Mendocino Sheriff Arrests Suspect in Carjacking and Robbery of Man Attempting to Purchase Marijuana Shake

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

John Bellotti

Mugshot from Mendocino County Sheriff of John Bellotti

On 08-27-2018 at approximately 4:00 PM Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a carjacking in the 8600 block of West Road in Redwood Valley, California.

This specific location was in front of the Eagle Peak Middle School.

Upon arrival the Deputies contacted Jarvais Primus and learned an unknown male adult had ambushed him at the intersection of Ellen Lynn Road and West Road.

During the ambush, the unknown male adult pointed a pistol at Primus and stole his rental vehicle which contained a large amount of U.S. currency.  Primus last saw the unknown male adult fleeing the area in the stolen rental vehicle while heading south on West Road.

Deputies learned the ambush occurred while Primus was attempting to purchase shake marijuana for the purpose of processing it into marijuana oil.  Primus reportedly had a business which legally sold Vape pens and marijuana oil in California and Georgia.

Upon further questioning Deputies suspected a mutual friend of Primus might have been involved in the ambush.  During this questioning and research of social media, Deputies were able to identify the unknown male adult as being John Bellotti Jr., who was the husband of the mutual friend.

Further investigations suggested Primus and Bellotti Jr. knew each other from prior contacts.

John Joseph Bellotti

John Joseph Bellotti  from an earlier arrest. [Image from here]

While Deputies were interviewing Primus, his stolen rental vehicle was spotted traveling northbound on Highway 101 in Redwood Valley by a Fish & Wildlife Officer.Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Fish & Wildlife Officer became involved in a pursuit of the stolen rental vehicle north on Highway 101 going past Willits.  Law Enforcement personnel eventually lost sight of the stolen rental vehicle south of the Highway 101 and Highway 162 intersection.   The stolen rental vehicle was later located abandoned on Dos Rios Road.

On 08-28-2018 at approximately 10:00 AM Bellotti arrived at the Sheriff’s Office Ukiah station without notice and surrendered himself.

Bellotti was subsequently arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail for the listed violations and was to be held in lieu of $75,000.00 bail.Charges:



215(a) PC (Carjacking)

211 PC (Robbery)

2800.2(a) CVC (Evading Peace Officer/Reckless Driving)

Earlier Chapter: Mendocino Sheriff Sends Out Nixle Alert warning of “Armed and Dangerous” Man



  • Dang! What a shocker…. I would never imagine that selling trim to a wifebeater dude by the local primary school could end up so nasty….

  • Sleepy Alligator

    This asshole went and stashed the “large amount of U.S. currency” , then turned himself in! I hate to laugh but damn that’s funny.

    • Yep and he will come up with some story about how the other guy tried to jack him and there was never any money. Turn into a he said she said between two not very well looked apon, by the police, individuals. Except this guy has chosen the life of the neck tat so good luck with that.

  • Times getting lean his trim wasn’t good Enuff to go decided wasn’t letting cash get away

  • So what sort of legal pen business buys shake from weirdos in front of middle schools?
    These cops are dumber then shit!

    • a: people who make pens. then they sell them to people who sell them at middle schools.

    • Anti troll league

      What makes you think that police believe much of the crap that crooks try to sell? It’s just that calling people who victims “dumber then (sic) shit” is consider unprofessional. Even calling crooks that is usually not done in public.

      Next time you think the cop you are handing a line of crap believes you, remember the reality is that he deals with so much crap every day that yours is not different enough to be worth commenting on.

  • Ok this crazy mo fo jumps out into highway in front of my truck while I am towing a charger down the freeway at 60 mph. When I swerved to miss him he jumps into my path again I almost killed his ass then he runs up to my window looking absolutely terrified saying that people are chasing him and jumps in the back of my truck so I drive off and around the corner there is a truck stop with its flashers on and another car in the wrong lane facing the wrong way with its flashers on I’m thinking that maybe this dude right and someone is chasing him so I continue driving. Then this motherfucker starts throwing blocks of wood out of the back of my truck at other vehicles so I stopped get out and I’m going to whoop the brakes off his mofo when he has beat me to the ground and is running down the freeway again a girl stops me and tells me that wood was flying off my trailer and hit her car when it turns out that’s not the case at all this cycle was throwing blocks of wood egg passing vehicles I guess this is right before he gets picked up I’m at with girl again at gas station we spoke on situation and we’re both pretty tripped-out good thing she had a rental car and insurance wish I would have got her name.

    • Was the girl Canadian? (See story about missing girl in rental car)

    • You might wanna go back to where he jumped out in front of you and take a stroll into the woods and poke around a little bit. You just never know if you might come across a “large amount of US currency”.

  • No thanks for your services

    Weeds legal the crime involved with tha biz is over!!! Blaaa hhaaa hhhaas!!!!!! With the traditional real pot growers being abated and witch hunted i think were going to be seeing alot more crime

  • No thanks for your services

    Wow a legal oil / pen company bying mass quantities of shake in front of a school from a armed the permit process is lookin good, they got it figured out especially the money collecting part. Just glad it didnt end up on the school grounds with shots fired. This should be huffman,woods,and mguires campaign call.

  • No thanks for your services

    Gonna make northern ca great again!!!!!

  • No thanks for your services

    Lets not leave out govener shit stain brown

  • I hate to get involved with this story but it sounds like he was ambushed by the school….Not buying the shake there. Read the story people.

  • For shame. Quick review:

    noun: legalization
    the action of making something that was previously illegal permissible by law.
    “calls for the legalization of cannabis”

    noun: legislation
    laws, considered collectively.

  • Until i read he surrendered himself i thought maybe this was the guy from yesterday. Yesterday i arrived to Fosters Market in Laytonville to see a small car with a smashed front end. Apparently the driver rear ended someone on the run after tying him up trying to rob him. The chase went south & i havent heard news of ending.

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