Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle on Broadway

Emergency personnel gather around the injured pedestrian.

Emergency personnel gathered around the injured pedestrian on Broadway. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

At approximately 9:22 p.m., a vehicle struck a pedestrian in a southbound lane of Broadway in Eureka. Reportedly the vehicle is a blue Toyota Tacoma.

The pedestrian has an injured foot. An ambulance is responding to the scene.

One southbound lane is closed.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

The pedestrian is lifted onto a gurney.

The pedestrian is lifted onto a gurney. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]



  • Wonder if the person hit was a guest of the Flamingo or Chin’s. Those zombies are always playing dodge-the- car.

  • Time to build that overpass. How many more people need to be injured and/or killed by vehicles on Broadway?

    • None, if the folks on foot realize the car will win most of the time.

    • Are you for real? The only pedestrians that get hit on Broadway are the bums that walk out, run out, or bike out into traffic with no regard to the vehicle traffic. They basically dare you if you are driving. This post is directed to Me above

      • What makes you think it’s always the pedestrian’s fault? Most of the time the driver is doing something stupid.

    • The only way I would come into Eureka would be driving a Cat 980 Loader. (Bucket Up).

    • So many people won’t even go to a corner to cross, much less go to an overpass. If one is done though, it better be totally enclosed as it will be a splendid place to drop rocks over the sides onto traffic or bring traffic to a halt by threatening to jump.

    • Its mostly zombies anyway. Building an overpass will become homes for them so what’s the point.

  • It is not always the zombies. My friend was killed last year in front of Carl’s Jr. on the sidewalk in a electric handicap scooter with a florescent red flag. The car took him out because she was in a hurry to cross the southbound lane. You get 200 hours of community service for killing someone on a sidewalk now in Humboldt Co. Not saying the zombies are not a problem, just not always.

  • This is a perfect example of the reason we truly need to ban automobiles!
    Someone had their foot injured. Is this the price we are willing to pay for a supposed transportation convince?
    I think not!

    • Well, walking could lead to a large person treading on other’s feet too, thereby increasing danger of that. And then there are those maniacal bicyclists. Oh the carnage they bring.

  • WHY does 101 HAVE to go through all the gut wrench of Eureka??? To force travelers to be stuck in the middle of the pits of despair? Last I checked nobody wants to go through Eureka, I myself avoid it at all costs. I feel sorry for the U.P.S driver, if I need something Up North may have I just order it online and get the U.P.S. driver to deliver it.

    • There was a highway bypass planned for years. Caltrans owned lots of houses on the right of way and rented them out until the project could start. It would not have really passed Eureka but carved a limited access path through it further east. Of course the planning took place when Eureka has something to offer the economy besides illegal drugs and when the California State government had money for mundane things like roads and before protesters were capable of, if not shutting down any project, at least delaying it enough to triple the costs.

    • Could move the Delta Tunnels over to Eureka, where they are more needed.

  • Rest in peace!
    Prayers to your family.

  • There’s crosswalks and intersections with lights, but the zombies are too lazy to walk an extra 100 ft to be safe…they’d rather run out in traffic wearing dark clothes sometimes stopping between lanes to wait on a passing car. I see it every day , especially between wabash and Pierson’s

  • Take a ride to Eureka, you will notice, out the window all the way towards T, U & V Streets you’ll see…

    Drug addicts.
    Drug dealers.
    People talking to the sky.

    Every day I’m finding myself getting more and more concerned about my safety in Eureka.

    This place sucks! Why is no one doing anything about it? Those damn teachers want raises, then why the hell don’t we have the funds to eradicate some of this crap?

    If you go at anytime of the day anytime of the week I can guarantee you you will see a bunch of crap and a bunch of people, doing crap they aren’t supposed to be doing at the Patriot Gas Station at Samoa and South 101. In fact, when I moved here in 2001, that gas station was still catering to Ton. They still do cater to his punk ass. However you’ll still find just as many people with their bicycles, baby strollers, dogs, washing their clothes in the bay, smoking meth , and asking you for a dollar at the entrance of the Patriot.

    At anytime of the day on any day of the week you can find people at the Humboldt library and 3rd Street. There will be at least three or four people on bicycles just standing around riding up to your car at the pump to ask you for change and then, with the audacity to cuss you out if you do not give it to them. I’m gonna start capping fools.

    Go at anytime of the day any day of the week to the Stop & Rob on B Street, or the Courthouse Market, Winco, or that paradise in motor lodge at the Five Points. Multiple people on bicycles standing outside of a particular store until someone runs them off. You will find multiple people crying and screaming for no apparent reason. You will find multiple people sleeping on the ground and pissing behind dumpsters. You will just find the worst of the worst and that’s just at the gas station. Head on over there to that trailer park just near McClellan, and you’re likely to find people using drugs inside and outside you are likely to find homeless people taking baths in the tweeker neighbor’s backyard, and you are likely to find a dead body behind the mall.

    Once again, go at anytime of the day any day of the week and you will find someone standing outside of Winco asking you for a dollar. Asking you if you would like to buy some stolen merchandise that they stole from a car in the Winco parking lot next-door. Or is it your stuff? I forget. You were always to find someone at the Adorni Center sitting under the Samoa bridge smoking meth. All day every day there is a homeless person screaming at a complete stranger. There is always someone sleeping on one of those piers on the bay. There are always the worst of the worst that the area has to offer just hanging out, bullshitting, being unproductive and on useful threatening you simply for going to the businesses as the businesses were meant to be gone to in the first place.

    You’re not supposed to hang outside of a store all day and night unless you fucking work there.

    • We were at the stoplight at Wabash and Fairfield and there was an idiot standing there with his itty bitty thing out peeing on some cushions that someone had thrown out. He probably lived in one of the scumbag motels that our illustrious city manager SPARKS lets operate on one of the main streets.

    • What you’re doing is trying to paint these people at fault because of who they are or what they do. While the drivers are the normal ones, the law abiding responsible people. Newsflash. Pimps, drug dealers, prostitutes, gangs, also drive. Drivers are at fault at least as much as pedestrians are.

      And you’re some special coward sitting behind a screen slamming people who suffer poverty by grouping them together “poverty, gangs”, so you can build your fake narrative about these indigent people that you dislike.

  • Corrupt extortion rip off politics

    Eureka the last stop on the addiction train. I think these poor souls throw themselves in front of vehicles to try to end there suffering.

    • Really? One injection that is so readily available would be much more effective and easier if death was the goal. What really happens is that people who have survived so much sketchy behavior are not going to consider themselves as vulnerable to such a petty thing as getting hit by a car. Not when they have crossed streets since childhood. It’s the Russian Roulette of ignoring safety. Sooner or later, if habitually ignoring rules meant for safety because rules are for losers, the inevitable happens.

  • Yeah a hot shot would be quicker and less painful for sure.

  • It is 100% fact that the zombies of Eureka dart out in front of moving traffic, both on foot and bike. Ive almost run them over and still have them give me the “eat shit” look. F@ck em! With that said, I can also say drivers DO NOT stop at the crosswalks. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped at a crosswalk for a pedestrian, and have cars zoom through the crosswalk. The scariest time is when the little lady with the wooden crutches crosses. I kid you not, one day I got out of my car to flag the oncoming cars down so that didn’t run over this little lady. “So while the zombies might piss you off to high hell, remember there might be a reason some of them don’t use crosswalks.” That last sentence is my wife quote, I personally believe they would still walk/run/bike/roll out in front of traffic even if everybody stopped at crosswalks.

    • Like the bicyclist that came down the sidewalk and almost ran right into the side of my car because he was going so fast and almost did not stop. No I did not have a stop sign and was already half way past when there he was,

    • Perspective is correct about both pedestrians and drivers. I’ll also point out many times as I approach an intersection people are standing there and not trying to cross; they are just hanging out, another problem with so many homeless with nowhere to go. I’d also point out some parts of Broadway do not have crosswalks for long stretches, making it difficult for a pedestrian to cross. In addition, a cyclist is not a pedestrian, and I believe is subject to traffic laws.

      Perhaps CalTrans (it is a state highway) should build tunnels under Broadway for pedestrians. This would allow safe (from vehicles) crossing, a covered place for homeless to sleep, and an out of site place for the criminal homeless to rob others. If the EPD can figure out how to control the last two…

      Or just build caged pedestrian overpasses. Or add more traffic lights. Or perhaps a stoplight for a pedestrian’s only crossing, timed to only stop traffic once per five or so minutes. That way no pedestrian could snarl traffic (any more than it already is) by repeatedly hitting the cross button.

      Of course there would still be the zombies…

      • Those tunnels will become homeless camps. Try again.

      • Beside repeatedly hitting the pedestrian crossing button does nothing except relieve impatience. Once the button is pushed once, the programming simply ads a bit more time onto the signal to accommodate walkers. Sometimes I wonder if even does that and it just changes the cross/no cross lights.

    • Perspective,
      1 on their mountain bike was driving the wrong way close to g and 4th, they stare right at you as they aim for your car.

      Another mountain bike rider driving the wrong way down a 1 way street was for aiming for 3 cars around a blind curve headed right at them. If the cars would have stopped, there would have been a 3 car accident.

      I’ve thought of spraying the wrong way mountain bike riders with mace so they don’t hit my car; maybe I could
      hold up a can of mace to them so they back off.

      They are getting worse!

      Not implying in any way the pedestrian was at fault; condolences to the pedestrian and their family.

  • I’ve been driving on Eureka streets for many years, my advice to Eureka drivers is to keep their situational awareness on full alert, drive according to the road and traffic conditions, and drive slower than the speed limit at night.
    This advice has helped me avoid many situations that would have otherwise turned out bad if I wasn’t heeding it.

    One incident was a mother, with her young daughter, darting out behind a parked car in order to get her daughter to a nearby daycare center, and my being able to stop in quick order since I had just happen to be doing 5 mph or less under the speed limit at the time.

    The stretch of Broadway, where this pedestrian was hit, has a 40 mph speed limit, but most drivers are doing 45 to 50 plus in their vehicles, even at night, and I can see why Eureka officials are now planning to implement the lane reduction project on H and I streets in Eureka, since trying to cross 3 lanes of traffic is difficult at 30 to 40 mph, much less trying to cross 5 lanes at 40 to 50 plus as the case in Broadway.

    • It’s not very hard to cross safely if you are SOBER and not going through withdrawals, pretty simple, not a speed limit issue, not a traffic issue ,cut the more regulations needed bs, let’s neck everyone down to one lane so everyone can see that lazy freeloader holding I’m hungry or need fuel cardboard sign, maybe someone will stop and hold up flow of traffic to give a zombie 5 bucks for his next trip

      • I’ve tried crossing 4th and 5th on foot or by bicycle at intersections without a signal, while sober, and it’s a challenge even then, so traffic density, speed, and number of lanes to cross do make a difference.

        Since traffic density, on average, in Eureka is low, giving more of an advantage to drivers to do the speed limit and higher, leaving anyone wanting to travel around Eureka without a car or truck, at a greater disadvantage.

        • The best I have come up with, driving or walking, was to stick to less travelled back streets until close to the target business. But I’m not the only one doing that and it too has become riskier.

          • I usually avoid driving on back streets, (walking or bicycling are the exceptions) unless my travels take me to a place or business that is located on one.

            A Eureka back street was the site of my only auto collision, but that was years ago, when Eureka had many uncontrolled intersections, and an out of town driver was not familiar or was oblivious to the intersections’ status.
            Eureka has since eliminated the uncontrolled intersections, replacing them with either yield or stop signs.

  • Attn: Old guy with blue hat and big headphones,jogging across 6th at sunset,looking at your feet.

    You almost died yesterday.
    Look where you’re going.

    • Thank you for being attentive while driving, and looking out for the inattentive, since doing so make Eureka streets just that much safer.

    • Yes, I think that it is pretty stupid to wear earplugs of any kind while running, walking or bicycling. Earplugs, except hearing aids, should be against the law just like they are supposed to be against the law when you are driving. I personally wear my hearing aids when walking because I like to hear when someone is approaching from any way. Yes I also watch where I am going.

  • I’m on the road 8hrs a day. I have hit people. Super clean DMV still.

    A tightly caged overpass might help half of them cross,but a lot of the bums have carts or strollers with them. Underpasses would flood or turn into campsites.
    Folks too reckless or lazy to cross properly will abuse either option.
    It’s not the lack of crossing opportunities,it’s the crosser’s irresponsibility,on any street.

    I have also been hit as a ped in a crosswalk,by a work van turning right on red,without looking at all. I was ok,but it is enlightening to be on both sides of the bumper.

    Nothing beats sober,aware driving!
    Stay safe

  • Unless you live or work near Broadway at night, how about avoid it & go the back way out of town.

  • I drove my chally to the summit races yesterday to watch ,and I was amazed how many homeless bums there are a whole bunch in the park ,or wooded area buy the Christy’s motel .it almost scary going threw eureka . Afraid one of them might jump out in front of your car or try to rob me at the stop sign who knows it’s almost like you want to pack a weapon of some sort before you go in there.,so sad what has happened to our county ,but if law enforcement keeps busting the heroin ,and meth the bums ,and tweekers will get clean or move on .my friend peggy sarver s house has, so many bums shooting up around her house she has to be aware of them constantly she is afraid to bring her grand baby around her home because of the homeless .she lives in redway close yto the homeless on the bluffs out side of redway headed north out of town .this has got to stop .

    • Mogtx,
      also afraid they might try to jump out in front of my car or hit my car with their mountain bike as a type of “mugging” attempt.

      If they can threaten us, we should be able to threaten them back.
      Anybody have good advice about the type of weapon we should use to defend ourselves?

      Maybe some mace, then a few warning shots?
      I’m not kidding it’s getting scary out there. It’s us or them.
      Thanks again.

  • I’m thinking the article should read “car struck by pedestrian”

  • To AL i could not agree more they will do anything for there next fix .what’s next !!!!!!!!!

  • To me the answer to all of this is Patients for those driving, riding, or walking.

  • Kym please do not use my name just put Gypsy Rose.

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