[UPDATE 6:03 p.m.] Law Enforcement Serve Search Warrants on Marijuana Grows; Some Clarification on How a Farm That Applied for a Permit Might Get Served

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaToday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement unit, Fish and Wildlife environmental scientists and wardens, Environmental Health’s Hazmat unit, and Humboldt County’s Planning and Building Department are serving search warrants in the Rancho Sequoia area near Alderpoint, confirmed Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

“We are trying to get as many unpermitted marijuana farms as possible,” Karges said. Karges clarified that some of these farms may have originally applied for permits but didn’t follow through on the steps needed to get permitted. “If you are in the permitting process, but your account is inactive you are not allowed to have plants in the ground,” she stated firmly.

When asked to clarify whether the Humboldt County Planning Department requested that inactive permit applicants be served search warrants, Karges said that the process was mostly driven by complaints usually from neighbors.

“We investigate [the complaint],” she said. “We’ll collect evidence to put together a search warrant.”

She then added, “Sometimes we will hear from Planning and Building and they will say, ‘Hey, these people are no longer active in the process.'” Then she said those inactive permit applicants will be investigated.

Yesterday, the convoy was in the Hyampom area. A press release should be forthcoming today about what occurred, Karges said.

UPDATE 6:03 p.m.: Karges recontacted us in response to a question we had. She confirmed that the convoy first went to a property that was able to show it was in the permit process and officers left the property without serving the warrant.





  • ARound 12:00 north of Myers Flat heading north 101 Fish and wildlife Sheriff’s not pack together very well but quite few no chipper with them lot’s of popos on the road

      • After the hope is empty out of Humboldt CO how much love will remain when really sets in the ordinance fire is taking its toll rent going down and with it property value people have been moving out of the area for a while now lot’s more as time goes by the Non Prophets and small businesses going bankrupt the emperor wears no clothes for a reason

    • That’s funny they were leaving my neighbors at about that time 13 deep with a chipper ,my dog barked at everyone one who got out of their truck

  • Leveling the playing field

    • Yes they are invested in the playing field that they are leveling most of the supervisors and people at the planning department are invested in permitted scenes the collusion is deep already one went down taking bribes more to come as the ordinance fire burns more families

    • ‘Leveling the playing field’

      Oh no, thats unpermited grading and a $5000 a day fine!

  • So if a neighbor is in the permit process but is not following the guidelines of the permit who do we call? Things like having lights in the greenhouses on overnite with no cover&potential diesel fuel spills from their large generator that has no catchment or generator shed thus creating late night noise? Wheres our $200,000 in tax money the county supposedly spent on satellite imagery to monitor permitted gardens?
    The whole things a s**t show.

    Meanwhile the redwoods are being cut under the unlimited 3 acre conversions, there are 7 within a mile of me all done to sell the wood not for pot. Wheres the regs for that??? Oh thats right if youre not a pot grower you can dessimate 3 acres of land with no recourse even if you log to a creek bed which is completely illegal. My neighbor did it and when i called cdf the guy told me when he went to inspect the cut he’d be giving the guy a warning if he did break the law. A warning. No fines no penalties. If there was pot there he’d get fined big time. Its such BS. Once big corps take over pot growing the rules will get just as lax as timber.

  • Payback for hiding that kid more like

  • no permits = no plants, got it kids?

  • I expect we’ll see this more and more.

    “She then added, “Sometimes we will hear from Planning and Building and they will say, ‘Hey, these people are no longer active in the process.’” Then she said those inactive permit applicants will be investigated.”

    • Yes armed and dangerous thugs doing highway robbery weaponizing the money upward of $450,000 a day on the last raid, and on the letters to abate a nuisance meaning our community and neighbor’s on average about $30,000 a day per property they justify this by saying leveling the playing field for their friends and family

      • Leveling the playing field for those that are at least trying to be legal.

        • So they say they are “leveling the playing field” but what I don’t understand is these unpermitted farms they are going after can only sell on the “black” market while the permitted can only sell on the permitted market. So the two really are not on the same playing field. Unless of course the permitted farms are still selling to the “black” market as it would be much less likely the unpermitted farms are selling to the regulated market. Is this basically what they are admitting to? Humboldt county government is admitting to being complaisant in federal crimes, nice.

  • Sooooo today they went to a totally permitted grow and luckily he was there w his paper . Last weeks was Also permitted but he wasnt home at that moment and his place was destroyed . Oh , and when they couldnt find q gate they were looking for just took out a Vietnam vet who had barely anything and a family to feed instead . Very sad collateral damage . Many here did not know that kid Zach and have nothing to do with him , but yes , they promised if we didnt give him up , they would come back and take Every plant and seize property . And they are simply living up to that . Pure vindication . So many innocent. good people going down here . Its terrifying . So I can’t go to the Dr. , or get groceries . ??? Have to stand in my drive with my paperwork . And – No One here called in a neighbor !! So what the sheriff’s office is saying is Untrue . . You all criticizing , you just dont have all the true facts . Or much compassion .

    • Zach is definitely responsible for this! Maybe that’s why no one is posting his bail now. Maybe they’ve come to the realization what this kid has cost everyone this year?

    • Just me: Hey man.. that’s how it works in the Wild West. Where are u from?

  • How do officers get a warrant for a property that is permitted? It says they didn’t serve the warrant on the permitted grow

  • Bigger is not better for: communities, schools, nonprofits, streams, trees, us…only better for 🤑 So messed up😔

  • One requirement is that the county permit and state license be posted on property and garden entrances. I understand that opens up a different risk, but since it is required, it doesn’t matter about the thieves reading it, but so can leos.

    • So they don’t know which properties are legal ahead of time how they said went to property to and after they showed there paperwork they didn’t serve the warrant

  • Humboldt CO ordnance fire takes out more family’s your supervisor Estelle fennel and the head of the planning department are saying that they’re going to be at the mateel community center 23rd this month Bonney Blackberry a concern member of the community is hosting this meeting meanwhile strike teams are hitting the ground hard your neighborhood could be next rumors of Intown backyards very small compared to what’s out there

    • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

      Does anyone know who to contact about this meeting? I’d like to find out if they will be live streaming or audio at the meeting. Maybe it could be uploaded to KMUD live. I think it would be great for those who can’t attend to be able to listen in real time.

  • Have state license posted on your entrances and have a copy of your county interim onsite for law enforcement

  • Anonymous Humboldtian

    If you’re not allowed to have plants in the ground before you receive your permit then why does the county collect taxes for the year your permit was issued. If you’re issued your permit late in the summer and aren’t able to get plants in the ground then why does the county get to collect taxes as if you grew that year. It’s completely bogus.

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