Mill Creek Fires Have Grown Together; Now at 800 Acres

Photo by Mark McKenna

[Background photo by Mark McKenna]

The two large fires burning in the Mill Creek drainage northeast of Hoopa have now merged into one large 800 acre fire that is only 5% contained, according to the Northern California Geographic Coordination Center. “There is an increased risk to infrastructure due to the fire crossing Norton Creek,” the report said. “Current threat[s] include: 150 structures in the Mill Creek/Bald Hills area along with Highway 96.”

Manuel Mattz, Hoopa Tribe Public Information officer, said the south fire burned to the northeast to connect with the northern fire. And, he said, the northern fire was burning to the southwest and towards Hwy 96. He said there are no evacuation orders in place but Mill Creek Road is closed without an estimated time of reopening.

Around 150 personnel are fighting the fire, he said. Chief Rod Mendes said there are about 70 personnel fighting the fire.

Mattz explained that the five fires began from three different starting points. “We suspect arson,” he said.

The Hoopa Valley Office of Emergency Services posted on Facebook, “Due to continuous duration of increased smoke, the Office of Emergency Services will be coordinating a clean air facility.” For more on that facility, click here.

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