Man Arrested for Cultivating Marijuana While Also Previously Having Been Convicted as a Sex Offender

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Charles Phillip Maniaci,

Charles Phillip Maniaci

In July of 2018, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team became aware that Charles Phillip Maniaci, a 65 year old male, from Leggett California,  was cultivating marijuana. Although Proposition 64 allows for the recreational use of and cultivation of marijuana, as does the Mendocino County Code, Maniaci has a past conviction that requires him to register as a sex offender. California law, prohibits persons with past conviction of serious offenses, including those for which persons have to register as a sexual offender, from cultivating more that 6 marijuana plants.

A search warrant affidavit was authored for Maniaci’s residence, which included two parcels containing one permanent residence; several out buildings; and several travel trailers. A Mendocino County Superior Court Judge issued a search warrant and the warrant was served at Maniaci’s residence on 8-23-2018. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team was assisted by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Detective Unit, the Mendocino County Major Crimes Task Force, and Wardens from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

In all, six persons were located on the property, and only Maniaci was arrested. Law Enforcement Officers eradicated 1359 growing marijuana plants and seized approximately 150 pounds of harvested marijuana that was in various stages of being processed, along with 21 pounds of packaged bud marijuana. Maniaci was transported and booked in the Mendocino County Jail for the charges listed above. Maniaci’s bail was raised to $750,000.



  • Strange “six plants”?

  • Another pot growing scumbag goes DOWN!!!

  • What’s with people these days! How can he be a registered sex offender and have been living with children! SICK
    Used to know of him when he lived in phillipsville.
    No good

  • I am pleased to see people like this piece of s*** get arrested. He needs some hard prison time! Thank you law enforcement officer’s, WELL DONE!

  • Once he does his time he will be relocated to a neighborhood near you. I don’t understand the California judicial system. It’s dangerous and reckless to allow them to be released to roam our communities. Keep your kids close and inform them of the dangers folks

    • You should travel more. This happens everywhere. Try the bible belt if you want to see some truly disturbing family situations that are ignored by the communities.

    • Well hes getting out here pretty soon and moving right back in with his fience and her 2 young boys…hiw is that allowed? Him live with children?

  • i met meatloaf on an elevator

    Judd Hirsch as Alex Rieger.

  • This guy is a total scum bag…..makes my skin crawl.

  • Is this the bust up near Bridges Creek/ Confusion Hill? They spent 2 different days there and then we heard nothing.

  • you don’t know the whole story. there is a a\lot of bull shit reasons some one has to be a registered sex offender, like down loading porn and getting turned in by a bitch girl friend. once someone has to register as a sex offender, the cops target that person. only pot BFD!

  • The justice system is SERIOUS!!
    Sex offenders can’t, ummm, spend time with young, budding female plants!

  • Cut the crap “you dont know” it has to do with boys little boys! They didnt find him guilty for nothing glad to see this guy off the street and he will never be around kids again i can promise you that

    • Yep he will be around kids again he getti g put pretyy soon and moving right back in with his girlfriend and her 2 children..boys..i dont understand how hes allowed to live with children?

  • No i do know and the courts know which is the reason for a GUILTY verdictand i could care less about your greedy weed your appetite is boys little boys! And you will never have kids around you again you can be sure of that!

  • Posting for my husband because he cant get this thing to work
    He has been proven guilty in a court of law! No denying the facts! This guy should not be around children and you know this phil! He likes little boys! What parent would let there children around this monster! Lets say oh he had this excuse or that excuse it may not be true. Well you dont take a chance when were talking about children!

  • If only out of town carpetbaggers were not allowed to grow weed.

    • On the contrary! The out of town mega-growers blew it up big enough to make it to the next level. They now hold permits from the county and sell their product outside of track n trace- across the country. And pressure the Planning Department to send out Abatement Letters because unpermitted old-timers might compete in THEIR black market. It’s a piece of work I tell ya!

      • I can’t imagine that situation will continue for very much longer. A lawyer told me three years ago that eventually all legal operations will have cameras covering every square inch live-streaming to the police. Kind of expensive to set that up on a spreadout operation in the hills. And it makes it kind of difficult to sell your whole crop on the black market.

        Who knows though?

  • Err, so was he sexing his plants, or what…. is that a thing? ;^0

  • This guys a pile, but so is this whole rip off the weed industry from the people scheme that our corporate sellout rip off politicians have schemmed up and are forcing on us.and in turn are using to extort us

  • Vote out huffman. Woods. And McGuire. And humboldt county supervisors with there extortion scheme.

  • Kim, please check your facts as Charles was arrested on trumped up charges from his girlfriend and to my
    knowledge all charges were dropped when the truth came out. She had done the same thing to a young man in Laytonville both time claiming that her son was abused. This was done when he made her leave…..He never
    went to trial and was never convicted charges dropped! If I am wrong please advise…or make a retraction….

    • Bea, this is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department. They should be knowledgeable about whether he was convicted or not. If anyone can provide me proof otherwise, I will take it very seriously.

    • What about all the child porn he had, your family has been sweeping his shit under the carpet for years. So, if you don’t know he likes little boys, and big boys ask ur son. I know he knows its true.

      • Go and read what he has done…a boy claimed he was molested by charles so thay drug the police out to charles house and child porn was everywhere and he also was found to be selling child porn of course pot also..he wouldnt be on the megans law site if he wasnt found guilty..hes been living with 3 kids of his girlfriend that lives their and her 5 year old daughter died last year at his house

        • And the boy that made that claim was 14, that was not the girlfriends kid. He was concerned for the much younger child that lived with him….

    • So if everything was dropped and charges dropped why was he on the megans law site even now he is and why did he get busted for not registering in leggett? Read the arrest site way more back then then just a little child porn on his computer..

  • Seems like a decent guy…

  • Okay so did u all hear he gets like 180 days and hes about ready to get out and hes going to move back in again with his girlfriend and her 2 boys…how is he allowed to once again get to live with children i just dont understand

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