15 Acre Fire Now Burning in the Honeydew Area

Vegetation FireA vegetation fire started off of Lindley Road behind the Mattole Charter School northwest of Honeydew just before noon.

Drew Barber, spokesperson for Petrolia Fire said the fire was about 15 acres when we spoke to him a little before 1 p.m. “The fire is traveling south between the river and the [Mattole Valley Charter] School,” Barber explained. “It sounds like it is not burning that hot and that fast.”

Flight Tracker shows that Cal Fire’s Copter 102 responded to the scene. Barber said that his department as well as Honeydew’s, and Rio Dell’s Fire Department which has an engine staffing the Mattole Cal Fire station, are all at the scene.



  • Lots of fires in HumCo this month. Arson?

  • They were looking for a place to put up a greenie,but the grass was just to tall…

  • Blue lazorz

  • We’d like to thank Rio Dell again! Rio Dell Fire has been covering CalFire’s Mattole station for nearly a month due to State resources being committed elsewhere during this historic fire season. This represents a huge sacrifice on the part of the Rio Dell team. While they are out in Honeydew, they are not at home, or at their normal jobs. So we thank their families especially, and their employers for letting them help our community.
    Yesterday was an example of why they were here: to stop a new fire while it is still small. Even this relatively small fire takes important resources away. Fire engines must respond from busier areas, like the 101 corridor, and air resources at our fire can’t work on other fires or new starts.
    Thanks also to Miranda Fire, whose engine was covering the Weott Station, Petrolia Fire, and community members who helped out. and of course CalFire, engine 1293, and Hand Crew
    This fire should be a wake up call. This time of year, sparks start fires. (duh) Be extra cautious with power tools! Property owners: store water for firefighting, and when you do, install connections that are compatible, and accessible to firefighters. Plumbing stores like Wyckoff’s can tell you what to get, or ask a neighbor involved in the Fire Service, or drop in at a CalFire Station and ask and look. Once the fire starts it’s too late to get it right. I will give a hint: 1 1/2 inch fire hose thread minimum plumbed 1 1/2″or 2 inch to the tank or source. 2 1/2″ fire hose thread with a 3 ” pump is better. the quicker we can re water the quicker we can pump it on the fire.

  • Has this fire been contained and/or put out? Any updates Kym?

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