[UPDATE 12:22 a.m.] “Large” Fire Starting Near Cooks Valley by the Humboldt County Line

wildland fire featureA new fire has started near the Humboldt and Mendocino County Line as of 10:08 p.m. It is described as “large.” It is also said that it “requires mult[iple] fire agencies.”

According to a report at 10:12 p.m., the fire is on the west side of 101 and is about a half-acre near the southbound Piercy offramp. The firefighters are requesting that 101 be closed.

Piercy and Laytonville Fire have been requested. A suspect vehicle related to an earlier possible arson fire north of Bell Springs Road may have been spotted near Richardsons Grove, according to a report on the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 10:30 p.m.: There are two fires near Piercy but it is unclear exactly where.

UPDATE 10:43 p.m.: According to Robin Fleckless, a Willits area resident who just drove by, a fire is burning on the east side of Hwy 101 after passing the Piercy exit heading south by the Riverview Ranch where the Harley Run has been held in past years.

UPDATE 10:48 p.m.: According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the smaller fire is contained and the “larger fire will likely be contained shortly.”

The site also describes a possible vehicle belonging to an arson suspect as a brown Isuzu Trooper type SUV. Please let law enforcement know if you see something suspicious. Remember though this is a POSSIBLE suspect vehicle.

The highway is currently open.

UPDATE 11:33 p.m.: Hwy 101 is not being affected by the fire, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

UPDATE 11:37 p.m.: Here is a photo from Adona White showing the fire burning to the east of Hwy 101 earlier tonight.

Fire burning near 101


UPDATE 11:43 p.m.: Here is another view from the west side of 101 looking east from earlier.

Fire across the road

[Photo by Cheryl Paup]

UPDATE 12:22 a.m.: Although we have no official word, descriptions from residents indicate that the fire is being brought under control.



  • Find that arsonist car!!!
    Description&license plate please chp, an Isuzu is all i saw.
    if youre near or on the 101 get out there and look pleaae!!

  • Find that arsonist car!!!
    Description&license plate please chp, an Isuzu is all i saw.
    if youre near or on the 101 get out there and look pleaae!!

  • Don't Drink While Pregnant

    dag nabbit…here we go again…

    • you would think there is nothing left to burn in California!!! I drove HWY 20 this past week-end and those fire personnel are truly amazing at controlling fire…saw black ash, trees burnt to the grown on one side of the HWY, and the other side totally untouched…they all need a rest…

  • Just called a friend down there. They didn’t know and were more than needing to know. Wake up your friends.

  • Please get it under control as soon as possible we cannot lose any more people or homes and please be careful fireman

  • Arson. Really. Death penalty.

  • Interesting. The fire near bell springs . Now this. Sounds like an arsonist is heading north.

  • Thanks Kym! Always so helpful to the community.

  • I appreciate u kym.kemp really being on top of things and reporting this right away for us all..my daughters friend called from.piercy to say she could see the 2 fires out her window and they have lots of animals to pack up..thanks for taking time out of your life to keep us informed of stuff i also got my eye out to look for that other guy u just posted about

    • Possibly related to the armed dangerous guy a couple of hours ago, near-ish to laytonville?

      • What’s up with the vehicle fire yesterday in AlderPointe? The dispatch said there were “shots fired” the first Alderpoint folks didn’t say it wasn’t gunshots, but said locals said the “shooter” left. was there really shots, or just shit burning and popping in the car? Was this related to the robbery the other day on D loop rd?

  • Thank you for the fast reporting

  • KMUDs on it for non internet residents. 90.3 fm in mendo

  • We live in Piercy. We were just about to go to bed but heard a lot of noise on the road which we just thought were loud and rambunctious motorists. But my bf went to check it out. It seems there are currently about 4 fire trucks down there. And approx 10 Firemen. I’m so glad he went to check. To think we could have slept through that. I hope everyone is ok and they can get it under control soon. We are prepared to pack up if necessary.

  • These arent going anywhere. With moderate temps, high humidity and low winds these fires will burn a bit of understory and be out soon. At least, I hope.

  • Kmud is just playing music

  • So that would be west of 101 if it’s where the Harley run used to happen.

  • I hear both are controlled..

  • Hey, I heard that there is a ghost town near cooks valley, on the west side of the river. Anyone know if that’s true?

    • Could be andersonia home of the old mill…

      • It’s being renovated and a new little mill is alive and running. No ghost towns here.

        • It’s a beautiful site, though driving across the bridge in the winter is an adventure! I had the pleasure of doing some thinning work out there for the new owners of the old mill a couple years back. Some of the buildings are still in good shape. Not a ghost town, as people still live out there.

    • There was Kenny and there used to be towns at Usal, the mouth of Jackass Creek, and Needle Rock. If you are down at the Jackass site in January you will see squares of daffodils where houses used to be.

    • Between Piercy and Usal Road was a town called Moody. I understand all the building are gone and only an unmarked cemetery is there. All the wooden head markers are long gone.

  • Is that official, Ben? Thanks.

  • There are 4 fires, bell springs, piercy east, piercy post office, Richardson grove, anyone next to the 101 southern humboldt exits be on high, armed alert, he us working North, no wind saved our lives…..[edit]

  • Called it in live just above the fire what saved us tonight was no wind whatsoever awesome response to all firefighters props to Long Valley came up and staged just above fire ran hose line down to front of fire and was able to get a hold on it. Unbelievable very lucky was spreading pretty fast with how steep it was. Piercy Leggett Laytonville Garberville Cal Fire kicked ass.

    • Soooo thankful to firefighters! Now, that arsonist must be stopped! Hoopa and surrounding areas up there are suffering due to arson. Please, everyone be vigilant. Fire season isn’t over for a long while yet.

  • Thank you once again Firefighters!!!!

  • Completely out about 30 minutes ago or so

  • What th hell?

  • No thanks for your services

    This whole place is gonna be a ghost town soon if the elected officials keep up there extortion

  • Thanks to everybody who spent all night fighting these fires and Reporting on them. the up-to-date information really helped us locals.

  • What a miserable long hot dry Summer, please lord give us the cooling rain and the Dewey fogs of Fall.

  • What a night….unbeknowns to us there were already 2 smaller fires going near Piercy post office and this 3rd larger one was heading up the hill towards us . So grateful to Piercy Fire Dept and Cal Fire….they were able at attack the fire from above thru cell tower road and get extinguished quickly. The panic and fear I experienced last night gives me pause for a better evacu plan and be more prepared. So many in the Piercy Community have one way in and one way out. Hope they catch the SOB who’s going up the highway starting these fires and most likely he/she not done yet.

  • Thanks for the fire update…

  • Be on the lookout for a brown Isuzu Trooper type SUV.

  • Is the fire contained now? And have they caught the arsonist?

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