City of Arcata is Seeking Volunteers for 2018/2019 Zero Waste Task Force

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

ity of ArcataArcata, CA – The City of Arcata is currently seeking community members for four volunteer positions on the newly formed 2018/2019 Zero Waste Task Force.

Zero Waste is a materials management approach that prevents waste and then establishes reuse and recycling policies, programs and infrastructure for all materials entering the community. Zero Waste’s goal is to ensure that nothing is sent to a landfill or incinerator and to make certain that resources we take from the earth continue to be used efficiently without waste and excess burden to the environment. The Arcata City Council set a goal of becoming a Zero Waste City in 2015, and has created a Zero Waste Action Plan that has developed strategies to achieve this goal. Members of the Zero Waste Task Force will work to identify, prioritize and make recommendations to the City Council on projects and programs to move the City forward in reaching the goal of Zero Waste.

The scope of work will include researching and making recommendations for immediate, short-and long-term actionable Zero Waste solutions, establishing a practical roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the quantity and toxicity of waste generated in Arcata and educating community members and local businesses on Zero Waste practices. Members of the task force will also collaborate with key stakeholders and community members to identify priority projects and programs to reduce waste.

Once the Task Force is created, the Task force will meet on regular intervals. Task Force duties are scheduled to conclude on Sunday, December 1, 2019, upon delivery of its final report unless extended by the City Council.

The Zero Waste Task Force will consist of seven members, with three members representing Humboldt State University, Zero Waste Humboldt and the City’s recycling franchise hauler/processor.

The City of Arcata is currently seeking applications for the four remaining at-large members of the Task Force. All interested community members are encouraged to apply that live or work within the Arcata Planning Area.

Interviews for at-large Task Force members will be conducted by the City Council, with appointments made by the City Council at one of its regular meetings.

For more information, or to apply for at-large membership on the Zero Waste Task Force, visit or call 707-822-5953.

Applications must be turned in to the City Manager’s Office at City Hall, located at 736 F Street in Arcata, by 5 p.m. on Friday, August 31.



  • Would this be part of the clean cities initiative?
    If you want zero waste, you are looking at a Bill Gates type of solution. Less people, less demand.

    As anyone who has a critical mind will tell you, this needs to be addressed at the manufacturing level. How long have we seen 8oz plastic bottles of water for sale? That’s where task force Zero néeds to start. Period.

    Let’s face it. No matter what you think of the problem and how to address it, you have to understand that there’s already a plan in place and you aren’t a part of the solution.

    Make industry accountable for responsible packaging. The easier thing will be to turn the focus on this being a problem that will best be addressed by punitive measures and making the public responsible after the fact.

    Changing people’s behavior has some great historical precedent. Problem reaction solution. It’s just about getting the sheep on board with less choices and higher cost of doing business.

    Obviously something has to change. The question is who will bear the brunt of the trial and error?

    Meet my friend Jerry

  • Here’s a link to an explanation by one family’s journey towards zero waste.

    Just a thought. How about the city of arcata commit to work on Zero toxins used by the city.

    We can start with the savings of removing a hazardous by product from the water supply, which isn’t free to add, considering its a hazmat issue when dealing with it by itself.

    You want to change people’s behaviors, start with the damn poisoning of the water supply.

    Does the city use pesticides , herbicides, or any other toxic chemicals in its maintenance or operations?

    Round Up?
    Look into the
    “magnesium depletion”.
    The path to prove exactly how Roundup
    exacerbates and mercury causes cancers
    and all chronic diseases.

    To keep it simple: mercury alone can mimic or cause any illness currently known –
    or contribute to it

    Check out medline research abstract summaries pointing to
    the real root causes noted above.

    Above shows how pharma allopathic medicine and big Farma has compromised and
    corrupted healthcare and turned it into a deathcare and bankruptcy system.

    PDF –
    Google Search


    With the
    significant increase in genetically modified organisms or “GMO” crops (e.g.,
    RoundUp Ready® crops),, the

    use of the herbicide glyphosate (i.e., RoundUp® herbicide) has raised concerns.
    Glyphosate may not break down
    in the soil after contacting plants. The herbicide kills many types of soil
    microbes, including microbes

    that make
    micronutrients plant-available. Glyphosate
    strongly chelates micronutrients in the soil, including selenium, copper, iron,
    magnesium, manganese, nickel, cobalt and zinc. Thus, the use of GMO crops can decrease herbicide costs at the expense
    of plant health. Accordingly, and potentially, what these GMO crops (Corn, Soy,
    Millet, Cassava, Rice, Sugar Cane Beets, Wheat and many others) when consumed
    by Mammals and Man are a food source that is less nutritious and a biochemical
    chain reaction disaster, that binds, blocks and disrupts

    micronutrient minerals, enzymes and hormones that provide metabolic energy and
    free radical protection

    of the
    mitochondria of all our life giving cells!

    Again, our relationship with huge corporations and unsustainable practices, is a good place to start.

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