Black Backpack Left Behind McKinleyville Substation Triggers Bomb Squad’s Deployment

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficeA backpack behind the Humboldt County Sheriff Substation in McKinleyville was the subject of a bomb squad investigation today.

“About 10:30 this morning we found a black backpack behind our substation in McKinleyville,” Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office told us. “It was suspicious.”

The backpack needed to be checked out by the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit (EOD), Karges said. “They deployed their robot.”

The robot was used to exa but it was just found property.”



  • fear! fear! everything is suspicious! be afraid!

    • Yes, Bushytails, that and also a love of playing with tech toys. Couldn’t really justify buying them if you didn’t have a felt need for them, right? Forever people will be dropping things and forgetting stuff, so they can keep deploying those robots regularly, especially if they put out some good talk about the ever-present risks in… everything!

  • Nope. You go pick the next one up and check it out. That’d be a real good idea.

    • Dawn, i was going to reply “I’ll do it! And for a small percentage of what it costs to send in the EOD unit–i’d still be ten times richer than i am now, in no time.”
      But then i remembered that the ones who really should be compensated are the janitors, cleaning ladies, etc., who on a daily basis pick up unfamiliar bags, backpacks, boxes, clothing, etc.–at schools, in businesses, on public transportation, sidewalks, etc. They should report every time they dealt with an “unknown item” and get at least $5000 per item for taking that grave risk! And a good life insurance policy.

  • reasonable people not in a uniform

    stupid. robots? neutralized the threat? there was no freaking threat yo. just an incredibly paranoid society.

    these responses are totally stupid. when is the last (or first) time a misplaced backpack contained an actual bomb? ok the boston terror guys who the fbi had cleared a month prior to their evil act.

    the gubberment has us trained like scared rats to fear everything, especially when it results in LEO overtime or fancy ass robots to keep us safe. some garbage left in a bathroom, a bottle wrapped with tape along a road, a backpack, just guessing that these overreactions cost taxpayers plenty.

    Grave risks? No one is at grave risk for picking up garbage.

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