California Fish and Game Commission Meets in Fortuna

This is a press release from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

At its August 2018 meeting in Fortuna, the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) took action on a number of issues affecting California’s natural resources. The following are just a few items of interest from the meeting.FGC logo

Commission President Eric Sklar, Commissioner Jacque Hostler-Carmesin and Commissioner Peter Silva were present. Commission Vice President Anthony Williams and Commissioner Russell Burns were absent.

In response to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) findings of declining density and poor ocean conditions, in December 2017, the Commission adopted regulations to close the recreational abalone fishery for the 2018 season. Unfortunately, ocean conditions are not improving for California’s red abalone, and populations continue to decline due to severe starvation conditions. Consequently, on Aug. 22, the Commission voted unanimously to authorize publication of notice of intent to amend regulations to extend the fishery closure sunset date for the recreational red abalone fishery another two years (through April 2021). They will take action on whether or not to extend the closure the season at their December meeting.

On Aug. 23, The Commission voted unanimously to list the Humboldt marten as endangered under the California Endangered Species Act.

The Commission also received an update from CDFW regarding cutting-edge rehabilitation techniques being utilized on wildlife severely burned in wildfires. Typically wildlife finds ways to flee from wildfire and CDFW does not anticipate large scale population declines associated with the fires. However, some animals have been deemed suitable for rehabilitation and have been taken in for treatment. Thus far, three bears and one mountain lion have been treated for burns with sterilized tilapia skin. CDFW released a time-lapse video of one of the bears undergoing the treatment.

The full Commission summary and supporting information can be found at An archived video will soon be available.

The California Fish and Game Commission was the first wildlife conservation agency in the United States, predating even the U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries. There is often confusion about the distinction between CDFW and the Commission. In the most basic terms, CDFW implements and enforces the regulations set by the Commission, as well as provides biological data and expertise to inform the Commission’s decision-making process.



  • It’s the department of “fish and wildlife”, no longer known as “fish and game” as the title suggests

  • Would like to see the numbers on both if you have them available. Thanks for all the work you do keeping us all informed.

  • So sad for the burned wildlife, it is great they are trying to rehab and heal some of the bears and mountain lions. It is so strange that while they try to heal these injured animals we have “state trappers” like “Dog Killer Brennan” down in Laytonville who is still trapping and shooting bears and lions rather than relocating the critters. Not only that but “Old Dog Killer Brennan” is also known (by his own admission) to have shot over 500 family dogs, but not too worry; old dog killer Brennan says all the dogs he shot were pitbulls from marijuana grows…… I think hell has a special place reserved for old dog killer WHEN he gets there. Anyone else had experiences with old dog killer brennan?

    • No but I could have used him when my neighbor’s pit bulls killed my stock. Strangely they are pot growers too. If people took care of their dogs instead of just letting them run, such ugliness would not exist.

  • Department of Fish and Wildlife consider themselves gods, better than you or me, they think they are the ultimate authority, yet they do nothing to solve the real environmental woes which are caused by the timber industry in Humboldt. They are pure scum and think they have to answer to nobody!

    • I agree Fish and Wildlife do think they are the ultimate authority and do nothing to enhance fish and wildlife numbers in a balanced manner. When they protect certain species to the point that it impacts and causes shortages of other species they are not doing their job with any common sense. The Steelhead and Salmon population in the Ell river is a good example. It’s all about enforcement and fines that generate money. You need to stop banging on the timber industry for environmental woes. They don’t get warnings, they follow the rules and laws to the letter or get huge fines and lose their licence. The environment in Humboldt county has been set back twenty years by huge grows and illegal road building and Fish and Wildlife standing by and doing nothing for to long. They wait until an issue becomes a crisis before they act. In the meantime they want you to think they are your god.

  • Some may be aware of this, some may not. Nevertheless, it brings it all together. If you don’t watch anything else this year, this is worth your time. War Castles.

  • Agreed a useful agency gone rogue and grotesque.undermining the constitution the bill of rights.there whats ruining this country along with extortionast county government.disgusting .above the constitution. Should be illuminated and disbanded.

  • greenwashing… “in the name of the environment”… the king told the peasant to leave his ancestral land…

    Almost as manipulative as, “think of the children!”

  • No thanks for your services

    Saving the martin is a noble cause what a cool little animal.thaught to already be extinct.this is what there intended for and to protect our recources on the vast public lands.but violating civil rights, the constitution, and taking part in the thievery and extortion of the rural economically depressed mass population has forever stained this organization.using our tax dollars to rip us off, the good thing is i know carmas real and these people along with the county will be receiving theres some day.

  • dang greenwashing water nazis…

  • Anyone can sue anybody why doesn’t the blackmarket an legal guys who are mad at the situation sue the people running this , it would create more problems an put a stop to this or slow down the process even more from ruining our economy I went to a building center the other day locally at 4pm there was 3 cars there this place is taking a hit an if The people don’t step up mine as well move away. An put the money elsewhere this place is going to be a dump in no time

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