North Coast People’s Alliance Endorses Natalie Arroyo for Eureka City Council’s 3rd Ward

This is a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

EUREKA, CA – At the General Membership meeting on Saturday August 18th the North Coast People’s Alliance voted to endorse Natalie Arroyo for Eureka City Council’s 3rd Ward. The North Coast People’s Alliance was particularly impressed with Councilmember Arroyo’s experience over the last four years on the city council with the development of the waterfront trail, arts and culture, and her steadfast defense of marginalized groups. Ms. Arroyo noted that the City of Eureka is now working on a diversity plan and that she supports proposed changes to zoning to increase available housing and infrastructure to support safety.

“Natalie Arroyo supports a housing first plan to get folks into housing and to get the support they need to get their lives back together. The zoning changes will allow for more infill development to create more housing throughout Eureka.” said John Frahm, steering committee member. “That will also create more market rate housing stock. Additionally, Natalie is looking to work with Senator McGuire to ensure that we pursue state funding for supportive housing for those with mental illness or addiction issues.” Councilmember Arroyo has continued her commitment to make Eureka a safer, more accessible community for all modes of transportation.

Councilmember Arroyo also emphasized the need to continue economic development that is appropriate for our community, in line with our values, and supports all people. Natalie explained that she is “excited to implement the plans that I’ve helped develop over the past four years, including support for new small businesses, co-operative ventures, and artists.” For more information on Natalie Arroyo for Eureka City Council’s 3rd Ward, please visit her website at .

To find out more about the North Coast People’s Alliance values and endorsement process, please visit our website at



  • Sooooooo glad we have an organization that alerting us to leaders who are REALLY looking-out for regular citizens and helping create a healthy community!
    Thank you NCPA!!

    • Actually, they’re a great source for who not to vote for.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Natalie Arroyo will win in a landslide. 🇺🇸 Again.

      • The more these demos get into office, the more cooperation the UN receives for agenda 21, which is the UN’s way to try to remove us from our lands, from our homesteads, from our lifestyle. The only way to stop these nazis is to vote republican and conservative, these people support living free and would fight to help us keep our land and lifestyles. Liberal progressive commies want to control us, conservatives keep us free. Ask the slaves, who were rescued from the southern democrats by the northern republicans. The only difference between us in the hills and the natives, is that we are heavily armed. This is why the progressives want our guns, which they can never get, to take us out of here and control us. Remember, there are over 750 million guns, about, two thirds of them are not registered. That means the US govt does not know where they are. But we do.
        Democrats were in charge for 8 years, they still are now in Calif. No support to change the laws. But now, with a conservative in office, the laws are beginning to change. Donald Trump, our president, is trying to make a change. He told the LA Times that he would support a congressional effort to remove the federal govt ban on cannabis. Trump spoke to a group of reporters June 20, 2018. He said he would support Senator Gardner, one of the lead sponsors of a bipartisan effort to allow states to legalize cannabis without federal intervention. Since progressives have failed for the last 8 years to do anything but really fuck a lot of growers and others, it’s time to replace these assholes with some Trumpians who are trying to remove the feds from this, allow pot companies to use banks and credit unions, instead of the asshole progressives, who have shown how greedy they are, and how abusive they are. Progressive democrats are the enemy of the grower, they abuse and disrespect you, treat you like you are less than human, and have physically and emotionally hurt you, on purpose.

        • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

          Agenda 21? Oh Jesus Christ, stop it already. [Edit] Or are just an Alex Jones fan? 😜🤪🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

          • Darryl Cherney was at a community gathering, and he was over heard saying that the loggers have left, now the growers can leave. All pagans, including lawyers and politicians want us out of the forest, and before one uses the Lord’s name in vain, one should check out Agenda 21. The UN is Satans tool, he wants us in boxes in a city so he can take our souls and that of our children. He does NOT want us independent and free, he wants us to bow to him for our food and water. Calif is now trying to tax DRINKING water, see Howard Jarvis web site. Control water, control life. You want water and food, you take his number or die. Seeds and bullets.

            • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

              Are you an editor at The Onion? If not, you should be. Now I know for sure you’re not really serious.

              I almost thought you really did believe that Agenda 21 conspiracy nonsense! Now I see you are clearly just sarcastic and making fun of that conspiracy crap 💩, right?

              • I know agenda 21 is real, I read about it. it is real, those who are not preparing and forming plans to stop them will be rounded up and moved out. Read a history book. Right now, they are pushing us around already, by busting without warrants. They are causing division in families, people are stressed out, infighting among neighbors, and disorganization. We should instead be bonding together. We should be organizing to force the county to lower property taxes, they have caused our property to lose value by stealing the pot business from us, by over regulating this industry. We should be be fighting them at all points, using lookouts and “blockades” to slow them down, taking pictures of them and their cars, license plates, and other ways to identify them. Then post their pictures on social media. We should be using Maxine’s methods to confront these county “officials” outside of where they work, in stores and in public. Let them know we are mounting an offensive to protect our way of life. They have and are now hurting us, our communities, our families, and we should be resisting them at all turns. hell, we have lookouts set up, and then we could knock down a tree to slow them down, and interfere with their progress. They hurt us every day, why are we letting them?

                • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

                  First of all, I’m quite sure that I have read more books (historical and otherwise) than YOU have, Alex Jones Junior. 🍕🍕🍕🍕

                  Paranoid people like yourself always like to heap scorn and suspicions upon some mysterious individuals named “THEY”.

                  Do you mind if I ask you a question, G. Gordon Liddy? WHO ARE “ THEY”?

                  P.S. – By the way, Bud Rogers, are you going to lose to Estelle Fennell by 50% points again? Step aside, Bud, and let someone – ANYONE – else run against Estelle next time. Seriously.

                • “They”, are the board of commie supervisors, Fish and Game, the Water boards, the building compliance people, all the commie progressives who think they need to control us. The state of Calif wants to tax WATER. They tax everything, and it hurts those who work to pay them. Newsome, a “they” creep, wants free health care for all illegals, who do not belong here. We must stop the They’s” from taxing us to poverty. They are the punks like Kamala Harris, who has done nothing but sit on a couple of commities, Boxer and Feinstein, “They” have become billionaires because of their political connections, and super pig Pelosie. 9000 companies have left this state, “they” have created a commie state where the workers suffer under such crap govt. This state has the highest poverty rate, all at the hands of the progressives. And, this state buys oil from Iran, a terrorist state, like Hamas, when we have so much oil right here in Calif, which would be much cheaper than supporting a terrorist state. Why is” they gov Brown” buying much more expensive oil from terrorists, instead of using our own oil, which is much cheaper, and would be creating many taxpayer jobs here in Calif. What a fucking asshole he is, “they” are.

                • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍄🇷🇺💰⚖️

                  First of all, if you are going to call Nancy Pelosi a “super pig” 🐷 you should probably know how to spell her name. Just saying. 🤪🐘😜

                  Secondly, how did you ever drag Barbara Boxer into this? She is retired from politics, y’know? Did you bring Boxer back into the ring to team her up with her fellow Jew & current Senator Feinstein? Any other Liberal (Boxer) to Moderately Conservative (Feinstein) Jews that you want to include as ring leaders in your paranoid conspiracy theories?

                  And, finally, how do you think that week long investigation of Brett “Gang Rape” Kavanaugh is going to go for the GOP (Greedy Old Perverts)? 🚔😭🐘

  • Evidently this comrade’s papers are in order.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Speaking of comrades, Benedict Donald’s comrades are all ratting him out. Too bad, so sad. 🐀🇷🇺🐀

  • Don’t let the door hit you, on your Way Way out!!!

  • Corrupt extortion rip off politics

    Trump’s getting ready to eat his carma,money can’t buy loyalty forever,give the crooks what they deserve.cant wait to see the local county crooks ( supervisors) get what they deserve.hopefully before it’s too late for our county,economy. Its on it’s way to crumbs that 90% have to fight for a morsel.corruption will destroy us at the local level all the way to the top. Beware

  • You must be so full of hate, you have to use ones disability to insult another than just use the word stupid.

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    How come all I hear in this blog’s comments section about supervisors is how much growers hate Estelle Fennell, but nothing about Rex Bohner? 💩🔥🤮 Sexist much?

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    Oh, and by the way, Eureka City Council candidate Caroline Brooks has really stepped in it 💩🔥💩 today over at Eric Kirk’s blog SO HUM PARLANCE. Holy crap! 💩😇💩. In the blog comments section of the story about Caroline Brooks’s supposed candidacy, Brooks attempted to explain her misrepresentation of her occupational history on her campaign’s Facebook page – unsuccessfully. Embarrassing.

  • This candidate is a one trick pony with ‘homeless advocate’ written all over her.

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🏌️‍♂️💩🔥

    Natalie Arroyo will be outspent by John Fullerton, but it won’t make any difference for perennial loser Fullerton who will get stomped again in a landslide defeat. I guess Republican Trump tool John Fullerton likes losing.

    # Eureka Republicans Are Losers 🐘💩

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