Around 80 Laptops to Be Gifted to Current and Former Local Foster Youth in Humboldt (Del Norte, Trinity, and Mendocino County Youth Are Also Involved)

Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC)Current and former foster youth from ages 16 to 21 in rural counties across California are receiving laptops from a group that includes the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC), National Homebuyers Fund, Inc. (NHF), and iFoster. Eventually, through a $200,000 contributions each from RCRC and NHF “every eligible foster youth and former foster youth…within RCRC’s 35-member counties will be provided a laptop,” according to a press release.

About 80 youth from Humboldt, seven from Trinity, three from Del Norte, and 42 from Mendocino are eligible, explained Justin Caporusso, the RCRC Vice President. He said that the youth from Humboldt County have already received theirs. “They got them last Friday during a meeting,” he explained. “The laptop comes with paid assistance.” The laptops have customer service agreements so the youth will get support with problems.

A digital locker comes with the laptop. He explained, “It provides these youth with safe and secure document service that can hold their birth certificate, social security cards, and banking information.” This can be a crucial help for these youth, he pointed out. “If they are often are moving around, this digital locker keeps access available at a single point.”

“Everybody lives by their laptops and phones nowadays,” Caporusso said. “[The youth] are going to use them for everyday needs as well as to be able to connect them to resources available to former foster youth.”




  • LOLOLOLOLOL Teaching the kiddies techno-enslavement. Instead of books or proper education just get them a machine! And show them how to put all of their personal ID info into one electronic place. Hackers love this. Great job!

  • This is good news, and thanks to generous donors , BUT please, please, please, could we NOT use the word “gift” as a verb? I do understand the creation of neologisms (new words) when our current vocabulary is inadequate as culture and technology change, but in this case, what the @#$% is wrong with the verb ” to give” or “to donate”? …. 80 laptops to be given” or “80 laptops to be donated” ???? Please don’t thank me, incidentally, I am gifting you this wisdom.
    I am sorry if this sounds unduly criticaly of Kym and her staff, who are working hard to keep us informed and are probably just copying wording sent to them, saving their energy and time for breaking fire, crime, and public safety news. But one must draw the line somewhere!

  • That’s really cool. One of the many useful tools that most take for granted. I hope that it helps better their futures, be it school or jobs or self education and staying connected with fellow foster kids that became family along the way. Much love foster kids, your past made you stronger than most and you can accomplish a lot with that kind of strength!!

  • This county is so sad. Everyone loves the bad news, but only one comment that is positive on a positive post and two other comments. Law of attraction is strong and no wonder Humboldt is going downhill, community gives loads of energy to everything negative. Wake up people!

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