Community Should Write Emails, Attend Public Hearing for ‘Violent Sexual Predator,’ Says Letter to the Editor

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Letter to the EditorWe have been recently notified that Joshua Cooley is set to be placed in the Freshwater area.

Since 2/25/2010, Cooley has been at Coalinga which is a state hospital for individuals designated as “Violent Sexual Predators”. He is still there at this time awaiting placement. A VSP is an individual who has (1) committed a sexual assault, and (2) suffers from mental abnormality making recidivism a high risk. IN Cooley’s case, (1) he’s been found guilty of 7 counts of rape against a 12-yr-old among other offenses, and (2) he suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) at age 14.

This would be the first case of a VSP released in Humboldt County.

Freshwater residents are horrified at the idea that such a high risk individual would be allowed to live in a neighborhood with families, small children, teenagers and vulnerable adults living on the same road. There are two elementary schools within walking distance of his proposed placement. It is imperative that community members spell out their concerns in emails to investigator Kyla Baxtey.

The District Attorney will hear community concerns at a public hearing next week, August 23 at 8:30 AM, Humboldt County Courthouse, Room 4. Everyone is encouraged to attend and speak but even if you choose not to speak, your presence will send a powerful message.

A concerned resident,

Nicole Riggs

Link to case file:



  • I hope they keep this guy locked up. Rapists are despicable.

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  • I like stars too!

    They’re gonna do WHAT?

    Does anyone think this is a good idea?

  • TBI is a terrible thing. It’s like a form of mental retardation and I can sympathize with any family dealing with it. However!! This is not good. To have an entire community on 24/7 vigilance so 1 individual can experience his freedom is NOT acceptable!!

  • More fucking NIMBYism. Either you believe he should never be released, which is a valid viewpoint, or you need to accept that he poses an equal risk to any community he’s in, in which case it might as well be your community.

    Don’t be NIMBYs. YOU are the problem.

    • It’s not the backyard that’s the problem. It’s the implied noun that’s the problem. NIMBY assumes that the objector understands that there is something they want or need but they don’t want it where it creates a bother for them. In this case they have no use for this man and it is totally unreasonable to accuse them of NIMBYism.

      This man should be in a halfway house in a situation where there is more freedom but it comes with thorough surveillance. Just releasing him into a neighborhood without having tested whether it can be safely done for both the public and the released criminal is just plain stupid. A more severe level of probation is required.

      • People will complain they don’t want the halfway house in their backyard too.

        I’m assuming someone has determined he’s not an incredibly high risk, or they wouldn’t be planning on releasing him.

        Also, I pointed out already that not releasing him may be a valid viewpoint.

  • Yeah, this guy should never be fully released. When he still re-offends with a tracker on (which is a pretty big reminder all the time), it’s a big problem. Some folks need more supervision than others, and this is a good example of one.

  • I don’t believe that you can punish a person into mental health. But if an individual poses an existential threat to society, then for the sake of society, that person must be kept separate from it. He should only be released from a state facility for the violently insane when he no longer poses a risk to others.

  • If any one can please tell me what kind of living arrangements or supervision will be proposed then I would be interested to know. Will this person be monitored 24/7 by a responsible adult? Thank you.

  • Kate, the community has been trying to get answers to your question and others, and information is hard to come by. To the best of my understanding, his release is managed by Liberty Healthcare Corporation, Tim Fletcher is the regional coordinator, email

    • Thanks. With that info I was able to google Tim Fletcher and Liberty Healthcare. Another case out of Fresno gave me some info to help inform me of general circumstances of supervised release. It is imperative that neighbors convey their disapproval.

  • Unfortunately people voted in that law a few years ago that guarantees that these type of offenders will be released to low-density neighborhoods because it mandates they live a certain distance from schools and parks. While in theory that sounded like a good idea, the unintended consequence is that they must live places like Freshwater that offer homes a great distance from the school.

  • Anyone that hasnt should click on the link…

    Inform yourself and your family especially any minors of appropriate age. Also check the megans law website to see pictures of such offenders. By the looks of it, this particular repeat offender earned his Sexually Violent Offender title and IMO should not even be considered for release in any community. Unfortunately, im sure there are others just as bad or worse living near many of us already.. Guys like this are less than human and deserve nothing but a bullet or a noose. I am a very kind forgiving and optomistic soul but time and time again we have seen that these types of animals have no hope for “rehabilitation” and far too many young lives have been forever damaged by these freaks. If you dont think so, go and ask some questions amoung the homeless and drug addicted in our community that i read so many snide and negative comments about on here everyday.. The majority of them were sexual abuse victims at one time or another in their formative years (and im not excusing their adult behaviors ). I only mention it because i truly believe a great number of you would really be shocked to know the numbers and how they correlate..
    Rape a woman-Execution
    Rape a child [edit]

    Protect our children,wives,mothers and sisters…

    Eliminate the threats

    Just sayin..

  • Do women and Children really have equal rights when the practice of releasing dangerous sexual perpetrators is such a common occurrence? If these people even get prosecuted they get negligible time. It is a complete outrage in a so-called civilized society.

    • are you statung that women are less able to defend themselves ? i hardly think so. women are just as capabile as males. Gender if truely equal should never be a concideration, for employment or anything else.

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    • Concerned, good point. That’s why they pick women and children,
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              an undocumented worker is not illegal until he is charged with a crime. are his employers ‘illegal’ too? for hiring him? or do they get a pass because they are [edit] ?

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  • Everyone should be imprisoned for life to prevent us from committing any crimes. We are all capable of anything. Read Philip Caputo. Person did their time. Legal system says they have been punished appropriately and may be released.

    • A (one single person) judge ruled this despite a team of District Attorneys opposing it.

      • Ummm 1 doctor spoke on its behalf whilst 3 other more experienced doctors all said that he is more likely than 9 out of 10 other sexual predators to reofend in a sexually violent way and is especially attracted to female children because his mind is that of a sexually violent child.. Anyone that is concerned and everyone that os not concerned should take a few minutes and read the whole link at the bottom of the article to understand this particular predator. Im not sorry to say that predators like this are kinda like that old disney movie, “ol’ Yeller”….
        Its a little sad but we need to throw away the key or put them down, its better for everyone involved…

    • This was not just one crime but a series. It is not all about punishment but of public safety too. Maybe anyone could do anything but 99.9999% don’t. Paying attention to the ones who do is a rational idea.

  • How many sent your emails?! If you can’t make it Thursday get up off your thang and send an email. It doesn’t have to be fancy, long, nor rude/threatening but do it. Number will speak if there is enough resistance.

  • It has come to my attention that a decision is about to negatively impact and potentially endanger hundreds of people within our community, many of them children. The pending relocation of Joshua Cooley within the Howard Heights/Freshwater area is entirely inappropriate considering Mr.Cooley’s past criminal convictions and current Violent Sexual Predator status.
    My husband and I are educators and have lived in the Freshwater area for 40 years. We have raised 2 children here and now have grandchildren who regularly stay at our home. My eldest child attended Freshwater school, attended PalCamp during summer months at nearby Freshwater County Park, participated in Freshwater 4H and worked and volunteered at Garfield Elementary. Our family’s familiarity with this youth centered community is extensive!
    There is one road, Freshwater Road, leading to and from Howard Heights Rd. The number of young people who frequent this route via bicycle, horse, and/or on foot, are numerous. It is rural, homes are spread apart, public transportation does not exist, other than school busses and the closest services are nearly 2 miles away from Howard Heights Rd.
    Please reconsider the inappropriateness of this placement and the impact of Mr. Cooley’s proximity to so many vulnerable individuals.

  • It has come to my attention that Judge Feeney is retiring from the bench after 20 years of hard work. I am sorry to see that Judge Feeney has recommended the placement of Joshua Cooley in the residential area of Freshwater. Joshua Cooley is a convicted sexual predator who is not ready for placement with the public at large. The Freshwater area where Joshua Cooley will be placed is near two schools and a public park frequented by children of all ages year around. This placement is opposed by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept., Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office, and the public at large with strong negative sentiments coming from Freshwater residents. I appreciate the years of service Judge Feeney has performed and his accomplishments while serving on the bench, his presiding over the Humboldt Homeless and Caring Court, and his creation of mental health court programs. But, I hope he will reconsider the placement of a known sexual predator into our community as one of his final judicial deeds.

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