[UPDATE 4:45 p.m.: Roadway Cleared] Traffic Backed Up on 101 Between Leggett and the Peg House

Traffic backup on Hwy 101.

Traffic backup on Hwy 101. [Crop of a photo by Briann Boatwright]

Expect traffic delays on Hwy 101 between Leggett and the Peg House after a box truck overturned and blocked both lanes about 1:50 p.m.

No one was injured. However, it took some time to get the truck moved far enough that one-way traffic could be flagged through the area. About 2:46 p.m., that was accomplished, but, according to a reader, Briann Boatwright, traffic has continued to be stalled.

Overturned truck.

Overturned truck. [Crop of a video by Briann Boatwright]

Box truck on its side north of Leggett

[Photo provided by Wanda of Redway]

UPDATE 4:01 p.m.: This photo shows where the incident happened better. It was taken before the truck was moved to get traffic through.

UPDATE 4:45 p.m.: The roadway is now clear. The box truck has been removed from Hwy 101 to a shoulder.



  • Yeah, in the traffic jam. Damn

  • Took about 45 minutes to get through.

  • Damn that traffic jam..how i hate to be late..it hurts my motor to go so slow

  • Looks like it happened just north of the Jitney Creek Bridge with its 20mph curve.

  • Lotsa overturned trucks on that bridge..

  • Humboldt Island Adventures.
    That’s the second time today 101 has been blocked by an accident and closed for a while.

  • IMHO: Should be a ‘Caltrans Engineering Award’ on that bridge.
    They coulda’ built a straight bridge over the gully cheaper than the ‘fancy curved off-camber’ one.

  • Roll over & play DEAD??? Hope the driver wasn’t seriously injured!!!

  • I once asked Kym’s Dad (who worked for Caltrans) why, when that bridge was rebuilt, they didn’t fix it. He said when federal money is used, it must be rebuilt exactly as is – it cannot be re-engineered. Thus a lopsided, dangerous bridge.

    • The story I heard was the bridge designed for this section was crossed over with a straight bridge design with one used in Sacramento county. Both places built the bridges with the design plans given to them. When discovered it was too late to correct.

  • I’m sure everyone is right about the bridge; however, since it was built the way it is, it behooves everyone to SLOW DOWN. Take that 30 mph sign seriously. Bitch about CalTrans all you want but what’s more important than your safety?

  • Went through there and they had to drag that truck quite a ways to get it off the road!! Tow driver did a great job!

  • Looks like a brand new truck..

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