Marci Kitchen Expected to Make a Plea Deal by Monday Afternoon, Says Father of Kiya Kitchen

Marci Kitchen

Marci Kitchen

Marci Kitchen is expected to make a plea deal by Monday afternoon, according to the father of one of the victims. A Humboldt County courtroom has been scheduled this afternoon at 3 p.m. for Kitchen’s case.

Kitchen was charged with the hit and run deaths of her daughter, Kiya, and another 14-year-old, Faith Tsarnas. A vehicle struck the two young girls on July 12, 2016. Kitchen is alleged to have been intoxicated and driving the vehicle at the time.

Joe Kitchen, Marci’s ex-husband and father to Kiya, said he was contacted by a victim advocate on Thursday and told that Ms. Kitchen was pleading guilty.

According to another source close to the family, Marci has agreed to plead guilty to all the charges against her. On September 18, family members of the two girls would have an opportunity to speak out about the anguish and the loss of their loved one. The Judge would then sentence Ms. Kitchen.

Joe Kitchen and his son Jevin, who was set to be a witness for the prosecution, plan to be at this afternoon’s meeting at the courthouse.

Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas prayer walk poster

A flyer from a prayer walk held this summer which shows both of the victim–Kiya Kitchen on the left and Faith Tsarnas on the right.

“It’s about those two innocent girls,” Joe Kitchen said. “Marci is going to enter a plea of guilty…That ain’t right…She should be held accountable for murder…There should be no deal.”

He added, “The only reason she is admitting guilt is for her own sake. It’s not because she feels guilty.”

Kitchen is concerned about his 19-year-old son, Jevin. “My son is freaking out,” he explained. “We are supposed to be moving him down this weekend to Sacramento [to go to college]…He wants to stand up on that stand and let everyone know [what happened].”

His voiced cracked. “When you’ve got a 6’4″ son crawling in your arms,” he said and he trailed off with “all the pain and all the anger… .”

Jevin Kitchen also wanted to speak out. He told us he’s trying to build a life for himself but, he said, “It is difficult when Mom keeps bringing me back.”

He said he was “baffled” by his mother’s guilty plea. “She’s taking the easy way [so she can get a] reduced sentence.”

Jevin said he needed a chance to tell what had happened and, with a guilty plea, he was worried that his opportunity to speak out might not occur. “She’s not even getting a trial,” he said. “That’s not right…The truth needs to come out.”

He said before Faith and Kiya were killed, “In my eyes, my mom was a good mom. She would do anything for us. Then this happened. It seems like she only cares about herself.”

Jevin said that he will find a way to tell his story. “Regardless of what happens, I am going to make sure everybody knows what happened that night through my eyes…She’s gotten away with too much.”

If the sentencing occurs on September 18 as is planned, Jevin said, “I’m going to have to leave college and sit on the stand to say my testimony. But, I’m kind of used to stuff like this now.”


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  • Careful, something very greasy is about to happen.

  • Honestly a plea deal might be the best for everyone. Joe kitchen and family are suffering, and mad, and rightly so. But a murder charge requires intent: “mens rea.” There are degrees of homicide, and while on the face of it her utter disregard and callous behavior is disgusting, that doesn’t prove her mindset at the time . Let her plea out, her life is ruined, she’s broken. And the sooner we don’t have to see her face the better .

    • I don’t think many people accidentally drive drunk. That’s plenty of intent for me. All drunk driving deaths should be charged as murder. Killing people is a well-known effect of drunk driving, just like firing a gun into a crowd. Just like you can’t say you fired a gun into a crowd without understanding it might kill someone, you can’t claim you drove drunk without understanding it might kill someone.

      • you do when your blacked out. I use to drive drunk people home from the bar blacked out. of course I would find that out the next day when asking how I got home.

        • I’m sorry, you should be considered guilty of murder if you kill someone while driving drunk, blacked out or not. In this day and age with all the education provided, no adult doesn’t understand the potential consequences of driving under the influence, including the potential death of innocent people. It is reckless, inconsiderate people like you and Marci Kitchen that cause serious danger to law-abiding innocent citizens. Those who choose to drive drunk and cause harm to innocent parties should be held 100% accountable for their reckless behavior. Being drunk is no excuse for shit behavior, you are an adult, act like one.

          Think about it this way “I didn’t mean to rape her, I was drunk!” Should that person be given a pass? No. Should someone who kills someone driving drunk? No.

          It’s not like drinking alcohol is a requirement of life. I do enjoy drinking and have been shitfaced myself but before I even have a second drink I either ensure I have a designated driver or do so in the safety of my own home. It’s not fucking hard. Anyone who doesn’t secure a ride home before getting drunk has intent to drive home drunk and should face consequence for that intent. I have no sympathy for people like you who make excuses for their reckless behavior – stay the fuck off the streets unless you’re sober.

          • I don’t think you understand what I said. for the record I haven’t blacked out in 18 years and don’t drink and drive. alcohol is the most dangerous drug because you can blackout and not pass out, leaving you with no memory of anything you did while blacked out, ever, no matter how many times someone tells you what you did.

            • Many other drugs do the same. And some that are not likely to do so still impair judgement enough that user is deluded into thinking it a good thing anyway.

              • no other drugs do the same. all other drugs make you pass out when he lights go out. I have been at the helm on every drug there is if my eyes were open, but not alcohol, my eyes would be open and I could even convince a bartender that I wasn’t drunk, which I also learned 2nd hand. I can assure you that judgement impairment is more related how your brain makes judgement in the first place without being impaired. all drugs impair judgement to a certain degree.

                • Well that statement sure explains a lot, doesn’t it. Yes anytime someone is out drinking and driving and kill somebody not only should it be considered murder, it should be considered premeditated murder!
                  You’re the kind of person who wants to restrict the rights of people (like gun owners) who have never committed a crime in their life because of crimes committed by other people. Then turn around and defend somebody who kill somebody drinking and driving because they were “blacked out” seriously?

            • I’m a blackout drinker myself… Therefore once I figured out that I wasn’t one of those folks who could drink all day long & then throw up and/or pass out, but instead blacked out & kept on going, I had to reevaluate my drinking! To think that we are all the same and experience the same shit the same way is ridiculous. I no longer drink because the consequences are too severe and I’m not willing to pay for my stupidity with a life, period!

          • Sleepy Alligator

            Okay Mr or Mrs all mighty most responsible driver on our streets do you feel the same way about drivers who use their phones while driving, especially people who text? Should they “stay the fuck off the streets”? You probably use your phone while driving just like 9 out of 10 drivers I see on the roads these days so I’m betting you don’t feel the same way.

          • A murder charge these days means nothing unless you’re white. Gang bangers regularly shoot people and get out of prison within 5-10 years.
            Murderers should be treated like in the good ole days… Hang Em’ high!

      • right on…well said

      • How do you know she was drunk? Were you there?

        • Well if you have been up on this case you would know that her son testified that she was drunk that night that she killed her daughter and her daughter’s friend. Clearly nobody was there when she killed these two innocent children. So don’t ask okay where you there when she was drunk [edit] clearly you have not been following up on the story. Her own son testified that she was drunk when she came home after she hit those two poor innocent babies. So before you start asking stupid questions maybe you should get your facts straight

      • A 2,000 lb bullet… when you drive intoxicated

      • Sleepy Alligator

        What if a sober driver runs a red light (it does happen) and gets hit and killed by a vehicle, that had a green light legal right of way, whose driver happened to be legally drunk? Should that driver be charged with murder? I don’t think so. By no means am I defending Marci Kitchen. I’m just making a point that the judicial system and laws are way more complicated than just A (“All drunk driving deaths”) and B (“should be charged as murder”). Sure it’s easy to say that but why bother when that never has been, isnt now, and will never be the way the courts operate.

      • I agree with this having been a victim of drunk driving when my dear friend Alan was killed almost two years ago in Arcata.
        This is in response to Bushytails comment.

    • If someone accidentally lost their life during the commission a felony that she knew was wrong and which she participated in anyway, that’s felony murder. Because she failed to prevent it and her actions directly caused someone to lose their life.

    • In favor of hard time...

      I agree with you…I just hope that the plea includes some hard prison time, and not just a slap on the wrist…

      Of course she did not intend to kill her child, so intent is not on the board. I do hope the judge gives her a suitable sentence.

      I am tired of hearing about over and over…it just makes everyone more and more furious…good riddance I say!

    • i tend to not agree being as how the drunk driving is handled. if a person with a few extra drinks is drivong home and a car is speeding towards them in the wrong lane crashes into them and someone dies. the person who was drinking is charged. yet if that car never was speeding and in the wrong lane they would have never hit anything or anyone is hardly a reason to charge the drinker with the others death. as if they hadnt been drinking and the same thing happened they would jave been the victim instead of the wrongdoer.

  • If the DA is working a deal with Marcy and didn’t inform or even ask the victims family, that is unacceptable. the DA and courthouse find new ways to embarrass themselves daily.

    • I believe the judge had the last word on accepting or denying plea deals.

      • and in this particular case “who is the judge”. good ol boy Dale is handling the good ol boy surfside chomo and the good ol boy animal abuser as his last cases. or is this his last case? the article say “The Judge”.

        • I believe that previous stories have identified the judge as Kaleb Cockrum, who has a long record for good legal judgment and professionalism. And plea deals are not subject to approval by the victims or survivors of a crime, but they do have an opportunity to make a statement prior to sentencing. Prosecutors try to get the maximum sentence that a defendant will agree to in order to avoid trial and the possibility of a much more severe sentence.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        As far as I know even when prosecutors and defendants agree on terms of a plea deal nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the judge. They can make plea agreements all day long and the judge can say fuck all of that you just plead guilty and now I’m gonna send you away forever if that’s his better judgement. Rarely ever happens but it sometimes does.

    • If they don’t inform the victim’s family, are they breaking the law?
      Thank you.

    • Could you tell me what I got wrong?

  • Prayers of Peace, Comfort, and Healing for the Kitchen family.

  • Poor kid has to deal with the loss of his sister and mother in such a heartbreaking way. Such a sad story. As for marci i hope she suffers everyday for her careless and reckless behaviour. Putting your family through such tradgety and pain

    • After her trips to mexico since this happened im.sure shes relaxed a lot.
      So wrong while people sit in jail too poor to pay even a couple hundred bucks in jail or for their DUI classes.

  • Positive energy to Joe And Jevin. Stay strong.

  • Did anyone ever think she would get what she deserved? Not me.

    • Nope, but to me that’s not the point, from the sounds of it the DA didn’t even talk to the family of the girls about a deal. He’s not representing the victims or their families , who have been drug through hell for 2 years as Marci manipulated and exhausted every legal avenue to avoid going to trial. Kinda similar to the plot of law abiding citizen.

  • She has already, and will be endlessly punished.

  • Sad story, condolences, why aren’t the victim’s families at least consulted.

  • I know it’s not a popular sentiment but I really have sympathy for Marci as well as everyone else involved here. I couldn’t imagine how terrible it would be to kill your own child. The guilt would be so terrible… and to have everyone in your life turn against you…. I can’t imagine. I know that everyone out there is on their moral high horse but you got to think how easy something like that could happen .. yes terrible, terrible decisions were made, I’m not defending that, but I know that a lot of people get behind the wheel with a buzz. I see it outside every beer bar in the county, all the time.

    • Michelle Lee Steele

      Emily every makes there own choices and decisions in life. I had lost 2 daughters in an accident at the hands of another monster they were never supposed to be around when I let both .y daughters stay the night at there friends house. They did not have my permission to be around this guy or go anywhere with him. My Point is I let them stay with a friend. This guy shows up at there friends house because the friend invited him up there. The parents knew I did not want this monster around my daughters. The next day my 2 daughters and there friend were killed in a car accident. Mind you this guy broke every law under the son and Judge Wilson and D.A. Gallegos never charged him with anything and the punk never got not 1 day in Jail. He the monster walked Scott free and it wasn’t until after the trial ended that we found out Judge Wilson dated this kids aunt for several years and it was never disclosed to my family or my daughters friends family. I tried to get a new trial out of it for conflict of interest but that got shot down y the San Francisco Bar Association. So what do you do when you have a Corrupt Judicial and Law System….

    • Don’t confuse common sense, and respect for others and the law as being on a high moral horse. Not everyone makes the very poor and selfish decision to drive inebriated on booze and/or drugs. The people you know that get behind the wheel with a buzz – they could freaking kill someone. I have lost loved ones to drunk drivers and I know more than one drunk driver that critically injured innocent people. These horrific events don’t happen that easy, they don’t happen in a vacuum, they happen because of moronic, narcissistic, selfish attitudes that parents teach their kids these days.

    • She’s not 18 where a person might have some excuse for not understanding the consequences of driving drunk. She knew. If she was innocent, she would have faced her trial by now. So she knew and she knew what it meant. And she apparently is not so guilty she is willing to atone either.

      The first time I got drunk, I made a horrible choice to drive which luckily did not end up killing anyone. When I was sober, I remembered what I had done, was horrified and thought myself so stupid. That was the last time I drank for 10 years. The next time was at a moment when I was super stressed, a friend said you need a drink and, damn it, I made the exact same stupid mistake of driving. Luckily for me again, no one got hurt but that was it. Period. Evidently when drunk, I haven’t the judgement of two year old and, when someone said “You drive”, I do.

      It’s not that I consider myself a paragon of integrity, but just how stupid do you have to be to keep giving yourself excuses?

    • Really could you have flown on the plane with your daughter knowing you were the reason she was hurt. Could you try to have your son lie for you. Could you have gone on vacation. Could you have tried to claim the ashes of your dead daughter so her father would have to fight for them. Could you look the father of your daughters best friend that you also killed in the eyes. Could you not apologize for yor action’s. If you could say yes to any of the above you have issues yourself.

    • Emily, I agree with you.

    • But Emily, she comes off as “smug”. I mean ask your self..if you had been guilty of the same crime…why wouldn’t you just confess and make a plea deal as soon as possible…if for any reason, to be responsible for your actions, and maintain a sense of honor and honestly, while also relieving yourself of guilt. In my opinion your “empathy” is misplaced with this particular person.

    • True dat.. Thanks for a different perspective. I kinda feel the same. ( and dont anybody freak out. I think she should have to face her crime and also fear she will get off to easy. Just saying i can also feel for her just a smidge. What a way to ruin your life and impact your sons and others.. She must feel like a cad and rightfully so)
      I knew someone when i was younger that killed a couple people while driving drunk. Hes out of prison now but he wil never be normal. Hes all jacked up in the head. Its truly sad

    • I can’t imagine accidentally killing my kids in any way shape or form, that would be horrible. Her driving drunk and accidentally running over those kids was bad enough, but the way she handled herself for the last several years since then speaks volumes of her character. How could you have any sympathy for someone who actually tried to hide the car after the accident then went on vacation after the accident and exhausted and played every legal game she could to delay the trial to this point. By all accounts the only reason she’s even doing a plea bargain it’s because she’s out of money and her lawyer won’t represent her anymore.

      • It’s just a sad situation. I have a daughter. I can’t imagine doing any of these things she’s accused of, obviously, and I’m sure no one here can… but I see a lot of people in this world who go deeper and deeper down and I don’t know, I feel bad for them. I’m NOT religious at all, but I think it’s what Jesus was wanting to show us, and as a supposedly religious country I find it pretty shameful that the most pious among us refuse to stand up for the sad, pitiful sinners we have in our community. Love the sinners, turn the other cheek, all that stuff, it’s really gritty and hard stuff and very hard to do, but they contain good lessons. We should listen (still as relevant now as 2000 years ago).Not trying to sound preachy!! But it’s true!

        • The Bible also states ‘eye for an eye’.

          • I didn’t say anything about the Bible. I said Jesus’ teaching. There is a big difference.

            • The bible mentions something about Jesus saying “Go and sin no more.” Somehow that end point is neglected in the recent “forgive all sinners” idea of Christianity. It is for the sinner to recognize and stop their sinning that forgiveness is there.

              The trouble is not that a Christian country “refuse(s) to stand up for the sad, pitiful sinners we have in our community” but that we have conveniently reinterpreted that to mean we all have to tolerate the unrepentant sinner and, by extension, we are so busy forgiving our own faults that we never try to fix them.

    • I have no sympathy for her. Before she realized she hit her daughter and her friend she tried to get her son to wreck the jeep to cover her ass. If it was someone elses child her reaction would have been the same. Only a tragic coincidence that it was her daughter and her friend, instead of your daughter/son and one of their friends. Cold hearted demon. No sympathy for those kind of people.

    • Well here’s the thing, and you talk about people being on their moral high horse… Is she hit her daughter and her daughter’s friend and tried to hide the crime and asked her son to lie for her so she’s not a victim and no one feel sorry for this miserable disgusting woman. It’s not like she hit these two girls and stayed at the scene. She left the scene of the accident she tried to cover it up she had her son go and look to see what happened, ask her son the LIE and stayed hidden for 2 months. So nobody’s on their high horse she’s just a worthless piece of garbage

  • If a plea deal is not in the best interest let’s let the judge know that we will have him/her recalled from the bench. Similar to the Judge Persky(Stanford swimmer) case and what is currently happening with Ghostship warehouse case where judge felt the pressure of victims families and rejected the plea deal.

  • if the DA’s office has direct evidence that puts her behind the wheel at the scene of the crime why would they agree to a plea deal?

  • I just hope she does a significant amount of prison time. But unfortunately death by vehicle up here usually gets less than a year County time. Makes no sense that people that willingly drink and willingly choose to get behind a wheel and drive don’t get more time. I hope the victims families are involved in this process anything less would be a disgrace. Blessings to all.

    • A double death while drunk driving “usually get’s less than a year” up here? really?

      Could you cite an example?

      • Probably a reference to kitchens lawyers whose prior client was a woman who killed a man walking on 101 at night when she ran off the hwy into a field. She got 6 months. Those lawyers are sharks.

        • He was walking on the roadside, wearing dark clothing and she did not “run into a field.” She crossed the line or he crossed the line. It was tragic and horrible and she got the best lawyer around here these days, and he did a good job. That’s what defense attorneys are supposed to do. Get their clients the best possible deal.

          • in it til the end

            sure. what you claim may be true . but I Know a few months later …. driving south on Redwood dr by the gas co., shes texting/talking on her phone and runs into a friend of mine who was waiting STOPPED in the Left turn lane to alderpoint rd. on a motorcycle IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD> .she never even put on brakes. . he and bike were injured. lucky for him she was slowing down to turn also. she should not be driving. irresponsible. she should have had her license taken away the first time. entitled trash. guess thats what happens when there is no punishment for doing it the first time.

      • Couple yrs. back a man drove drunk, ended up in Ruth Lake. Four young kids in early 20’s died. He was sentenced to 4 yrs., one yr. per person… Yes this really did happen.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Kills her daughter, and another girl, then proceeds to go on vacation to Mexico and Colombia. If she was truly remorseful, why didn’t she plead guilty straight up, right away, so her family and the family of the other girl would not have to suffer through two years of legal evasions. That dead eyed THC suffused stare says it all.

  • They named their son “Jevin”? WTF? This train has never been fully on the rails.

    • Perhaps prize-winner for the most ignorant and irrelevant comment on this thread.
      I had a friend who gave his son an unusual name. As the boy grew, they began calling that name the “asshole filter.” It was very useful. As soon as he was introduced, you could pick out the assholes–those who had issues with the name and were rude about it. Decent people either didn’t say anything but pronounce the name clearly, smile, and shake hands, or they mentioned what a cool and unusual name it was.

    • Elvis…
      You definitely need to think about your priorities. You just mocked the name of a 19-year-old who had his little sister die and his family ripped apart in the last two years.

      Beyond that… My first reaction to hearing that name was that it was handsome and unusual. You don’t have to agree but choosing to mock a victim is an unpleasant choice at best.

    • Fortuna is my Home

      [edit] Seriously!! It is his name Elvis. What does that have to do with any of this.

    • Elvs, WTF is wrong with you?

    • Elvis…[edit] I’m sorry for your name issues. If you had a moment to meet Jevin you would eat your words.

  • If the son is NOT in court and the Judge does not “ok” this with him any plea should be not allowed. Simple as that.

    But this case is far complicated. A plea is best for all, but not if the son feels its best to have a trial.

  • No one enters into a plea deal unless it’s benefiting them. So what is she getting a slap on the wrist, probation what? She has done everything up until now to stay out of jail. She isn’t doing this for nothing. She will no doubt benefit.

    • The two main reasons plea deals even exist are: 1) To save the courts money that would be used for everything from expert witnesses to all the man hours involved when a case goes to trial. 2) It’s a guaranteed “win” for the prosecutor and that’s a very valuable part of an attorneys resume. Other secondary reasons are: To spare those involved from having to testify or having to relive the incident over and over. The prosecution doesn’t have a good case and could possibly lose at trial. The defendant was smart enough and had the money to hire an attorney that is such a badass that prosecutors don’t even want to fuck with him in a trial court.

      No matter what the reason may be, you are right, someone always benefits. In this case we won’t know who that is until sentencing day.

  • Maybe she pleads or maybe this is the next ploy to delay. She has managed, with professional assistance, to string it out very capably -to wring out what she could from the system.

    • @guest. How little you apparently know about the justice system in Humboldt County. You are assuming Ms. Kitchen and her attorney’s are responsible for the delays. This is not the case. Nobody in Ms. Kitchen’s position would want this strung out. Anyone that thinks that is ignorant. There are alot of ‘assumptions’ being made where in reality nobody knows what they are talking about. I predict Ms. Kitchen wants an end to this more than anyone. Maybe that is why she has decided to take a plea and not go through a horrific, fenzied media trial.

      • I call bs. People take plea deals because they know the deal will always result in less of a penalty than they’d get from a jury trial. Her attorney probably recommended that she take the deal because it will result in less of a penalty.

      • Almost every delay was at defense request. And over the prosecution’s objections. What would be a surprise if she continues in the same mode?

        • My heart goes out to Jevin and Joe. Praying that the Lord will comfort them both and heap blessings upon them in the future.

          This is the game. The d delayed right up to the point of picking a jury. Gives the defendant as many days possible to be on the outside. Judge Cockdude was about to start selecting a jury. If he is any kind of judge he will not tolerate any more unsubstantiated motions that cause delays. Game time people. Finish this chapter. Punish the guilty and heal the community.

      • Guest1 I think you’re the ignorant one this time. Defense lawyers and their clients always want to drag the case out as long as possible. That’s one of the best weapons in a defense attorneys arsenal. Not to mention it fills his fat pockets even more than they already are.

      • Uh maybe you need to lookback over past articles, her lawyers have delayed the trial at every possible step.
        If you knew you might spend a long time in jail and wanted to have a few vacations before hand then youre the type of person to want to string it out, just like shes done here.

      • umm since when is there ever a justice system ? we have a legal system and nothing more. further more our penal system is designed to rehab law breakers it never was intended to be a system to equally harm the other party. lets not buy into the hype that folks use to make other folks falsely beleive in a system where all are equal. as that also has never been the case. if you can afford the fine do the crime. thats the real

  • The above comments are a sad sad commentary on a community consumed by judgement, anger and resentment. Apparently many are clairvoyant and seem certain they know what happened the night of the accident. I certainly don’t so I am puzzled by how so many assume they do. I would suggest that everyone read an article that was published in the New Yorker. ‘The Sorrow and the Shame of the Accidental Killer’
    How do you live after unintentionally causing a death?
    By Alice Gregory

    I am saddened by the lack of compassion and forgiveness (oh and we call ourselves Christians) that this community is showing towards Ms. Kitchen. Of course we all feel compassion for the families, and Ms. Kitchen is a family member and not only has no compassion been shown towards her, quite the opposite. I am shocked by the father’s response to all of this. If I were in his shoes, the best way I would know to honor my daughter and help my son heal would be to show forgiveness, love, compassion and support. Whatever the reason for the accident, it was an accident…”an unfortunate, sometimes tragic, incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.” Perhaps Ms. Kitchen has decided to take a plea because if this is typical of the general public consensus that Ms. Kitchen is guilty then it would be next to impossible for her to get a fair trial in Humboldt County. It seems that many in Humboldt have already tried and convicted Ms. Kitchen. I like to think I live in a Country and amongst people that believe ‘we are innocent until proven guilty’. That does not seem to be the case here. I am glad I don’t live in Humboldt. I would be ashamed of my community and neighbors. Shame on all of you.

    • how about some compassion for the two dead girls and a son who has been urged to lie for his drunk mother

    • What a hoot. I’d say you can’t make this stuff up but apparently you can. And sell it to the New York Times.

      As to forgiveness- maybe the father and the community should wait until she asked for it. As to judging, you certainly have spread it around to condemn the county, the father and every poster of remarks. We’re glad you don’t live here too.

    • Im gonna get it for this, i already know but….

      I kinda/sorta agree with you Aunt Bea or whatever your name is..

      I would go as far as to say that (without knowing anyone involved personally) it almost seems like there are a lot of people out there that either disliked pretty heavily or were jealous of Marci even before this terrible, horrendous tragedy took place. I am not nor will ever be an overtly religious person but i do try to live a spiritually concious and conscientious life (proverbs are great guidance or streetlights when the road of life gets dark and hard to drive). WWJD (viewing “J” as a man and a role model, nothing more) is something that i ask myself whenever im confused or i find myself questioning my own feelings, emotions or decision-making.
      The answer i get always sides with compassion, empathy and forgiveness. The only crime i find exempt is rape and or child molestation.. Just my view..

    • Good points. And the son even said that before this he felt his mother was a good mom. He must be suffering horrendous guilt (misplaced of course) and grief and all he has left is his father who I suspect has had hostile feelings towards the mother long before this horrific tragedy. Also, she lost her daughter so that is horrendous punishment as is. I don’t know her or anyone involved and I doubt most commenters do either.

      People do reckless things all day long..speeding along streets in Eureka from before sunrise till long after dark and they could kill someone and just because they haven’t yet they likely feel justified in judgements which could easily be made against them one of these days.

      • Why are you talking negatively about Jevin’s Dad having hostile feelings? You clearly don’t know any of the circumstances or anyone involved and you should keep that opinion to yourself!. It’s actually rather sickening.

        • I don’t think anywhere in my statement I used the words ‘hostile’. I said that I was shocked at his reaction. I don’t see how it helps him, his family, or his son heal. I don’t see how it honors his daughter. I know as much as anyone about the ‘circumstances’ and we can all make up the story we want, write our own story, tell it in a way that fits what we want, tell it in a way that benefits us and helps us make sense of a senseless accident but at the end of the day we don’t know, none of us know, all we know about what happened that night is that two girls were struck by a car and died. A father lost his daughter and a mother lost her daughter. It was a terrible accident. In times of horrific tragedy I would like to live in a world of compassion and forgiveness. There was no malice. No intent. It was an unspeakable, perhaps unavoidable, horrific accident. Compassion is what is needed to heal not hate and anger. That is when understanding and healing begin.

          • Unfortunately for Marci Kitchen, there has been two years of her subsequent behavior conducted in public to judge her by. None of it has indicated any other concern than for herself. Most did not know her or even of her and their ideas have been created, not by the extreme remarks on the internet, but on her own public actions and inactions over a long period. Guilty or innocent, either way, it has been ugly.

            Before “healing” can occur, the injuring has to stop. The injuring has not stopped yet. People can forgive or not as they chose when they are sure that the danger has been addressed. There is the difference between a father who lost his child and the person who lost that child for him. Anyone should see that is not equivalent.

          • She lost any chance of forgiveness when she plead not guilty to something everyone knows she did. They recovered the jeep from her yard by being tipped off by the neighbors. The evidence from the jeep had both girls blood, and human buttock prints as far up as the windshield. Ive driven that road a million times. Its a straight view from one end to the other. She 100% knew she hit a person. And i get sick of hearing about nothing but the kitchens family. It wasnt just her daughter. She killed faith right away, and left her to die in the road. Some man found her laying in the road dead. What about the justice that faiths family deserves? All this sympathy for a mother killing her own child and fleeing the scene and telling everyone, i thought it was a deer. Then why flee? Why try to get your son to wreck the jeep. Pure conjecture but i see it like this. Woman realizes she just hit a person driving drunk. Thinks oh shit my life is over, unless i hide this, like a typical hit and run driver. She stays at the scene long enough for a witness to get a description of the vehicle. She goes home, tries to get her son to wreck the jeep into a basketball hoop for her, cuz shes trying to maintain her life, pardnthood, family etc by hiding that she did this. She wants to go on with life. Then come to find out you killed your own child and tried to have her brother hide it for you. Now you know your life is over regardless so you turn yourself in(after the neighbors already did and jeep had been confiscated) then hide from the police under your lawyers advice for a couple months, refuse to release your daughters remains to her father, take a few trips to mexico while the rest of your family mourns, plead not guilty in a court of law, try to sue the county for the girls’ deaths cuz this all couldve prevented with street signs(hahaha sicko) try to get your son to keep his mouth shut about what happened that night. Thats a wonderful path towards forgiveness, dont you think? If she wanted forgiveness the whole its not my fault, protect me was the wrong path to take. I was ready to have sympathy for her, until she took the legal path to cop out and get away with it. Justice for faith too, not just the kitchens. She tried to cover the crime to maintain her life. That idea was fine for her until she realized who she killed and running and hiding would never be an option now. Easy to pretend you never killed someone elses family to maintain your own. Not so much your own daughter huh? Sick. No sympathy for a woman who was prepared to act like she didnt just kill someone.

    • the judicial system is somewhat “innocent till proven guilty”.

      People’s opinions are NOT bound by that at all. maybe if you spent all your brain power reading about this, talking to people who know, youd realize her son is the MAIN witness against her and if you did all that youd know he’s NOT lie about this, ever.

      So, yes, to anyone with any decency who was NOT involved in a legal sense she was, is, guilty as heck.

    • No disrespect intended. But, your comment is LAUGHABLE.

      Drinking and driving is a CHOICE. Not an accident.

      As you stated, you don’t know what happened. OBVIOUSLY.

    • Don’t lump me in with that “we call ourselves christians” shit. I do not.

    • I sure as Hell dont consider myself a christian, speak for yourself!

      Justice is just as important as compassion.

      And the story of what happened that night is clear. Minutia may not be, but overall the story has been told.

      Its clear enough that even the defendant is willing to plead guilty.

      I think your reaching too hard and far for compassion on this….

    • She asked her son to wreck the vehicle for her after she hit those girls. She isa typical hit and run drunk driver. The only thing garnering her sympathy is that the victims she left to die were kids in her care, one her daughter. If she hadnt hit her own child would you feel the same sympathy? Would marci havr that sympathy for a random drunk killing her daughter and best friend and leaving them to die on the roadside? I doubt it. And you dont ask someone to wreck your vehicle for you if you think you hit a deer. Plain and simple. She didnt care who she hit, until she realized who she hit. Thats why the community has no sympathy for her.

    • A lot of people do actually know exactly what happened. It’s a small county and lots of people knew the story before it went to LoCo or here.
      Lots of people knew her and Josh.
      Lots of people have seen both of them continue to day drink, continue to party, unaffected, unchanged by this horrific event. Did you know that Alice? That Marci hasn’t quit drinking? Partying?

  • I wonder if this is the second best option the defense feels they can get besides moving the trial out of Humboldt County, which is what they asked for last time in court. Perhaps the Judge denied that petition ? – it isn’t even mentioned here.

  • What is the maximum sentence if she pleads guilty to all charges?

    • Dare to guess whether she will cop to the felony or misdemeanor version of PC192(c)(1)? She gets the 2x version of whichever it is.

      If you are charged with PC 192(c)(1) gross-negligence vehicular manslaughter as a misdemeanor, the potential consequences are:
      Misdemeanor (summary) probation,
      A sentence of up to one (1) year in county jail, and/or
      A fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000).26

      And if you are charged with PC 192(c)(1) gross-negligence vehicular manslaughter as a felony, the potential penalties are:
      Felony (formal) probation,
      Imprisonment in the California state prison for two (2), four (4) or six (6) years, and/or
      A fine of up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

  • I think of this case often. I think this woman should go to trial. She was drinking and driving! Hit 2 innocent young girls and stole their whole lives that they had ahead of them! They’ll never go to a prom, never go to college, never find the love of their lives Never have children! She took EVERYTHING from them. I don’t think she should have ever been given the option of a plea deal! Those girls were never given an option to live or die!! I think the DA dropped the ball ohn this! How disappointing for the family of Faith Tsarnas, and for the 6
    Thanks and family Kyra Kitchen. So very sad… God Bless the families of Faith and Kyra!!! I hope the judge is one that is VERY hard on DUI Drivers and Murderers!! I REALLY hope he THROWS THE BOOK at her!!! Hope she WHOLE Book at her!!! Just my opinion.

    From the Mother and Grandmother

  • She will get a max sentence of only 11 years for two murders. I am sorry but that BS does not fly with me. Her a** should be in prison for life. Let her out when the two girls come out of their graves. Thank God it is finally coming to an end!!!

  • I pity anyone who believes she has “gotten away with” anything. She has not, and never will escape what she has done.
    Just like the rest of us.

    • Does life go on?

      Ya really think so? I don’t. I think she is a sociopath. Classic. If, gawd forbid, if I was in the same position, I would turn myself in. It took time for her to go home and coerce her son into hiding her auto, etc. What normal person would do that? She knew she hit someone. She took off. I couldn’t live with myself. I am a firm believer in karma. I will have to face mine someday. Good luck Marci. One way or another you lose

      • Just remember there are two sides to every story. We don’t know the story. The media has presented one story. It is actually unfortunate that a plea may be entered as it does not give anyone the opportunity to tell their story. What I am witnessing in HC, I am not sure anyone would listen to what might have been Ms. Kitchen’s experience that night and she clearly would be unable to get a fair trial in HC. Many in HC have made up their minds. They have already convicted her. If she went to trial and was acquitted, those that want to lynch Ms. Kitchen would still see her as guilty. They are not after truth unless it is the outcome they want. Imagine if the truth truly is different than what the angry, hurt, resentful, vindictive people want. Imagine if it was an unavoidable accident. I believe wholeheartedly and in everything I believe in that is good, and right, that Ms. Kitchen was driving a car that hit two girls and that it was an unavoidable terrible horrific accident. I don’t think she is a sociopath. She is a woman dealing with a horrific nightmare and she will never be whole again. Sadly HC and some of the angry, hurt, resentful people are part of the nightmare. Healing for anyone does not begin until there is understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. I not only feel compassion for Ms. Kitchen, I also feel for the people that are so angry that they want to continue to cause pain and suffering. That won’t bring the girls back to us.

        • We know the story, outside the “media”. It was in court almost all the relevant things already came out…

          Just know, your “compassion”, which I would call idiocy, is not welcome. Go read the facts and realize what really happened..or keep living in your la la land.

        • She belongs in prison for life.

        • Alice – I for one feel Marci should go to trial in Humboldt County. I would Love to Hear her story. How curious so many of us may be to listen to what she has to say and be able to judge her from that position verses only what the media has been able to report.
          I would hope there are enough Humboldt County citizens that could sit on a jury and convict her as they see fit, allowing for the factual story, or not convict if so be the case. Or a hung jury. However that happens.
          If they seriously could not seat a jury they feel might be objective the selection process is suppose to do that before the trial starts.

          • Most everyone with half of their senses intact in Humboldt would not be able to sit on this jury. That would leave her fate to be decided by 12 tweekers and sidewalk poopers.

        • Does life go on?

          Lady I got to hand it to you, going on and on about poor friggen Marci is laughable. Sanctimonious are us!

        • Alice

          I agree, there is much hate out there for Ms. Kitchens – she has earned every bit of it!
          Your comment about this being ” an unavoidable terrible horrific accident ” is down right offensive!
          Those girls would be alive today if Marci had chose not to drive so drunk! its that simple.
          This was an “avoidable” tragedy.
          I’m really not interested in hearing what she “experienced that night” it wouldn’t change a thing!!
          She killed those girls and has admitted it. I have no doubt she will feel pain for the rest of her life, as she should! But lets not forget who the real victims are here.
          I cant help but wonder if you would feel the same way – if that was your daughter she left mangled / dead on the road???
          I do believe in fairness…she deserves the same amount of consideration and compassion that she gave those girls as she drove away to go hide the drugs and her car. Sounds fair to me.

  • One thing to remember…no matter how much jail time she recieves she’ll probably wind up doing only a third of it. That seems to be a common but unfortunate pattern in almost every instance.
    I truly believe that she’s pleading guilty because, somehow, it’s in her own best interest. Monday’s hearing will be interesting indeed.

  • This should never have taken so long. Hopefully it will end soon so the family can move on. I would like to see her in prison for a while at least. People that hurt kids dont do well in a mens prison. i am sure a women that killed her own daughter would have a real bad time in with a bunch of women.

  • No matter what she does to swindle her way out, she’s still going to deal with it when her time comes.

  • So wouldn’t it behoove the courts, when she allegedly pleads guilty in court, to take her in to custody at that time? Can she remain out on bail until sentencing? I say remand her immediately.

  • Next up James Merricks trial for the murder of the beautiful young Tessa Rae Gingerich 12 14 16 . He has the same public defender..

    • Not to mention the possible REtrial of Jon “Goldbrick” for the Cold Blooded Pre – Meditated MURDER of Tim Smith!!! That Weasely little piece of TRASH, NEEDS to go away for the rest of his UNnatural life!!!!

  • Jevin, we all know how much you cared for your sister but putting college on hold isn’t a good idea. Go to college kiddo. We all know what happened. I’m sorry for all of you. I cant even imagine the hurt and heartache you’ve all endured. You are a great brother. ❤

  • Alice: The world is full of pinheads who love everyone no matter what. You think that you have the moral high ground because you care so much. Take a look around Humboldt at what a mess it is up there, of course everyone cares. After awhile, nothing means anything, everyone just does as they please.
    This woman is a sociopath, she has no remorse because she values herself more than everyone else. I have seen several in my 73 years. The family of Faith was gut shot by this asshole, she will get what they say she will get. Small price to pay for killing a family, a son and everyone who thought she was normal.

  • I will be pleasantly shocked if she spends more than a single day locked up.

  • Wasn’t she a grower -?

  • Well said uncle Dave. All my love to you and family. Some if not all people may never recover from this….

  • Terrible Tragedy

    The crime of driving drunk and injuring someone is unexcusable, and yes this is very bad….. But nothing beats running over your own daughter while intoxicated and then just leave her and her friend lying in the street to bleed to death. There is no excuse, I am sure she must feel terrible, but her punishment must not only teach her a serious lesson, but her punishment must stand as an example to other persons who drive drunk and try to evade responsibility for their actions. Terrible tragedy and the lives can not be brought back, if she had stuck around the accident and called 911 those girls might still be alive today, and for this she must pay the ultimate price. In the balance of mercy and justice, 25 yeas would not be enough time, lets not forget she tried to have her own son bear false witness to get her off the hook, this needs to be prosecuted as well……
    “A reputable lawyer will advise you to keep out of the law, make the best of a foolish bargain, and not get caught again.” ~ Mark Twain

    • To be clear, a call was made to 911 by a witness almost immediately. I am in no way excusing what Ms. Kitchen is accused of doing but I want to clarify that point. The scanner call is in one of the earlier chapters listed below the story.

  • It is a strange county.A friend of mine was murdered,and the perpetrator got 7 years.A gross mis-carriage of justice.However,doesn’t really matter in the long run.Fair,is a rare thing it would seem,and as mother nature dictates,it doesn’t apply to life,or law.Prisons have lots of people in them,that made stupid decisions,but aren’t actually true criminals due to mind set.I think our prisons need major reformation.Do drunk drivers that kill people accidentally belong in prison?In my opinion,they have to live with it.That probably is worse than prison.If they have a conscience.Prison hardly seems a deterrent to drug addicts,and it actually doesn’t work,except for the murderers,rapists,and other menaces to society being kept off the street,prison is a criminal school and hook up.It doesn’t stop the alcoholism and drug addiction,for the most part,makes it worse.Is there a better solution?Education,and decriminalization of drugs,would be a step in the right direction.Not going to cure the problem,but neither is what we are doing,making progress in a meaningful manner either.Hammurabis code,sure seems tempting,when tragic things like this occur.

  • My grandfather, aunt , and uncle were murdered christmas eve 1991. Thier 2 young sons had their mother lying dead at thier feet. My mother who was a pharmacist at the hospitla at the time happened to be at the hospital when the ambulance came in.she went to see their was anything she could do help in the e.r. as she was walking there she said “how sad on xmas eve a family has to be here” when she walked in e.r. she saw her father lying on the gurney, they were removing thesheet and what she saw was his head detached from his body. Imagine that. Howdid this happen? An 18 year old man chose to get plastered and drive. Hecame at my uncles car sideways. He got a broken arm. And he spent not one full day in jail. What did he get? A new truck as he was heard bragging. When you lose somone you love at the hands of a drunk driver, when you understand how it feel thenu can say havecompassion. Driving while intoxicsted is no different than premeditated murder. You chose to become impaired, you chose to drive knowing that itwasnt safe to do so. Put your hamds around someonethroat and you know eventually they will die
    There is no difference. She intentionnly killed two beaitoful young women and dont tell me she feelsbad. If she did she would have begged to be locked up in thr beginning.she has been see drinking she goes on vacation. Give me a break. She feels badbecause she couldnt hide what she did.

    • by your logic then old folks who drive when their eye sight is failing them should also be tried for premed murder as well . or any speeder or anyone who doesnt use a turn signal or who doesnt stay to the right . your loss is profound. however locking folks up wont stop these deaths nor will it bring folks back to life.

      • If the ones who have done so and not taken action to correct their behavior are locked up, at least they will not repeat their offenses to kill again. Of course locking people up has some effect. Maybe they should spend jail at the second drunk driving conviction.

        I remember looking and left messages for some time for a person due some money. After about a month he called from somewhere in Nebraska, where he was in jail for 3 months on a DUI. He was absolutely incredulous that people could get locked up for that. He said he was coming back to good ol’ Humboldt Co as soon as they let him go. Whoopee for us.

      • If something has impaired your ability to drive, whether it be alcohol,drugs, eyesite and you choose to drive knowing you shouldnt be, and you kill someone i dthink the law should charge you and harshly punish you. If thisnwas your child dead i gurantee ur thoughts would be changed

        • There is one difference though, while driving impaired is always a possible crime, driving while old is not, while driving intoxicated is. You’d be surprised at the number of “legally nlind people” who have valid driver’s licenses.

  • If LOCO has their facts in order it looks like this headline is one of the most misleading ones ever. There’s a big difference in a “plea deal” and a “plea”. The prosecution is saying they have offered nothing to her in return for a guilty plea. What has actually happened is Marci Kitchen simply entered her guilty plea. I speculate that this was planned long before today. My theory is that she was counseled by those very wise high profile attorneys she spent all her money on in the beginning of this. They let her know what she had coming, how to drag out her freedom for as long as possible (anyone of us would delay going to prison for as long as possible, especially knowing that all those other prisoners feel the same way about her as this angry community), probably recommended she go on a trip (like to Costa Rica) while she still can, counseled her to use a public defender once they had done everything they could for her (no need to pay high priced attorneys to plead guilty eventually), and finally they schooled her on how to know when the time comes for her to enter her plea (at the last minute before the jury trial process begins). If I’m right this is a strategy Attorney’s will be talking about amongst each other for a long time. Maybe Marci isn’t as selfish as so many people think she is. Maybe she entered her plea right before trial proceedings began because trials are torturous for everyone involved including her son. Maybe she dragged it out for as long as possible because it can’t be easy to volunteer yourself to enter a life of incarceration where your life is threatened every minute of every day because everyone hates you. Maybe she went on “vacation” because she knows she may not make it out of prison alive or maybe just so she could be someplace where the entire town doesn’t hate her. No one knows how she feels inside except for her but I doubt that she woke up that day thinking I’m gonna kill my daughter and her friend today. As horrible as you all say she is it’s hard for me to believe that the thoughts she has to live with and the images of the accident that will be with her forever are something that’s easy for her to live with. Even when she is released from prison that punishment will always exist for her and I can’t imagine how difficult that would be. This whole incident is horrible for so many people in so many ways and she deserves whatever punishment she gets. As much as you all hate everything about her you have to recognize that she didn’t run and she didn’t kill herself. Two things that would be hard to not do when you know that you are facing a potentially very violent future in prison.

    • If a person feels remorseful they show it. She has not. She walks around she was seen drinking last rodeo week. If I had killed my daughter accident or not I doubt I would be asking my other half lad to lie for me. I would be begging to be punished for the guilt. We have to be accountable. Yes accidents do happen, but if you are in some way impaired, even from being tired, anything that impairs your driving ability you should not be on the road. And if you harm or kill someone while driving in that condition yes you should be punished. Do those two girls get a vacation. No they don’t even get to start high school. Will that dad walk his daughter down the aisle. Never..why should she get one last vacation. She’s never shown any signs of remousrse for the people in humboldt to see. Why should we have compassion for her

  • Hildegaard Abbott

    My ex husband had just passed the 10 year law on dui’s. So when he was taking our son to school on a Friday morning and got into a drunk driving accident, it did not count as his 4th dui. He could have killed our son. What did the Humbolt County court system do? No jail time, put our son back in his custody and turned the case around on me…the bastard couldnt walk down the isle alone. 4 duis. The first one is your warning, the 2cd one says hello, the third one says you got a problem, 4th one says you have a problem and no respect for other peoples lives. He did not get any punishment…bullshit. Humbolt County doesn’t hold people responsible for awful actions that most certainly deserve full punishment and to be convicted of the crimes committed.

    • Agreed. They just keep at it until someone gets killed. The some friend or relative comments about how good a peson they are. But of course they “don’t condone what they did.”
      Of course that is exactly what they are doing- condoning it.

  • ” If I’m right this is a strategy Attorney’s will be talking about amongst each other for a long time”

    While it might be a splendid tactic to enjoy what freedom she has left, it is likely to bring down a shit storm from the people handing out sentences. With the blessings of the public who have watched this travesty carried out. You present a great argument for why attorneys are viewed as the most disgusting, ruthless, parasitic people on the planet.

    • “it is likely to bring down a shit storm from the people handing out sentences.”

      What does that even mean?

      Prosecutor: “Judge (the one who hands out sentences) the people have filed a motion for you to bring down a shit storm on Ms.Kitchen. For the record the public has offered their blessings.”
      Judge: “What?”

  • Solve the Real crime

    This took way to long to prosecute, do you know why; the police cannot stop the pot war long enough to move resources to focus on all of Humboldt and Mendo County missing persons cases and homicide cases… How long will our community suffer from lack of assigning detectives and investigations into these cases. Instead all the resources of the Sheriff Departments are continually focused on eradicating cannabis for the assets forfeiture dollars….. Lets continue to put community pressure to solve the real crimes, too many resources wasted on a legal agricultural product like wine grapes or pot.

    • Sigh. Apparently this is the new pot grower’s verse to add to the litany of “pot is medicine” and “the cops are all thieves” and “pot growers never hurt anyone”. The idea is just to be repeated, ad naseum, that their own criminal behavior should be ignored until every other “serious” crime ends in a conviction. How convenient.

      Of course in this case the police long since finished their investigation and sent it to the DA. That the accused keeps trying to avoid a trial has nothing to do with the police or illegal pot means nothing to people so fixated on pot and their profits.

      • 50 year resident

        i think his point is that there are hundreds of unsolved crimes that are very serious in nature; missing persons, unsolved homicides, kidknappings, constant vehicle arsons, child and spiusal abuse, domestic violence
        cases, but out Sheriff Departments spend all their time and 65% of their resources persecuting Humboldt and Mendos #1 source of income for our communities; CANNABIS. Why is pot the “lowest priority”. for leo’s. We have real crimes but the Sheriff Dep. wastes all the time, resources and money going after pot, potwhich is now legal! Imagine if the Sheriff Dept invested the same amount of time solving victim crimes, solving murders, looking for missing persons, actually investigating burglaries to our houses, actually solving homicides and murders. We already know why the Sheriff doesnt solve the real crimes, it is because there is no $$ to be made, no assetts to steal, no free pounds for the officers to sell on the black market. No free jewelry, no free weapons, no free rummaging through our community members personal property, no looking through womens underwear drawers. Remember, for every good officer there are 10 others that are cops just to fulfill their own perversions for machsadism,power, authority and greed. The head of the stream is filthy so no cool water can flow in these Dukes of Hazard Sheriff and Police departments. These deputies have been robbing and stealing from our communities for years and that is why our communities do not trust the Humboldt County Sheriff Department or the Mendo County Sheriff Department.

        • I think pot growers, with their greed, self involvement and disregard for the law, are one of the major contributors to the level of lawlessness in our county. At best their cries of police misconduct are the pot calling the kettle black. At worse it is an attempt to drag police down because they are actually doing something effective.

          And the police don’t spend anywhere near that amount of time policing pot grows. Look over the pot grow to see the rest of the world.

          • Pot wasn’t always so criminal as it is today. It’s the gangs and foreigners coming in to do mega grows that are the main criminal elament today. The average pothead is harmless compared with the financially privileged drunks driving on our roadways.

            • You know, people keep saying that. The major difference between now and 40 years ago is that the numbers are so very much larger. In the 1980s, people disappeared from the grows, growers put out bombs on trip wires, pot thieves stole from pot growers, they had guns, they fought with trimmers who in turn fought from them. They diverted water, didn’t pay taxes, neglected children, carved out shelves on the side of mountains to grow, used all the “-cides” there were, etc etc etc.

              The difference was only that there were fewer of them so the damage they did was less. They kept a lower profile so that their bad behavior was more easily overlooked.

              And as for “financially privileged” drunks- in what world do you live that alcohol is in anyway restricted to “financially privileged?” You simply don’t know what mayhem takes place on the roads due to pot because proving intoxication due to it is so much harder. Having watched a pothead neighbor neighbor exercise horrible judgement while driving, I know that, even if less harmful, driving intoxicated with pot is nothing to brag on. Pot impairs judgement. And while most alcoholics get sober sometimes, even if by accident, pot heads can go for impaired decades without a truly sober moment simply because pot stays in the system for so bloody long.

              Anyone who believes the rosy reminiscences of a pot soaked youth are any more real than the old joke about any of the “when I was a kid” stories is fooling themselves. Youth puts a rosy glis on any amount of ignnorance. The more users refuse to admit to any dangers with pot use, the more that their clinging to irrationality is evidence of its ability to impair thinking.

  • Life in prison no parole!

  • Any parent that kills their own child and then flees the scene is a horrible monster

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