Convoy Lands on Property Near Dinsmore This Morning

ConvoyA chipper and 12-15 law enforcement vehicles, some unmarked are on the east side of Larabee Valley. Samantha Karges, a spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed that officers are serving a search warrant in the Dinsmore area.

The Humboldt County Drug Enforcement Unit and several other agencies have served warrants on both Monday and Tuesday of this week as well.



  • Humboldt County Steals from Poor People

    Off to ripoff another small mom and pops family farm, I wonder how much money they will extort and steal from this family?

  • Ooohhhh. Ooohhhh ooohhhh, there dead set on getting there %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

  • And yall thought Jeff Sessions was your worse nightmare.

  • Go gettem boys. !!!!!!!!!!

  • I wish they could expand the raids to Trinity county. Keep up the good work men and women.

    • I disagree. I wish they don’t expand the raids [edit]

      • McSlurm~Moose~Knuckle

        Indeed, and Trinity county is not Humboldt County, so no! Pigs fly and Cannabis plants die!

      • Dope growers can try to get a legal job like the rest of us. Don’t want to go to jail don’t do illegal activities. Cops are not the problem people not following the law is.

        • I’m a licensee with an 80k per year square job that is subsidising my llc. People who grow weed in our county tend to be better educated, and have lots of oppertunity. We grow herb because we love it.
          You under achievers (Hsu grads) that didn’t have the grades to get into a real college and those of you who didn’t go to college, get what you deserve.
          A twenty dollar an hour or less job in the county!
          Don’t hate on those of us who haven’t squandered all of our opportunities.
          Learn from us….
          Do what thou will, but do no harm!

          • In my 1911 I trust


          • Agreed and Mendo is full of retards, drug addicts and thieves.

          • Reply Sheesh—->Oxymoron, sounds like haters on both sides… HSU is a real University with many degrees that are very challenging: math, chemistry, physics, engineering, wildlife, ecology, geology, fisheries biology, botany, cellular molecular biology, economics, zoology, forestry, kinesiology, computer science etc. Look at the requirements to graduate. Belittling everyone who attends hsu makes you sound insecure and jealous or just an egomaniac. Practice what you preach.

        • Funny you say that – because ‘dope growing ‘ IS a legal job now – what rock did you just crawl out from under? bwahahahaha

          Another thought I have on your comment – I am going to leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson “”When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny,” so right now – the people are finally standing up and not letting their fear of government dictate a law that was created long ago that needs to be made right. I am so sorry you have been taught and brainwashed to have an opinion that is both uneducated and comes from a place that lacks moral values that gives compassion and tolerance to other peoples needs. I hope you will find compassion and tolerance for those around you who may find relief from the use of cannabis while you have no need (which is totally fine too!)

          • Compassion and tolerance will never follow a drug, ever! Legal or not. Rx drugs are the biggest problem now in the USA and there’s a HUGE black market for them and….. there legal. “Marijuana “ is a drug and will always have a black market which leads to crime.

            • As you pray for no drugs the country is flooded with stashes of fentanyls to make popular as cherry flavored lolly pops.silly.

            • The black market for alcohol is mostly limited to minors. Once a drug becomes over the counter the black market is worthless.

        • Marijuana isn’t dope.
          Educate yourself before running your mouth.

    • Plenty of raids in TC

  • Gonna be a broke ass county. All that will be left is nincompoops and the whiny law biding do gooders. You non growers in the community suck!

    • Ok I don’t agree with everything you said, but some of it, but I want to add that the busts and pressure from Law Enforcement helps the market, and the lack of enforcement is what led to the over-supplied market we have today. So I as a grey market grower am happy to see these busts, and hope they keep up the pressure. You have to have balls of steel to survive in this business, something you new people know nothing about.

    • I don’t understand why hemp is still illegal to grow. The new money is in the cbd oil for sore joints and body ache. In the same grow space of pot, Hemp production could possibly be ten-fold the value. As pot values are now in the toilet; downwards of 250 a pound, with an economy headed into a new recession, hemp oil is skyrocketing. Medicinal values of hemp oil is now rocking the big pharmas. OOO I didn’t see that one! Yet every-day more pot grows are starting up….

      • If it's total crap maybe

        Lol, 250 a lb. You say that like you have a clue

        • Hemp is going for 250 a lb!

        • There’s last years product going for a buck 50 a pound all day long. They have thousands of pounds needing to be moved. Go out and ask some ballers. It ain’t a secret it’s dirtcheap. Maybe not “A” quality but Florida is making a killing off it. Show us we’re wrong

  • Yha it starting to look like thar going to be alot more bums on the corner

  • And the haters that comment on here.uuuhhhh!!!! Born and raised here wher did these people come from.probably our supervisors wives sitting at home trying to gain support for the ruining of are community and way of life,and the extortion of 82% of the population

  • And who would wish this on our neighbors to the east,humboldt has become a nightmare I wouldn’t wish this on anybody ,it’s disgusting to be turned on and we know how people feel in corrupt third world countries.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Yeah I can’t even put a hoop house up for my garden because I live in rural Humboldt and I don’t want to even deal with an abatement notice. Especially since all my neighbors just got them. Even if you aren’t doing anything wrong when you get one, the county tramples on your rights while you try to explain one away. What has it come to that I have to fear putting up a structure on my own property to grow food in?

  • It’s real simple be smart know your limits and be clean and do it right… do what u gotta do make some money don’t get carried away there’s a fine line… u see small grows that don’t give a F and get the violations and u also see big grows being too greedy even though there spotless that’s what counts. By now everyone knows what’s up do it right be smart not too big too small eco friendly all it takes u can get by just fine! #DoitRight

  • I know one thing for sure, I don’t see 16 year old kids driving $80,000 dollar trucks around with dents all over in them anymore.

  • Are we speaking life or death over our life through the power of words?

    Don’t confuse the fraudulent commercial system with lawful government. We are not experiencing a financial crisis, but more correctly, a crisis of criminality. Nobody with seven or more functioning brain cells is sitting on the fence of the plantation yelling, “Go get ‘em boys.” “Woo Hoo for the Police State.” “Piss on the Prez.” Remember there are forty some thousand sealed indictments. Not likely the local riff raff will escape the dragnet. The stench of fraud at 825 Fifth Street is stifling.

    “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves in and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” Jefferson

    What, what, what is it that keeps the word @Legal@ in minds as if it’s JUST what we’ve been waiting for? “Please Mastah, please. Please. Legalize nature.” Any pro-prison people here? If so, you should be proud of the BAR cult sucking S—-’s johnson, while caging 3 million of us. THAT’S @Legal@ for ya! Industry. Industry. Industry. Industry – another bullsh!t word for the parrots to repeat.

    Does anyone in here see the word @Legal@ in the founding documents? Perhaps in the California state Constitution?

    “Those who come after us will have to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic that this generation has timidly frittered away due to “white guilt” and political correctness.” An American Veteran …….Semper-Fi

    There’s gonna be post traumatic slave disorder dripping all over. Wonder if Big Pharma has a vax-a-nation for that?

    Phukk legal. Phukk equity. Phukk admiralty. Phukk maritime. Phukk civil.

  • Some of us saw the writings on the wall, paid attention and got what we needed and washed our hands of it. Now I’m a happy smoker with a low electric bill and vacation when we want. No more headaches. Life is grand. Make it a picnic

  • The onlu reason humbolt co is hitting them so hard is because they dont want compatition

  • Great job LEO’s!!! Keep it up, bust em high, bust em low, bust them all and show them where to go!

    What would make us all even more giddy, is if they caught the low life, pathetic human beings responsible for these outrageous grows and locked them up after taking most of their money to rehabilitate the environment.


  • This was a farm in the permit process! The County had been holding their IP hostage for 6 months no good reason. If you want a good story I’ve got it for you.

    • Yes of course we do. Post it right here.

    • I agree with “farce” above, tell us if you know…… Teisha you out there? Sorry but if you have a mega grow, gotta go.

      Bust em all, I am loving this new effort. Several times a week, keep it going. The more nervous, the more likely these worthless assholes will start looking at the neighbors crops, maybe we can get a war going between growers. Maybe, they will remove these worthless mega growing environment raping scum bags on their own.

      We can only hope.

  • Any rhyme or reason to the bust schedule…..Is there a snitch hotline, or is the county busting in alphabetical order?

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