California Water Boards, CDFW Cannabis Permitting Open House at Mateel on August 30th

This is a press release from the Mateel:

On Thursday August 30th, from 10-3pm the California Water Boards and California Department of Fish and Wildlife will host a Cannabis Cultivating Permitting Open House at the Mateel Community Center, 59 Rusk Lane in Redway.  Information is available at

There will be a presentation that covers cannabis policy and permitting.  Computers will be available on site to apply for Water Right and Water Quality Permits.  There will be water source and water use calculation assistance as we all staff available to answer your specific questions.

Collaborating agencies include the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Resource Conservation District, Department of Pesticide Regulation and CDFA-Cal/Cannabis.  More information is available at


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  • You’re really going to have a meeting on a Thursday from 10 to 3 in the afternoon? I’m sorry but not everybody is going to be paid to be at that meeting!

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