a statement. “However, we also studied whether this association is causal.”

The researchers reported finding some evidence that being genetically vulnerable to schizophrenia made people more likely to use cannabis, potentially as a way to self-medicate and cope with their condition. Other studies have found that cannabis use early in life increases one’s risk of schizophrenia, and Vink and her crew were careful to say their study doesn’t disprove this theory but rather shows the relationship is complicated and warrants further study.

Interestingly, the geneticists also used their research to calculate that genetic variations alone may account for 11 percent of the differences in people that determine whether they smoke cannabis.


With the 2017-2018 legislative session coming to a close Aug. 31, there has been a flurry of activity in Sacramento as lawmakers push to get their bills on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk before they are relegated to the dust bins of history. Amid the whirlwind of activity, a number of cannabis-related bills have been passed in recent days.

The state Senate passed Assembly Bill 1793, which would require the Department of Justice to comb through its database for cannabis convictions in cases from 1975 to 2016 for conduct that would now be deemed legal under Proposition 64 to systematically expunge records and reduce sentences. If the bill is signed by Brown, the state’s district attorneys would have one year to challenge any retroactive action proposed by the Department of Justice. It is estimated the law would require the review of more than 215,000 convictions.

On Aug. 27, the state Assembly passed North Coast Sen. Mike McGuire’s bill that would expand the statute of limitations for illegal conversions of timberlands for cannabis cultivation to three years from the time of their discovery, which McGuire argues will enable more prosecutions. The bill is supported by a host of environmental groups, as well as the California District Attorneys Association.

Also on Aug. 27, the Legislature passed a bill that would require the California Highway Patrol to track and report how many motorists pulled over on suspicion of impaired driving are allegedly under the influence of marijuana. The bill is intended to quantify the impacts of cannabis legalization on California roadways.

Finally, the Assembly passed another bill Aug. 27 that would allow some parents to give their children medical marijuana on school campuses. The legislation — which allows local districts to opt out — would allow minors with medical marijuana prescriptions to take the medication on campus, so long as it comes in a non-smoking or vaping form, such as capsules or oils.

Thadeus Greenson is the Journal’s news editor. Reach him at 442-1400, extension 321, or Follow him on Twitter @thadeusgreenson.



  • Ummmm… Breastmilk has cannabanoids in it, as well as out brains have receptors… Do some researxh

  • There is NO “genetic” proof for “schizophrenia”.

    Or any other so-called “mental illness”.

    Follow the money on those peer-reviewed studies, folks. Pharma makes billions of dollars expanding diagnostic parameters.

    Trauma and poverty…cause much of what is seen as “mental illness”. Resist the brain-damaging and ineffective drugs. If their drugs are so good, why are there so many folks out on disability for “mental illnesses”?

    Check out the website “Mad in America” for another point of view on this bs…backed by research, and footnoted.

  • Come on people, you shouldn’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes while pregnant, and now this study confirms weed is no different. How hard is it to not smoke herb for nine months?

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  • So your kids can have edibles at school, for a medical condition. No sharing, no show and tell. Lol

    • Compared to what is called “Food” in the public school cafeteria, or available for most people busting their butt to eat well, there is more polluted food out there, which in turn, can directly affect the people eating it.

  • I read an interesting article in a medical journal. It said that people who breath air are more likely to consume cannabis than people who do not. Interesting for sure.

    • I love that comment regarding air. Needed a chuckle.

      I also disagree with the NCJ article. I am disappointed in the reporting and the journal for publishing such biased information. I spent many years helping women at their deliveries as a family practice doctor and the medications we had available for use—for instance treating neausea, depression, etc were sincerely frightening. I do believe avoiding all substances is best when pregnant, breast feeding, but I have now been a cannabis consultant for 10 years and I feel strongly that cannabis medicine is the safest choice. There is really not any new info presented. We have known that Cannabinoids are in breast milk. Both endocannabinoids which our bodies make and phyto Cannabinoids if mother’s use the plant as medicine.

      We have known that young folks who develop schizophrenia often use cannabis for their symptoms as they are developing. And that there is no known causal relationship. And I know many will disagree and have strong opinions on this topic!

      • I was going to respond to this, but wanted a little more time. I read the study the,headline is based on and it basically says we need more studies. So the feds need to allow that to happen.
        The best studies, long term, were done by Dr.Melanie Dreher, currently dean of Nursing at Rush University, and the time,by NIDA(National Institute of Drug Abuse…note the bias in the name of that federal agency)…found none of this. I suggest anyone seriously interested, do their own search into research and studies….most of which will not be found in the US.
        I concur with Dr. Dickinson so am not going to write any more.

  • Hey, breast milk only contains cannabinoids if the stoner mom smokes dope.

    Schizophrenia is mostly learned behavior, but smoking pot probably can contribute to most any mental health disorder.

    If you broke a law, you broke a law. Pay the price and live with it.

    Smoking pot also causes most sexual disorders, makes men into rapists that have breasts, and, it causes women to act like men and get numerous tattoos.

    Smoking pot will lead to general social chaos, rampant mental illness, economic collapse, nuclear war, and almost everything else in the constellation of personality disorders.

    Smoking dope will probably cause Trump to be reelected, since dopers are pretty stupid to begin with.

    Keep smoking that shit! See if I am not correct!

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    Recall Estelle fennel and Rex bone they are corrupt theives.using the environment as there excuse to extort the population of Humboldt while there son and same sex partner reap the benefits of there weasel corruption

  • Corrupt extortion rip off politics

    Supposed to be representing there constituents not ripping them off.gave her a job only to get robbed,the lowest form of theivery,

  • Corrupt extortion rip off politics

    Boycott legal weed , only buy traditional black market, boycott those that support extortion and the stealing of people’s land.just like a labor strike those who cross the strike line are scabs,no difference here those who bend over for fish and game and leos

  • sigh.. the prohibitionists are feeling the end so expect stepped up screaming headlines “but think of the children” ,

    for those spreading this propaganda..
    cannabis has been deliberately used in folk medicine for about the past 4000 years for issues in pregnancy etc..
    small hint.. Dr. Todd Mikuriya found before his death that Humans are born with Cannabinoid receptors.. if we didnt have them(receptors for thc) then we would NOT be able to get intoxicated by THC .
    LONG before Anslinger did his fraudulent reefer madness crap, cannabis and cannabis extracts were part of the published US Pharmacopoeia in 1935(I saw this document with my own eyes in 1968 in a Virginia military school library).


  • Were gettin it with no lube

    The end lol. Whos gonna pay 80 an eighth when they can get it for 30.people will adapt and survive these rip offs will have to bring back the helicopter people are moving soil into the bush as we speak.good ole indoor comin back too.prices will rise and still be a third of what the taxed to death legal prices are.take your corporate sellout rip off scam and cram it

    • Enjoy your black market, chemically laced cannabis. It’s good for YOU.

      • What about farmers market food?

      • In my 1911 I trust

        The legal market is chemically laced too. Probably even more so since testing is by Ag standards and not really even for weed. “One mammalian excrement per 8th”, means you can have one turd in each 8th. Besides, I got a good kick when my buddy was telling me about how their weed passed state testing since they quit putting nasty shit in it, as he was dumping a 5gal jug of gen hydro in his tank. Blegh take your nice “clean green” gen hydro bs for 60 an 8th. Besides when pounds are broken down at that price it means they are worth 6-8000 dollars. Plenty of room for the black market. Humboldt really screwed this one up, last year you could hear the black market’s death rattle with pounds going for$250. Now its worth it again with pounds going for$1200. Accept that the gov’t reinvigorated the black market and now its probably never going away

  • Were gettin it with no lube

    Hip hip hip haraaaaaa!!!!!!! Thank you slimy little theives in eureka, and permit scabs for keeping us real growers( traditional , not county leo a kissers, ones with gonads) in buissness. Run along now and get on your knees for all the government agents.

  • I wonder if in the study for scizophrena they studied people who use organic cannabis vs non. Organic. I assuming they did not. That’s because the use of high NON-organic phosphorus fertilizers contain high amounts of heavy metals, the big one being Cadmium, but also including lead, and aluminum, that are easily absorbed by the plants, then also easily absorbed thru lung tissue when inhaled. Not to mention other horrible pesticides that are most likely neurological poision.
    When Cadmium is inhaled thru the lungs it is even more dangerous than if it passed tru your digestive systems, that can filter out the metals.

    • Organic phosphate fertilizers aren’t free of cadmium. Reference the cadmium levels in kelp, fish emulsion, bone meal, blood meal, and worm casting fertilizer per % P2O5.

      California’s legal cannabis will require heavy metal testing in 2019. Participants in the legal market can dispose of the old stories and start using measured values.

    • Pretty sure organic amendments also test high in metals

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Depends on if you use bottled organic nutrients or raw. However, heavy metals have found their way into just about everything. People who,use raw organic nutrients and compost teas will have a far lower heavy metal count than just about any other way.

    • Shhhh, you are disrupting natural selection!

  • Cannabis is a very useful and the beneficial. Thank you for sharing an informative article.

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