[UPDATE: Suspect in Custody] Police Have Guns Drawn and an Apartment Surrounded in Fortuna

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Stock photo by Oliver Cory

Fortuna Police have an apartment building near the intersection of Rohnerville Road and Rohner Street surrounded after a man with a gun reportedly was arguing with a woman, according to information from scanner traffic.

A Fortuna Police dispatcher has confirmed that there is an active police incident in the area. However, she is unable to give further details until an officer is available to speak to us.

Neighbors have been asked to stay in their homes, a reader tells us. She also said officers have their guns drawn and that police are using a speaker to try and talk to a person in the apartment building.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 7:34 a.m.: According to Sgt. Jason Kadle of the Fortuna Police, the suspect is in custody. Kadle said that more information would be forthcoming in a press release.

UPDATE: For more information, go here: Fortuna Police Officers Arrest ‘Wanted Sex Offender’ Sleeping Behind Compost Barrel



  • It must be a Full Moon as much crazy sh_tuff as tehr is going on tonight, ALL day for that matter!!!

  • I went by there a few minutes ago and it’s still blocked off with cops everywhere

  • I am a neighbor and was never contacted regarding staying in my home. Opened my door to an officer loading a round into his chamber and shut my door and turned out lights. Fortuna PD is bullshit! No communication was made with neighbors! This was directly happening in front of my house! I’ve been up almost all night because of this crap!

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