[UPDATE 6:05 p.m.] Multiple Fires Burning Near Hoopa

Plane over the fire. [Photo from Sharon Reed]

Plane over the fire. [Photo from Sharon Reed]

Multiple wildfires are rapidly expanding in the hills northeast of Hoopa. According to Hoopa Fire, they are burning in the Mill Creek drainage. There are six fires in the Hoopa Fire area of responsibility.

“We sent two hand crews,” said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Paul Savona but he explained that it is Hoopa Fire’s area. His agency is only assisting.

According to Six Rivers National Forest, “Fire staff is assisting Hoopa Valley fire staff on the #MillCreekFires…Threat to wildland vegetation only, no structures are threatened.”

According to a witness at 11:05 a.m., “They just dropped smoke jumpers off.” She also said there was at least one plane and one helicopter.

UPDATE 2:35 p.m.:  Firefighters are still fighting the flames.

Plane over the fire

The green line shows where the plane is circling the fire. [Screengrab from Flight Radar]

UPDATE 2:40 p.m.: Bridget Litten, Public Affairs Officer, for Six Rivers National Forest tells us that they have located five fires and were looking earlier for the sixth. Each of the confirmed fires was about 5 acres around 12:30 p.m.

UPDATE 5:45 p.m.: According to a tweet at 3:43 p.m., “There are 5 fires (Mill Creek 1-5). Two of the fires have a line around them, two are about 10 acres each, and one of the fires is 20 acres. The fires are northeast of…Hoopa, CA.”

UPDATE 6:05 p.m.: Hoopa Valley Tribe posted at 4:34 p.m.,

There are currently five (5) fires burning near Mill Creek in Hoopa. As of right now, two (2) fires are 100 percent contained, two (2) fires are in the process of containment, and one fire (1) is being assessed. Furthermore, four (4) of the five (5) fires are 8-10 acres on average, and the fifth fire is 15-20 acres.

The fires are very active and there is still a chance they may spread. No evacuation orders are presently in place, but that could change at a moment’s notice–thus please be prepared. We are dedicating all available resources to these fires, however resources are limited due to the fire complexity throughout California and the nation.

Regardless, we will do all that we can to obtain additional resources needed and contain these fires with all available manpower. We will keep the community updated with photos and relevant news as more details develop.

UPDATE Saturday: Fires Near Hoopa Top 600 Acres

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  • All of Northern California is going to Burn Up!!! Six Fires🔥!! Any idea how these were started??

  • Is there an arsonist running around who Hoopa let’s hope not for all the citizens that live there I’m semi blind so I use voice texting doesn’t always spell things right sorry firefighters be careful

  • Guess some of the local boys wanted some of that firefighting money.

    • There aren’t any local boys available as they are all out on fires

      • Thanks Sharon!, people are so ignorant to say local boys want that fire money!. Makes me sick!.

        • Unfortunately people remember the one incident where that was the problem. However that does not make it ok to imply it’s the same thing. 6 fires is suspicious but assigning blame based on zero evidence is just nasty.

          • I forgot. You’d think after living here for fifty years, I’d remember we’ve got nothing but saints in Hupa.

            • You almost got it right Prodigalson… I’m pretty sure the folks out there in Hoopa were doing just fine before the “saints” came marching in to colonize, baptize, capitalize, murder, oppress, suppress (fires), collapse fisheries, truck in sudden oak, truck out natural resources and systematically flood indigenous communities with drugs n alcohol. Yeah folks who got it hard tend to respond accordingly. I’d say folks are pretty damn resilient out there considering what they’re up against.

              • @Ryan Farmer – Exactly.

              • Well put and right on ryan!

              • Good liberal
                Blame yourself

              • Oh sure..
                “Revisionist History Ryan”…
                What crazy things will you say next?..
                I suppose if Jesus were here today, his lilly-white northern european arse would be hanging out with prostitutes,homeless drug addicts and other unsavory types…
                For real though, consider this…
                White settlers decimated the native population by giving them diseases, guns and alcohol.. What did the natives give us??
                When its all said and done i think that if you consider that 300 years later we’ve swapped out a hunter gatherers diet of protien, fats and vegetables for a diet centered around corn (it has become so pervasive that we feed it to all farmed animals including fish and shrimp to “fatten them up” before we eat them and their unhealthy fat for lunch and dinner) its been our breakfast staple too since the cereal revolution of the 20s and 30s.. It took that title from the ubiquitous Egg that we’ve been told was so bad for us because it had evil cholesterol (the same evil cholesterol that our brsin uses as the universal building block for all of our hormones by the way.. The same hormones whos levels we are just now realizing years later are all waaaaay out of whack, men and women) we cut the fat out of everything too cuz thats bad bad bad too.. Oh what??… Our brain is made of what?? FAT!!..? And it cant function properly without what? FAT??
                Damn… Well at least we can all agree that butter is terrible for us…
                Umm… Whats that you say?.. Vitamin k is most bioavailable to our bodies in the form found in butter? Well who gives a sh!t about vitamin k?? Wait… So your saying vitamin k is necessary for our bodies to assimilate calcium from exogenous sources?.. Well its not like our moms and aunts and even dads and uncles are suffering from epidemic levels of degenerative bone disease, osteo arthritis and calcium deficiencies.. Oh.. They are… D’oht!!
                Funny, alls i thought happened when you took the fat out of food was the food tasted like cardboard.. And all you have to do to counter that is…
                Add a bunch of sugar..
                But where will we get these copious amounts of sugar??
                (Go ahead, i challenge you to find me 5 products in the middle aisles of the grocery store, excluding single ingredient goods like spices and non food items like kitchen utencils that dont have some form or derivative of corn added.. I saw some bread the other day.. BREAD.. That had 5 different kinds of sugar added.. At least it was “low fat”.
                Well i for one am glad we as a society dont face epidemic levels of heart disease, diabetes, hormone imbalances, new kinds of cancers, morbid obesity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heck even rising levels of Alzheimer’s (which ive herd some pretty smart people have started calling type 3 diabetes.. Oops) and its corresponding earlier and earlier onset dementia.
                Oh.. What??..
                We do?
                But if i did a simple poll of americans living near at or below poverty levels im sure our great public schools system (That im sure are at or near the top in world rankings) would’ve at least taught them or at least 9.5 out of 10 of them that corn is not a vegetable… Right?
                In light of all of these inconvenient truths
                (Sorry Al)
                The indians may have just pulled off the greatest trojan horse victory of all times when they said.
                “Okay cracker, take our land, commit genocide on us, destroy our once great, proud, ecologically sensitive and intelligent culture, kill the animals and fish.. destroy the environment.. And sure.. Stick us on reservations and give us nothing but organized religion, diseases, alcoholism and indian casinos in return.. Go ahead, its cool.. Just before we go, we want to give you this corn as a sign of our eternal gratitude
                See you in 300 years suckers youre gonna need a V-8 to power your morbidly obese, disease ridden arses to walmart..

                Sorry, i was bored
                Gotta take off my foil cap now..
                Coast to coast is coming on…😉

                • Like its our fault White People are gluttons. Maybe if you practiced some kind of control.

                • Ignorance!!! You literally compared food ( corn ) to mass genocide!! Are you kidding me. People like you are what makes this world an awful place your lack of compassion and knowledge ( on anything other then food) is sickening . We may lose our homes because we have a bad person in our valley not because the whole valley is full of bad people. And you just proved a very solid point, there are good people and bad people every where in this world. Guess we know what class you fall under.

              • Thanks for proving Liberalism is a Mental Disorder Ryan you have all your snowflake commie talking points you learned in Arcata down real good. Problem is they are not based on any reality or history.
                The Hupa defeated the US Cavalry in a war of attrition and kept their home territory and are a strong people. They run their own timber and fisheries resources as well as other tribal businesses. Some of them sell gasoline,food and alcohol. The meth and heroin come from Eureka and Arcata mostly, you know the types. So your “self hating” its all the white man nonsense you learned on CNN or your Generation Snowflake friends is just signs of your mental disorder.
                As this is a thread about the wildfires and not the liberal mental disorder being spread like a wildfire by corporate media, I have worked fire in Hoopa, the Six Rivers and Shasta-T and retired a captain in 2015. Its true a lot of fires in Hoopa/Orleans are arson fires! Having 5 starts with no lighting is suspicious, but could also have started by an ATV rider or if along the hwy169 could be a trailer dragging a chain. Seems like Hoopa Fire is catching them. They have an outstanding crew and equipment and all the folks on the River should be proud of them!!

            • True I’m one and so is my mom aunt and grandmother

            • I really wish that “borderline” racist comments would be deleted and the poster banned immediately. These type of statements are harmful.

          • Hoopa has the 2nd highest occurrence of arson fires in the state. Some years up to 150 arson starts a season. True facts. Google it if you need to..

  • Every hippy in the woods aint personally responsible for the genocide of the indians. Let’s not get into the divide and conquer thing here, this is about all of us uniting to stop our lands burning to soot. God/Spirits bless the firemen…

    So many corporate communists want to blame whitey for everything to bring in the technocracy. I know the individual native person isn’t for “corporate communist greenwashers” because I’m native and I’m against feudalism, especially corporate fascism done in my name to “avenge” the white man for me…

    No thanks, I have seen what communism has done and I don’t like it.

    • Your comment was an incoherent pastiche of non-sequiturs. What exactly were you trying to say? Or is this your idea of poetry?

  • How close are the fires to each other? Could one have started the next fire by embers?




  • Agenda 21

  • Mountain resident

    We got to see the big plane come in. I believe it is a converted 747 or something

  • Lightning? Perhaps… I saw three bombers… two jets…

  • Hope Hoopa is ok; at least the Humbolt coast is safe from fire due to the humidity, right?

  • Fire is over 500 acres now…

  • Anyone attend the meeting in hoopa or have an update on the status of the fires? Last update I can find is from this morning.

    • Channel 3 news. 2 main fires for a total of 500 acres. Good progress on the lines. Nothing immediately threatened yet. They are still way up Mill Creek road from Hwy. 96..

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