[UPDATE 12 a.m.] Home on Fire on G Street in Eureka

House fire

Fire and smoke pour out of a home on G Street. [Photos and video by Stormy Taylor]

A home is on fire in the 2400 block of G Street in Eureka. The report came over the scanner about 10:10 p.m.

Sonoma and G Streets are both closed for two blocks in each direction.

consulting at fire

UPDATE 10:51 p.m.: An elderly person is being helped out in the photo below. Several residents escaped the flaming building. This one was the last one to come out.

According to one of the residents, the fire started in the kitchen.

A resident is helped from the burning building.

A resident is helped from the burning building talks to officers as the fire burns.

UPDATE 11 p.m.:

PG&E is on scene and shut down power to the burning home.

PG&E is on scene and shut down power to the burning home.

UPDATE 11:45 p.m.:

Here’s a map showing the blocked off streets in red.

Sonoma and G are blocked off where the lines are red on the map above.

Sonoma and G are blocked off where the lines are red on the map above. [Image from Google Maps]

UPDATE 12 a.m.:

  • Laytonville Rock


  • I want to make a comment and while I feel sad for those living there losing everything that house has been a drug house with much criminal activity for far too long. Also, the way I knew there was a fire was the overwhelming smell of a burning meth lab!!!

    • I agree with you Emily about the smell of a meth lab on fire but I’m pretty sure it’s coming from the woman’s house that drives a white Toyota Tacoma TRD she seems sneaky and there’s people going in and out at all times of the night.

    • Fred wasn’t a drug dealer or user. He is a nice person, I’ve known him a long time. My family has attended church with him for 70 plus years. He sang in the choir and he grew up in that house. It’s really sad and i wish that I’d done more to help him.

  • Elaine Profant Maciel

    The house was an elderly mentally problematic hoarder’s home. The smell was the hoarded possessions burning, not a meth lab.. He was at a Play at Humboldt State when it was started. I would assume it was intentionally set by one of the low life druggies who have squatted in his house, as he finally took them to Court for an eviction on Friday. He was afraid to evict them earlier, as he was threatened with a retaliation by fire. Do not assume a meth lab, as the house was too full of hoarder items, that a walk thru was so difficult, and no room to have such a drug lab., and he would have asked the police foe help if one was there. I would not have entered that home without a haz mat suit due to the smell from all the hoarded items.. But the elderly man was taken advantage of. by druggies. I have called Adult Protective Services to no avail.

    • Yes, and at least some of them were physically abusive to Fred as well. Hopefully he’ll be able to get into safe, secure housing soon and the squatters will face criminal charges.

  • Fred was a hoarder. A serious hoarder. Alot of ppl have tried to help him, with no luck. I’ve know him for several years n not til reciently has there been any problem. He was always quiet n keeps to himself. He’d been letting homeless ppl stay there. I should say homeless tweakers. I overheard one one day, talking about how he ripped off Walmart n was gonna sell some of the stuff. Fred was a nice man with a serious hoarding problem. Been waiting for something like this to happen. Hope he’s ok.

    • Fred told me they changed the locks so he didn’t even have a key. Eureka Police are useless in these kinds of elder abuse/squatting situations. Time to call our legislators and tell them to change the law to protect the elderly from these “tenants”. I’ve had to deal with more than one of these situations.

  • He’s okay. There are plenty of good neighbors in this hood.

    • Good. Please let us know if he needs clothing donations or anything else. I need to clean out a family member’s closet this week anyways.

      • He has nothing but the clothes on his back. i am seriously worried that he will have a mental breakdown and will need help this area is unable to provide. I was told however, he remembered the phone number for his ride to church this morning. Hopefully they will be able to help.

  • I live about 2 houses down and yes-this house was a hoarding-drug activity-squatting problem. One of the men who was there off and on physically assaulted me and faced criminal charges over it. What I am worried about is Fred and his future housing and also living there was a young woman pregnant with twins (due any day) who has lost everything she had. I would also like to say that all who lived there are no less of a person-they are all perfect divine beings in the eyes of God.

  • This is not an uncommon problem where an older person wants help so offers a place to live to those who offer it. Then loses control over their lives when the invited people take over and won’t leave. The tenant laws in California give a lot of rights and it takes an almost insurmountable amount of paperwork to get them out. The police can’t help until the resistant tenants are ordered out by the court as it’s considered a civil matter.

    Another side effect of laws that create rights that are subject to abuse.

    • Seriously, this needs to change. Even if it’s only an exception for those over the age of 65. There are more people in the area who are suffering from unwanted “tenants” right this minute. It’s clearly elder abuse but the police won’t do anything. It makes me sick.

  • It’s sad what has happened to that old man. Sadly I know the pregnant women(Ashley Mcgaughey) and her mother personally. They are nothing but trouble. [edit–link to some proof of your accusations or I will delete them.]

  • The G Street fire was Fred’s childhood home. I’m his sister and our brother has been trying to help Fred for years. It’s been very sad to see what’s happened to Fred over the years. The squatters who lived there contributed greatly to an already difficult situation. A nearby neighbor has given Fred a place to stay, temporarily. Efforts are being made to find a place for Fred to live long-term.
    Thank you for your kind words about Fred and your concern about him and the elderly in need of assistance.

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