Smoke at Unhealthy Levels for Residents Near Mill Creek Fire

The Mill Creek Fire is burning around 1500 acres and is now 26% contained. According to the Incident Management Team,

The fire was active last night, especially at the higher elevations. Crews working on the fire continued to improve lines and work on hot-spots within the fire perimeter. Today resources will continue direct attack on the northeast flank of the fire. A structure protection group is being developed to assist the community, if needed. Holding the fire in-place continues along the southwest corner, along Mill Creek Road and down to Highway 96. Due to a National Preparedness Level 5 we continue to request additional crews and other resources to assist with fire suppression…

There is a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) in place for the fire area and the Hoopa Airport is closed to traffic except aerial resources working on the fire.


Hwy 96 continues to be closed from Bull Creek to Mill Creek while traffic is being detoured onto Dowd Road.


The Hoopa Valley Tribe released this information (Note: the acreage is from an earlier estimate):

The predicted average smoke outlook for today and tomorrow in Hoopa is Unhealthy/Red. In detail, sensitive groups should avoid all outside activity. Everyone in general should try to limit outside exposure whenever possible. Please keep in mind that smoke conditions can change at any time.

As an additional note, this the first day that these five sites (pictured below) have been included in our smoke outlook. This was done because an Air Resource Advisor arrived in Hoopa on Sunday, August 19th, 2018.

For more information, please call the Mill Creek 1 Fire Information main line at 530-618-2844. Also, information is relayed to the Two Rivers Tribune, the KIDE radio station, local sandwich boards, the Hoopa Fire Department and Office of Emergency Services Facebook page, and various crucial news outlets.


Video taken from Dowd Road showing trees torching and flames leaping high into the air yesterday on the Mill Creek Fire.

Mill Creek ops map based on information collected August 19

Mill Creek Operations map based on information collected August 19 at 10 p.m.[To see details, either use zoom or download a pdf by clicking on the map]


REWARD:The Mill Creek 1 Fire was caused by arson on Tribal lands near Hoopa, California. There is a $10,000 reward offered for information regarding the fire. Calls will be taken on an anonymous hotline by calling 1-800-468-4402.”

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  • it’s bluff creek, not bull creek.

  • Unless there is something else in the area burning, that smoke is now in the Eel River Valley. Since I can smell it, I assume it’s a “local” event, not something significantly east of the region.
    My anger at arson isn’t something I can discuss politely. I assume this is a common response.
    Cooler, more humid weather in the coming week might help, it’s predicted.
    But no lightning, please.

  • “My anger at arson isn’t something I can discuss politely.”

    Maybe we should bring back the old English custom of stocks. In the centers of towns that have burned.

    • Lots of bones to pick with so many people who do things that boggle the mind. It reminds of the population control debate and whether violent criminals should be sterilized. One step further, would be to understand the history of eugenics and the beliefs that they were doing an important service to society, by culling the less than desireable.

      • You’ve completely lost me. And no, I really don’t think I want to understand whatever that was…

      • In a sense, the Darwin Awards List keeps the Eugenics concept alive…
        I am NOT sure I agree with sterilization because I know the people who make the choices of who gets the treatment are not unbiased and have social agendas that are motivated by personal gain over general good.
        (Look at the government – run by the very rich who only need the less rich and the poor to do the dirty work they’re too lazy or self important to do.)
        BUT – I do rather feel that it’s a reasonable concept.
        Public Stocks would take about ten years to be fully effective – half a generation – so the youngsters can get it ingrained that mis-deeds will be outed and publicly shamed.
        This last part I like.

  • How is the smoke in Willow Creek? Is the fire moving that way?

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