Gunshot Wounds Were Cause of Death of Two Found in Car Fire Near Ettersburg Junction

Officers search the vehicle of Ulisses Rodriguez, a suspect in the two deaths.

Officers search the vehicle of Ulisses Rodriguez on August 20. Rodriguez is a suspect in the two deaths. [Photo by Jaime Henry]

Gunshot wounds caused the death of a local couple whose bodies were found in a burning vehicle on August 14 on the Shelter Cove Road. According to the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office, they have identified the two as that of Tiffany Marie Ellebrecht, age 31, of Fortuna and Jeremy Dieter Kuemmel, age 32, of Redway. “Autopsies of the bodies revealed that both victim’s causes of death were gunshot wounds,” a press release stated today.

On August 20, Ulisses Rodriguez, age 24 from Chico was arrested for the two deaths. He is currently in the Humboldt County Jail on murder charges.

A search warrant was also served on a property in the China Creek area on August 20 in order to gather evidence related to the two deaths.


Ulisses Rodriguez

The Sheriff’s Office asks that “[a]nyone with information about this case or related criminal activity… call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.”

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  • Piece of crap coward I hope they give him the death penalty !

  • If he was trying to send a message, all I interpreted was, “Im a fool who watches too much TV and wish I was Chapo, but turns out I’m just a fool!” Enjoy you young life behind bars! Bye bye!

  • another Mexican. build the wall!

    • Another racist! No solution for that though. Every time a white person commits a crime you don’t see people commenting, “another white Person!” Evil comes in every color, remember that. Your wall isn’t going to save you because studies show minorties commit less crimes than whites.

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        • a tweaker is someone that is on meth more often than not. meth use makes you tweak. its not a color thing except for the fact that white people living in low income use the most meth in the US. even in the south meth is a white thing.

        • Tax Waster is trasparent AF you can see right through him if you look closely!!!

          • A sign of the times

            There are many who see everything through what they prefer was true. Some view every remark or happening, no matter how unrelated, as if it was racism, right or left wing politics, sexism, constitutional crisis, class warfare, pot, etc. If someone has a different idea, it still gets dragged back to that issue. Frankly mexicantaxpayer is just as transparent. And both act exactly the same. No matter what is going on, they are incurious, ready to take offence, obsessive, incapable of temperance and angry all the time.

            Nothing is ever so simple as they would have it.

            • The previous comment is self referencing but not self reflective. As has been noted by many honest teachers, we observe the speck in our neighbor’s eye and are blind to the stick obscuring our own vision. “Nothing is ever so simple as THEY would have it.”

            • I generally find that when I am speaking in absolutes –“everything”, “nothing” “ever”– and spending a lot of words to characterize what I think someone else said or meant, that I am not thinking clearly and unnecessarily spreading unproductive thoughts and feelings. I wonder if “A Sign of the Times” is trying to improve the world or venting frustration or doing some other thing I don’t understand.
              So much shouting, so little communication.

      • Anti troll league

        Mexican is a nationality. It is disingenuous to call it a race. Or at least self serving in the furtherance of the agenda of hate.

        Minorities only commit less crime because -tah tah- they are less in number. If that is true at all. I suspect it depends on the crime which races are proportionally more represented.

        BTW if you really think that it’s equivalent, why not say the news reporting the purported collusion of the Russians with Trump is also a racist remark? Oh! Right!

      • He’s a TROLL from LoCO he haunts the weather page, doing his best FLY imitation!!! That is to say, eating Sh!t & Bothering people!!!

      • It has nothing to do with being a racist, it was stated that he was an illegal from Mexico in the previous article

      • You ALSO don’t see them calling themselves whitetaxpayer so I guess you’re racist too!

      • Well if they were not here they would not commit a crime here, pretty much common sense.

  • No thanks for your services

    Made a bad decision he’ll suffer for it for the rest of his life

  • Weed,meth,H the three amigos of humbolt.

    • Actually the biggest reason behind homicides lately is domestic violence, no question.
      In fact its probably in the top 3 nationwide. All adult mass shooters had domestic violence in their backgrounds. Watch the active shooter series that showtime did, its the unfortunate common thread thru each story.

      Its most likely the reason behind these deaths. Listening to kmud news, the sheriff PR person stumbled the most after being asked if the female victim had been romantically linked to the suspect. Maybe it was a drug deal gone bad or a debt unpaid, we’ll see, but id bet they knew one another. Not random.

      A friend who picks up&drives women in danger to the womens safe house usually at night has many stories of being chased and shot at by said womans abuser and sometimes his friends in vehicle too. Its the if i can’t have you no one can thing.

  • Mexicantaxpayer, you are correct about minorities, but do you realize that white people( as you call them) are the minorities in California? Chew on that for awhile. Oh, by the way I am from Mexican ancestry.

  • Well I guess at least he shot them first, take a special kind of asshole to burn em alive. That’s what I thought when I read the first article.

  • Interesting how many people jump to the conclusion that the ‘suspect’ is guilty. While I am not ruling out that he may be responsible, many of you are already wanting him DEAD, before he has been tried and found guilty of any crime. You are just the people, I mean sheep-ple the government wants as citizens! Good vigilante members! ‘Hang him now!’ ‘He don’t deserve no trial!’
    Glad we have a justice system that generally functions well, based upon the preponderance of the evidence and what a jury of his/her peers decides.

    • We won’t have one for very long if tRump has his way about it!!! I just hope Mueller time gets here SOON!!!

    • Anti troll league

      No. 90% of the comments are not specifically about the man arrested but general opinions on the state of the county, country , pot growing or other poster’s personal defects. The above post counts in the last catagory.

  • Folks TWO people were killed …please think of them and there families and show some respect….

  • We’re all human beings and this is a tragic waste of life! Love and Strength to the families and all of you people regaurdless your nationality or veiws!!

  • RIP. Sad happenings. I hope they get to the bottom of this and file it correctly to add to the stats of the bigger problem so we can move forward in investigations and finding solutions to deal with this alarmingly increasing rate of crimes in this area.

  • Anyone who has stepped foot on the cannabis playing field hopefully knows it’s not a game of unicorns and rainbows Naivety kills.

  • Most of the meth in the u.s. comes from Mexico these days.

  • Coletta A Hughes

    It’s starting to resemble East LA and South Central up here. First came the rap, then the tagging and now the gang crime. Too many hard criminals are getting out of jail too easy. Lock them up and deport them if they’re not born here.

    • Girl please, there’s crime up here already and a lot of horrid crimes by locals… as-if the European colonist and settlers where peaceful when they stole land, slaughtered everything that moved & immigrated here. You must not be too familiar with east la or south central. How do you think the Natives feel? Wonder what they think their land resembles.

      • Are you trying to say that violence in the past justifies current violence? Or that the victims of violence today are just getting what they deserve? Or that white people (assumed) shouldn’t be allowed to accuse other groups (assumed) of violence, even in the presence of the bodies, because they had been violent too, centuries ago? Is your contention that your insistence on race based accusations is going to eliminate the race based contentions of others? Or just that the victims of violence get what the deserve?

        That sort of reasoning misses the whole point. When in the history of humans has one sided nagging and accusing ever made anyone better? When has the adult (sort of) version of the preadolescent “he started it first” ever won the day with parents sick of the squabbling? Human’s just don’t work like that.

        Real people have to contend with problems that they have on their plate now. They are not moved to accept that violence done to them today should be tolerated because some of their forefathers made ugly choices. In fact that sort of smug hectoring is more likely to make people resort to the same choices today, forgiving the ugliness for the sake of the success in solving the problems.

        • no, you miss the point and your mind is misleading making a lot of assumptions, not factual. You read today’s headlines and see how many crimes, accidents and violence perpetrated by locals?

  • Definitely more Caucasion Dominated atrocities in Humboldt than any other ethnic group as far as genocides and murders are considered. Read this it pertains to Indian Genocide and is testimony into the Mendocino War: TESTIMONY
    DEPOSITION OF WILLIAM FRAZIER. William Frazier, being dulysworn,deposes and says:
    I have resided in Long Valley since onethousand ei ht hundred and fifty-seven; am thirty-eight yearsofage; am a farmer; haveno family; I am a single man; have been in Californiasince one thousand eight hundredand fifty; the first depredations on stock committed by Indians in Long Valley, was last October, with the exception of a few head killed a year ago; the first stock I heard of being killed belonged to Woodman; he told me he had lost seventy-five head ofhorses up to that time; this was in November last; Mr. Woodman and others, stated that they had lost a good many head of stock, but could not tell how many, because the grass was short and thestock had strayed through the hills; Woodman, and others employedby him, stated thatthe cattle had come tohis house with arrows in them, which afterwards died; some two orthree head; I do not know of my own knowledge ofany cattle having been killed by the Indians, but I saw several cascasses, but from their appearance I could not tell positively how they came to their death; no cattle that I know of died from want offood; the Indians and whites in one thousand eight hundredand fifty-seven were friendly; the first serious difficulty that occured between the whites and Indians, was one year ago, when the three head ofstock above referred to, were killed; when Mr. Simpson, Mr. White, myself, and others, hearing thatthe Indians had beef in the rancheria, in the valley, went to the raucheria for the u ese of chastising ahe Indians, when all fled but one, and we shot his ea off; he tried to ascape ; some friendly Indians brought some beef from the raucheria to as ; this was the last difficulty u to October last, with the Indians ; ;hese Indians were known as the Essa-Ponies. At the time this difficulty occurred, they came to terms with us and have been peacable ever since; the Indians with whom we have had difficulties since October last, are known as the Yucas, who do not reside in Long Valley, but were driven

  • over from the east side of Eel River, in the vicinity of Round Valley; in December last, towards the latterpart, the citizens metand organized a company of forty men, under the command of Captain Farley; I was
    elected Lieutenant; a day or two after the organization, we started on an expedition across Eel River, in the mountains between Round Valley and Long Valley; we left Long Valley in theevening, and traveled inthe night until we saw the fire of an Indian rancherie, which rancherie we surrounded when day was breaking, and waited until near sun up before we attacked and killed twenty, consistingofbucks, squaws and children, and also took two squaws and one child, prisoners; those killed were all killed in about three minutes; I took the prisoners to White 8: SimpsOn’s Rancho, where thereare some friendly Indians, and delivered them up t0 White & Simpson, who promised to take care of them; we found in this ranchcria no signs of any depredation having been committed by these Indians; at White & Simpson’s I procured an interpreter, through whom the two squaws said that they had lived on beef and horse meat for some time; we used no threats or promises to induce them to say so; they said that they had heard the Indians say that they had been killing stock longerthan the white menknew anything about, and that they intended to kill all the stock in the valley; they assigned no cause for killing the stock, and we could notinduce them to do so; about a week afterward we went out on another expedition into the same sectionof country; on the first night we found and surrounded a rancheria, in which we found two wounded Indians andone old sqnaw, all of which we killed; on our return home we found another rancheria, which we approached within fifteen feet before theIndians observed us; they then broke for the brush. and we pursued them and killed thirteen bucks and twosquaws; the rest escaped, and therefore I do not knowhowmany there were in theran cheria; we took no prisoners; we found in this camp the carcassesof two horses; one of these horses belonged to Mr. Lambert, the other was not recognized; Mr. Lambert recognized his by the brand on the hide and color,- we then went home; this company was organized for mutual pro tection, there beingno regular force in that vicinity; there never has been a company of United States troopsstationed in Long Valley; this was the last expedition I was on with the company; the company still hold themselves in readiness toact when necessity requires it; I never belonged to Jarboe’s company; on the trail that led in the direction of this rancherie we saw signs of meat having been carried along, and that caused us to attack it; from that time up to three weeksago last Monday, there has been no fighting in Long Valley; I suppose, from what. I have heard, that there has been two hundred head of horses and cattle killed there since October last; they were worth, at least, six thousand dollars; they are a cowardly tribe of Indians; there are aboutthree hundred Kaza-Pomas ; there are forty orfifty Cahto-Pomas living on the rancho of White & Simpson, who are also friendly; in 1857, the different tribri of Indians in that vicinity had ameeting, and sent for me to be present; I think there were two thousand present; I was told by the friendly In dians that the Yueas encouraged the attempt to kill me; they surrounded me, and one Indian drew his bow and arrow and held it on me,but1 brought my pistol to bear on him before he could shoot, and be cooled down; I then rode off; the only cause they assigned for it was, that I made those around mind me, and sometimes whipped them, and that they did not like me; there has been no white men killed in Long Valley, that I know of, _and no buildings burnt; I think there is a necessity for an armed force in that valley,for the protectionof the lives and property

  • ofthe citizens at present: I do not believethat the citizens have applied to the Federal troops for protection ; the white population in thatvalley consist of about one hundred and twenty-five.
    I know of no attack being made by the Indians,either upon a white erson oraresidence; I have often traveled through theregioninhabited y thoseIndians, alone, without being molested by them; I know of no children beingtaken away from these Indians to be sent away; among these hostiletribes which we attacked, we found no children, and I be lieve therehas been a practice of abducting the children from themby some white men, and for the purpose of pecuniary profit.
    Before my company was organized, there had been a good many Indi ans killed in the valley by the citizens and Captain Jarboc’s company.
    Sworn to and subscribed before me, this twenty-second day of Febru ary, one thousand eight hundredand sixty.
    J. B. LAMAR, Chairman of Select Committee on Indian Affairs.
    EXAMINATION assumnn.
    Inthe camps ofthese hostiletribes that we attacked, we found a plenty of acorns and such other foodas they usually eat for their subsistence.
    Sworn to and subscribed before me, this twenty-second day of Febru ary, one thousand eight hundredand sixty, in Ukiah City.
    I. B. LAMAR, Chairman.

  • DEPOSITION OF JACKSON FARLEY. Jackson Farley, beingdulysworn, says:
    I am thirty-nine years ofage; I am a farmer; I reside in Long Valley; I havedone so for near three years; I was one of the first settlers in the valley; I have a farm there, and am raising stock. The valley is thickly settled; I suppose there are about one hundred voters in the valley and vicinity. The Indians, when I went there, were wild, and we couldnot get anywhere near them. The first stock killed there by Indians were three horses and a cow,belonging to me. This occurred about the month of October, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine. I cut up one of the horses and found arrow-heads in him. I applied to Captain Ford, and he requested me not to interfere with them, and said that when they took winter quarters he would secure them, which he never did. Those Indians are there yet; they are not killing any stock now that I know of. The next stock they killed was a year a go this winter, when they killed some six or seven head of stock belonging to Captain Ford, and he then took his stock away. The nextstock that was killed was in November last, one more cow, which belonged to me. After some days search I found the remains ofthe cow, and in searching for the Indians I found the remains of thehorses in another raucheria, one of which I believeto have been a horse of my own, for which I had refused five hundred dollars. I went home, and gottogether a few of my neighbors, and we went out to punish them; we killed threeorfour of them; the rest all escaped; .l have lost eleven head of horses by Indians since I went there; five of them were ofthe best quality of American horses. The cattleand horses which I have lost were worth three thousand dollars. Messrs. Lambert, Woodman, Hall, and several others, have had stock killed.I suppose Mr. Woodman has had killed since last fall one hundred head of stock.

    • My take from the almost interminable history is that immigrants can not be trusted when they show a tendency to crime and disrespecting the locals.

    • walked along one evening and counted forty-eight head, which I suppose belonged to Mr. Woodman, because they were on his range.
      The expedition I spoke of was the first against the Indians there. About three months ago a company was organized in the valley, under my command. Previous to that the citizens sent two petitions to the Governor,applying for protection; I signed the petitions; I think the company consist of forty-six men; Mr. Frazier is my First Lieutenant; the company turns outon the call of’ the Captain; I never called them out except when stock had been killed. I have always endeavored to get only those Indians who had committed the depredations. I have been out at different times with the company twenty days; I think we have killed one hundred and fifty or two hundred Indians; we have taken twenty-two prisoners, whom I sent to the Mendocino Reserve. (Fort bragg)
      The Callya-Pomas Indians, I think consist of six hundred in all; they, so far as I know, have not killed any stock, and say they will not if the whites will not kill them, and we have never troubled them. Those who have been killing stock are Tartars and Yukias. I think it is necessary that the settlers in Long Valley should have protection for their property. The stock of the citizens roam around from five to ten miles from the valley in the hills. Messrs. Buttner and Woodman have moved their stock from the valley for fear that the Indians would kill them.
      His mark X
      Sworn to and subscribed before me, at Storms’ Ranch, in Round Val ley, this twenty-sixth day of February, onethousand eight hundredand sixty.
      J. B. LAMAR,
      Chairman Select Committee on Indian Affairs.

  • Calvin Cordozar Broadus Sr

    William Frazier was an OG.

  • Tiffany’s FB page shows a little boy – probably hers. Jeremy’s FB page shows him, in what looks like a hospital room – he does not look happy. Both of them have some very questionable looking FB friends – and based on my life experience, judging someone by their mode of dress and tattoos and body language is a valid justification to label them as a sketchy character. So many people don’t think about how their actions, choices, and decisions put them and their family, friends, and acquaintances in a position that could result in profoundly negative impacts to lives. I’m sure Tiffany and Jeremy did not deserve to die for whoever they were involved with or whatever it was they were involved in. It is very sad they will never have another chance to make things right. Mostly, it is sad for the people left behind. They are the victims (such as Tiffany’s mom, dad, sister, brother, little boy) affected by the actions of the three people involved. Those are the people who are emotionally scarred for life and will hopefully get some grief counselling to help them through this. When I was 8 years old, my dad was murder victim – stabbed to death in a bar. When I was 32 years old, my sister was a murder victim of domestic violence. Both could have done something differently and may still be alive today – and I would not be grieving the loss 42 and 20 years later. Murder is rarely a “chance” coincidence or “bad luck” (it can be, if a serial killer has chosen to make one a victim, or one is at a concert and the victim of a mass shooting). In this case, I would bet a hundred dollars that it is usually the result of some decision or choice made by the victim(s) and the murderer(s). There are many hard lessons to be learned here.

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