Suspicious Structure Fire in Fields Landing Spread to Dock and Continues to Burn This Morning

Fire at Fields Landing

[Photo by Josh Allen]

Press release from Humboldt Bay Fire:

On 08/28/18 at 9:57 PM. Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a Structure Fire at the Olsen Dock in Fields Landing.

Humboldt Bay Fire responded with 3 engines, 1 truck and 1 chief officer. The first engine arrived on scene and found a large warehouse structure with heavy fire visible and other structures threatened. Mutual aid resources including an engine from Loleta and the fireboat from Humboldt Bay Harbor District were requested. The fire was deemed a defensive attack with the heavy fire involvement and the structural instability present as well as an abundance of cra[b] pots and rope.

Units used master streams, elevated streams and the fireboat to control the fire in top of the dock. Portions of the dock failed allowing the fire to burn under the dock. Crews were unable to access this fire due to the unstable concrete above and the high tide. Low tide is at 8:00 and the fire boat will be used to attack the underside of the dock. Fire crews are still on scene monitoring the fire and will remain until the fire is extinguished.

More information will follow as it becomes available.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries. The fire is considered to be suspicious and human caused.

Humboldt Bay Fire would like to thank the following agencies for their assistance:

Arcata Fire District, Loleta Fire District, Samoa Peninsula Fire District, Fortuna Fire, Humboldt Bay Harbor District, PG&E and City Ambulance.

Humboldt Bay Fire would like to remind the drivers not to drive over fire hose as it can fail catastrophically cutting off water supply to firefighters.

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  • Was the structure in current use?

  • Sounds like he’s moving North. Bell Springs, two in Piercy and now fields Landing.

  • I worked in those old buildings for a number of years. They were never maintained properly, were falling apart. Burning them down would have been the best way to demolish them.
    Any fire that spread that fast and included the entire dock should be considered very suspicious.
    I hope that, since most of them were built on pilings over the water, the bay and sea life in the area is not to adversely affected.

  • So glad no one was injured arsonist are the hardest people to ever catch unless someone talks I have a friend that used to work as an arson investigator she would go undercover still almost impossible to catch so glad no firefighters were injured and no public were injured and they saved homes obviously thank goodness the summer season firefighters of this area and all over gone beyond the Call of Duty let’s hope it ends soon for someone’s killed it’s already been deaths in the wildfires thank you again all firefighters

  • If I’m not wrong, that Dock was the one used and maintained by The Pacific Lumber Company and since there was another old Earth Firth Protect in Scotia yesterday, this sounds somewhat what the Anti-logging group would do. They did a lot of it back in the days when they were blocking the Town, Mills and Communities. My take only and take it whichever way you want.

  • Anyone starting fires right now isn’t just an arsonist,they’re an f’n terrorist

    • Agree 100%

    • I wonder what the demo estimate was for the excessive amount of asbestos wrapped piping?

      • Lets be honest now

        No doubt, probably lit up by the owners for the easy as asbestos clean up and insurance $$$, people who can afford docks and warehouses know how to screw the system and cash in, how else do you think they got their money and power?

        • the removal of asbestos piping at the facility next to the Ice plant on Waterfront had an estimate exceeding 1 million. a year later it burned to the ground and it appears based on driving by many times, that asbestos does in fact burn off the piping completely.

        • Get your facts was Not the owner

      • I must admit that being exposed to such comments is an eye opener. It would not have occurred to me to assume that level of criminality in anyone specifically just because it could be possible. Not that a dozen other explanations are not more likely but at least I can see the dark places some people’s minds occupy.

  • So glad no one got hurt I live at king salmon and could get pretty good pictures of it burning thank you fire crew ! wow way to tackle it !

  • Get your facts was Not the owner

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