Keep Kim, Says the North Coast People’s Alliance

This is a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

Kim Bergel helping clean at a eviction of the homeless campers at the Palco Marsh. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

The North Coast People’s Alliance voted at it’s August 18 general meeting to endorse Kim Bergel in her re-election campaign for Eureka City Council.

NCPA Steering Committee member Sandy Farrell pointed to Bergel’s support of issues that are in line with NCPA’s mission when casting his vote to endorse her. “She has worked in support of SB 562 (single-payer healthcare), backs the Humboldt County Sanctuary measure and is in favor of Proposition 10, the statewide rent control measure,” said Farrell. “She’s been an ally of NCPA in the past and is the clear choice for our endorsement in this race.”

Bergel is a life-long Eurekan who currently teaches at Eureka High School and has served on the council since December 2014. In her time on the council she has worked to create connections with her constituents and strives to be available to all the citizens of the city. In her presentation to NCPA Bergel stressed her belief that it is important to have conversations and dialogue with all of the people who live in the city, not just the vocal ones who show up to city council meetings. “It’s all about education, communication and being available,” she said.

When asked about the most pressing issue facing the city, Bergel replied, “Old thinking and negative narrative. I continue to support forward thinking policy, as well as modeling positive behavior.”

“I’m involved with the city because I love it. I’m so proud of all of us,” she added.

More information on Bergel’s campaign can be found on her website



  • I would like to see a new person on the city council in this election

  • If she supports “sanctuary” measures than she NEEDS TO GO.

    And she has no business “teaching” anyone. Brainwashing is more like it, to prepare the kids for HSU’s Maoist indoctrination.

    Remember Mollie Tibbits. Remember Kate Steinle.

    Build the Wall. Deport them all!

    • what do they teach at Zoe Barnum? many of the graduates ended up behind the mall and now roam old town. maybe focus on local problems and not conservative fear mongering on a national scale.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      If she supports Measure K, she’s got my vote. NO MORE BABY JAILS!!! 🍼 🛑 ⚖️

  • Kim is one of them “good folks”. She gets my vote.

    • Dear Sam , If you read Atlas Shrugged, you will see this proposed “solution” in action. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because there are always going to be those that contribute more than others in society. It doesn’t work because it starts with false assumptions…that the wealthy aren’t entitled to their wealth and that they didn’t create that wealth. It doesn’t work because it takes away the incentive to work hard and earn. In fact it punishes that ethic. It rewards those that don’t work or produce because they have the most “need”.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        Blaming the victims again, are we?

        Poor oppressed rich White men!
        We feel so sorry for you… NOT! 💤

        P.S. – Racist Ron DeSantis Monkeyed This Election Up in Florida for the GOP. Now they’ll even lose Florida. 🐊

        • You know, Pat is correct. Why work hard for a demoprog govt. They hurt the worker class, they hurt the poor. We teach our students how not to go to college, which is a debt trap indoctrination center, and instead form their own companies without computers. Cash only transactions keep the govt out of their profits, they only declare enough to justify their expenses. In Calif, we teach them how not to work overtime, because the govt gets half of it. Now that Trump, our great leader, has done away with the death inheritance tax, we can pass OUR land and property to who we want, without the state confiscating it, or taxing it to death. Those who work hard and get ahead should not be punished and stolen from to molly coddle those who don’t.

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November


            Have you seen the latest national polling average on the generic congressional ballot? Democrats are up by approximately 14% points.

  • Big on supporting the homelessness problem.

    • Does Kym understand that most if not all landlords do not own their properties , the Bank does , The bank holds the mortgage ,the landlords has the privilege of collecting the rent and sending between 80 % and 90 % back to the bank. Landowners do this with the hope that in the future they can sell it at a profit. No way does a landlord get rich by collecting rents. If the rents are held at one price point and not allowed to increase ,the landlord cannot afford to make improvements or just keep up the property to minimum standards. In the future they become Ghettos, run down buildings. If the landlord cannot make enough profit to pay the ever increasing property tax. what then ? they become a tax lien sale , and are sold at 1/3 the price lowering the property tax revenue. becoming an ever increasing down ward spiral into poverty. Yes Kym does not understand what she is spewing out about something SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT. SURE IT SOUNDS GOOD to your friends that you are sympathetic to human rights, but to trade your look good for reality is a bad bet.

  • Whoopee! She wants universal health care in Eureka, over which she has zero influence, but can’t get doctors to come here, over which she does have some influence. Clean up the city and maybe more will want to come here.

    • that’s not what makes transplants want to leave. I am on my 7th doctor. its the corruption. and its in everything.

      • “What they don’t laugh at, says Karen Thomas, with Mad River’s recruitment team, is all the “abandoned buildings and ‘for rent,’ ‘for rent,’ ‘for rent’ as they’re driving through Eureka. I think we’ve lost candidates because of all the empty buildings.””
        “It wasn’t a partnership to get people better,” she says. “They expected me to be their drug dealer.”

        You can’t do much about rainy climate or even the drug addicts that are a plague on the community, but a city can do something about getting good jobs with benefits , or safe neighborhoods or good schools, which all help make a place that people want to come to, not want to leave after making the mistake of coming in the first place.

        • there is a reason why most transplants live in Arcata when they move here. those changes you mention sound great, it will take at least 20 years if everyone starts now. most transplants come here without knowing the underbelly and they leave when they learn it. like every police chief headhunted to come here. Chief Mills is doing great in Santa Cruz and on the surface Santa Cruz looks no different than Eureka. its what’s underneath. you could call it an entitlement issue, but entitlement at the government level is also called corruption. look at what just happened to the Mass state troopers. you ever watch the Departed?

          • No. I generally do not get my facts from Hollywood movies. As if Hollywood was anything other than venal, corrupt and duplicitous itself.

            As for it taking 20 years- we’d better get started right now then. As for Arcata… that’s where the money goes to buy houses far , far away from Eureka’s problems. It happens to be based on the ungodly amount of income security that comes with HSU. I suggest Eureka try to emulate that income with better jobs.

          • Entitlements are definitely a local issue that the city council can address.

            Eureka’s neighboring communities must be incorporated immediately!!

            For decades, local developer-elites expect and receive entitlements when they dig deep into taxpayers pockets for infrastructure to build their higher-profit big home subdivisions miles from town on grand dad’s inherited land …rubber-stamped by the county.

            $44 million for Measure “I” road resurfacing, $34 million for the Martin Slough sewer interceptor…all the result of unfunded infrastructure liabilities caused by irresponsible development.

            In the meantime, every new development should require in-lieu fees to build an affordable housing fund, strict penalties and fines levied on all Eureka’s vacant blighted buildings, and rent control.

            • its worse than you think. one woman gets her new brewery while every resident gets to pay for a 30 million dollar sewer plant upgrade because the digester can’t handle the new flow. her project was approved before the city went public on the upgrade project needed to approve her project. that is just one example. I hear Danco is building another government subsidized, tax free development on 4th and C that Danco will operate and profit from for years just like the town downer, yet they and other local developers oppose the CSU Village in Arcata.

  • If the council would give the building department a kick in the butt, there wouldn’t be so many empty buildings downtown. The council really needs to check the building departments back log on plan checking and get to the root of the problem. Change is always good.

    • the root of the problem is getting tenants, the buildings are tenant ready. the majority of commercial buildings in Eureka are owned by just a few entities.

  • We don’t have a homeless problem.
    We have a problem with slackers and drug addicts.
    They need to migrate to where the jobs are, like the illegal aliens.

  • There is a stack of tenants waiting for their plans to be approved up and down 4th and 5th Street. Need a qualified plan checker to move these plans ahead in a 30 day time frame so jobs and construction work can be provided for our city. Danco’s project is going to provide 2 years of construction work and many jobs for the seniors. Let alone clean up a half of city block. It all lies in how hard a strong council will push the 3rd floor of city hall!

  • If she supports the single-payer healthcare system she doesn’t have my vote, mainly because I can’t back someone who doesn’t understand basic arithmetic. I feel like that should be important.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      OK, Roseanne Barr, whatever you say.🥃 We all saw that episode of the canceled Roseanne reboot. 🍩. 🍟. 🌭. 🍔. 🍗.

      MEDICARE FOR ALL. (Except Roseanne.)

      • Why is it that liberals can’t do math? Simple question. Or do they just choose to ignore the numbers? For once you could try addressing the root of the problem instead of acting like a teenager but where’s the fun in that?

        • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

          Liberals can’t do math?? 🏌️‍♂️🇷🇺🍊

          You’re going to have to do better than that in November. Seriously.

          BLUE WAVE ON THE WAY… 🌊

          • The blue wave? One thing we in our school love to do is watch the election night celebration of a real leader being elected, and all the Hillary losers wailing and gnashing of teeth. So much fun! And of course all the late night and PMSNBC people who said, wait for it, “Donald Trump will never be president!” And now we see his power growing every day.
            So, again, I ask, why would we vote for demoprogs, who have turned this state into a shithole state? What are you doing to help the poor, and working poor, who are repressed with over taxation they cannot afford. The poor have to pay an average of $1 a gallon more for gas than the rest of the country. 10 gallons is 10$, money they could be using for food or clothing or car repairs. How are you helping them? Gas vouchers? What? What are you doing for the homeless? Are you studying the German models of homesteads for the homeless? Are you lowering property taxes so we can keep our homes from being taken by you demoprogs? If I was a poor person, I would vote republican, I vote Trump, because he has helped more people by lowering taxes and supporting so many programs that help the poor and lower income people. The black labor caucus has said Trump is helping us. If you are lower income, you see the lack of action and help you get from demoprogs, vote for Trump, he is helping you. If you are poor, ask the demoprog candidates and those in office now, what they have done to help you. Their answer would be, shit in one hand, and ask for change and help in the other, see what you get first.

          • “Medicare for all” is just the latest buzz word assigned to nationalized health care. It’s meant to sound attractively simple but ignores the fact that most people with Medicare have a supplemental insurance to cover the many things Medicare doesn’t cover at all. And that’s after having worked decades paying into Medicare without using it at all. Then, once too many people have reached the age of eligibility and the government starts being unable to afford it, rules are created to make it more affordable to the government by increasing fees, diverting charges to the beneficiary and creating rules that limit what treatment is available.

            It’s like the brilliant Obama mandate of digitizing patient records without having figured out what happens when next. And what happened? Why now your doctor can go through a whole consultation with their eyes glued to their computer screen and never once allow their patients to actually discuss anything because they are too busy asking mandated questions that don’t help while trying to squeeze what is complicated into computer format. That rule eliminated doctors who enjoyed patient contact and turned doctors into automatons. Yet doctor had no- that’s zero- choice about whether it worked for them or their patients. It was do it or not get paid. That is the nature of government health care- you get what the government says you should get and nothing else. Ever.

            • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

              I would like to repeat my original statement, MEDICARE FOR ALL. 🇺🇸

              The vast majority of the American people support MEDICARE FOR ALL. 🇺🇸

              BLUE WAVE, y’all! 🌊🐘 🌊

  • Democrats always seem to see virtue in themselves no matter how they badly they act. Somehow they magic the most awful, hateful and totalitarian behavior into virtue by claiming everyone else is evil. As if that is ever possible. Hate begets only hate. It’s very dangerous for anyone to believe that their hatefulness can be transformed into good in the real world. The more bile they spew, the clearer the danger becomes.

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