Smoke in Deli Case at Fortuna Safeway, Reports Employees to Emergency Dispatch

At approximately 10:35 a.m., emergency dispatchers sent Fortuna firefighters to the Safeway after employees at the store reported smoke in the deli case. According to a report over the scanner, employees were afraid the case was catching on fire.

The first firefighter on scene reported, “There is a deli case that caught fire. They have extinguished with an extinguisher but they are not able to find the breaker box yet.”



  • Mm I love smoked turkey

  • One day as I was drunk at work, as one needs to be to work at the Tip Top, I smelt a fire and told the management and co-workers and patrons. They ignored me until the building was super smoky and they finally evacuated. It’s was an electrical fire in the wall. Just goes to show that you can’t judge people based on a couple facts and sometimes the drunk stripper is the smartest one in the building.

  • Smoke ’em, if you got em!!!

  • Hope that check carefully before they allowed anyone back in the building patrons or employees

  • I used to work at a convenience store. There was always smoke in the walk in cooler. Cough, cough 😉

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