Arcata Police Department Arrests Serial Burglar

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department:

During the months of July and August, the City of Arcata experienced a significant number of residential burglaries. Many of these burglaries occurred during daylight hours while residents were at work.

The Arcata Police Department (APD) received information from alert neighbors in the areas around the burglaries advising they had seen a suspicious female adult in their neighborhood. Officers followed-up on the information and were ultimately able to develop a suspect.

On August 17th, 2018, officers from the APD served a search warrant on a residence in the 1500 blk of 12th Street in Arcata. During the service of the warrant officers located stolen property associated with seven burglaries. Two of the seven burglaries had occurred outside of Arcata. Additionally, officers found evidence associated with a previously stolen vehicle. A large amount of stolen property was recovered and officers are continuing to link items with additional thefts and burglaries.

The suspect was identified as Melissa McKinnon, 29 of Arcata. McKinnon was not home at the time of the search warrant service…

On 08/22/2018, at approximately 1735 hrs, the Arcata Police Department was alerted by a passerby, that Melissa McKinnon had been spotted climbing into the rear window of her own residence.
McKinnon was wanted by the APD for her involvement in numerous residential burglaries. Officers responded to the area and took McKinnon into custody for the following felony violations:
• Penal Code 459, Burglary
• Penal Code 496, Possession of Stolen Property
McKinnon was booked into the Humboldt County Jail. A Bail enhancement was granted in the amount of $200,000.



  • sneaking in to her own shack, what a prize winner,here’s a”do-right-woman” fer ya boys

  • Now watch this junkie get off on a light sentence because she’s a woman

    • intriguing… usually the comment is associated with the justice department going light on folks, now it will be because of her little bits… hmmmm

    • Oh come on now buddy, she won’t get off light because she’s a woman, we all know why she’ll get off light. It’s because she’s in HumCo, they don’t care whether you’re a man or woman or other

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  • She came in through the bathroom window…

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  • She could steal but she could not rob.

  • While you are at work they creep around. They enter your home and steal whatever they want. They destroy your sense of security, your private space, everything you are out there working for. Then the Humboldt County Court system lets them off with a tiny slap. The same Humboldt County Court system that you are paying for with your tax money…that you are making by being out at work…while these thieves sneak into your own home and steal your stuff! What is wrong with this picture? There should be ZERO leniency shown towards thieves. ZERO compassion for thieves. The judges and prosecutors are supposed to protect US not them.

    • Farce, thank you, well said.

    • No No No No No. We can agree it is a farce.

      And yet, it was THE VOTERS that voted in the law that says unless someone steals items worth more than $900 (like a credit card with a 10K limit) the perp. cannot be held as a felon – just a misdemeanor.

      Don’t remember that STUPID item on the Ballot???? Time to put on your glasses, read the ballot ahead of time and then V-O-T-E this stupid frippin law OUT. I think it is on the ballot to remove in November. Hopin’ the D.A. is going to educate the voters about it on the TV and other media SOON.

    • Definitely agree.. thieves are the worst. My house in town has been burglarized too many times over the years. It’s always very unsettling, and bad thoughts of revenge always fill my head for days afterward, like bear leg traps and exploding packages on the front step… you can YouTube that last one for a good laugh

  • “She came in through the bathroom window
    Protected by a silver spoon
    But now she sucks her thumb and wanders
    By the banks of her own lagoon
    Didn’t anybody tell her?
    Didn’t anybody see?
    Sunday’s on the phone to Monday
    Tuesday’s on the phone to me
    She said she’d always been a dancer
    She worked at fifteen clubs a day
    And though she thought I knew the answer
    Well, I knew what I could not say
    And so I quit the police department
    And got myself a steady job
    And though she tried her best to help me
    She could steal but she could not rob.”
    -John Lennon?Paul McCartney 12/1969

  • Does anyone know why Humboldt County is so easy on crime?

    Everyone complains about it, the catch and release, etc.

    Is there some
    benefit for alowong people like this in and out through a revolving door
    to terrorize its citizens?

    Thanks for the article, thanks APD.

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