Pints for Non-Profits: Gyppo Ale Mill Is Raising Money for Redwoods Rural Tomorrow

Pints for non-profits

Press release:

Redwoods Rural Health Center is the non-profit organization that the Gyppo Ale Mill will be raising money for with our Pints 4 Non-Profit event this Friday (8/31). Redwoods Rural offers everything from Dental, Behavior Health, Acupuncture and general Medical services. Did you know that they have a Stanford graduate, Mandi Battles as their Physician Assistant? Just one of many amazing staff that Redwoods Rural is able to provide to our community.

For every beer that is sold between 11AM to 5PM, $1 will be donated to Redwood Rural Medical Center. At the end of the event the amount raised is then matched by Gyppo.

But if drinking beer for a good cause isn’t enough, Redwoods Rural has also invited the talented and beautiful Savannah Rose duo. Always a good time when these ladies are around.

Show your support for this valuable and important community asset by sharing and inviting your Facebook friends to the event. >> << Come on in and drink for a good cause!



  • It is nice that Gyppo is supporting RRHC. Gyppo manufactures an ethanol based intoxicant, and RRHC is commited to helping with the addiction in our community. What a nice fit.

  • Due to their tireless pursuit of an ages old profession..this family has accomplished; despite the endless B.S. our governing bodies have encumbered them with..a new business in So.hum..and contributing to our Non-profits..I don’t see any sour grapes in their delicious social beverage..what you giving back Scooter? Thanks for hanging in there Gyppo..Best wishes on success and safety..Ron Boyes

  • Try the Imperial Stout No. 1. Yummy.

  • Supporting RRHC is the right thing to do! If you don’t want a beer, just drop off a donation!

    RRHC is the only responsibly and honestly operated Healthcare Organization in SoHum.
    Please drink responsibly, and dig deep to support this wonderful provider!

  • Journal’s back cover

  • What about beers for bus tickets.
    For every twenty four beers sold.
    Buy a bus ticket to San Jose for trimagrants and vagrants stranded in our community.
    We don’t have the tax base to provide a refuge for freeloaders and loafers.
    Help the community out….

    • Look up the Humboldt Co. TAP (Transportation Assistance Program) tickets are already provided through this program. Cheers!

  • Because alcohol & healthcare go so well together

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