Centro del Pueblo Invites You to Meet National Dreamriders in Humboldt Tomorrow

This is a press release from Centro del Pueblo:

In the framework of the campaign Vote YES on Measure K “Humboldt Sanctuary”, Centro del Pueblo presents Journey to Justice: Dream Riders 2018. This historic event is drawing attention to citizenship for all. In recent times humanity has been tested with cracks in our global world, as the crises of Families separation. This community event is lead by young courageous dream riders highlighting immigration rights, bringing together advocates and allies alike. How our communities come together will define our collective journey forward. A group of concerned citizens will be cycling from the border of Washington and Canada to the border of San Diego and Mexico.

We welcome you in commemoration for the community and a vision for the future. There will be a press conference on August 14, 2018 at 9 am at Madaket Plaza (1 C St. Eureka). We invite all press, officials, and community members to be a part of this powerful conference bringing together individuals for local, state, and national change.

The Dream Riders come from all over the nation. Most are graduate and law students from Harvard University. These are lawyers, advocates, and community activists coming together to highlight the plight of immigrants from all over the world, to share stories from the boarder, and to encourage community involvement. In conjunction with Centro de Pueblo the United Congregational Christian Church of Eureka are hosting the Riders.

More information about Journey2Justice in: https://godreamriders.org/



  • I hope it wasn’t a Harvard grad that wrote this press release

  • “This historic event is drawing attention to citizenship for all.”

    Does this idea honestly seem workable to anyone? There are over 7 billion people on earth.

  • Halt all immigration until we assimilate the foreign population that’s here now.

  • They created a problem then offered a solution.
    Think about the NFTA GAT Clinton signed that sent our manufacturers to Mexico and there they had no labor or environmental restrictions.People are fleeing Mexico and other places because the poor policies of the Globalists.
    Our country is divided over an executive order that Obummer put in place and it expired, so congress needs to step up and work on the legislation to improve the situation and true fix not a band aid!

  • People need to come here legally used to be they did come here legally but I don’t just want people coming here we know nothing about and I guess a lot of them don’t have any papers they need to stop them at the border I don’t want to see children taken away from their parents but how can you just let the parents commit a crime I need to stop them at the border and send them back till they can come legally maybe we need to have more people to help get in here legally maybe more people the border to help them with paperwork

    • Ha ha ha..bring ice…surprised at the comments..where’s all the open border peeps…so glad the majority are against this ..gives me hope for our country.. America💪

      • i try to keep an open mind and see the other side but common sense is common sense. legal immigrants welcome, illegal undocumented whatever the latest terminology, unwelcome.
        u.s. citizens first, u.s. interests’ first

  • Family separation is called divorce.
    Progressives don’t seem to care about that.
    Since when do people who think the the nuclear and/or extended family is oppressive care about families(single mothers) and their fetuses?
    Close the borders now.
    Integrate the diasporas that are already here.
    Make sense out of nonsense
    Turn diversity into integrity
    Celebrate integrity
    Mandate integration

  • Where’s all the child endangerment charges for these people dragging their kids across Mexico to our border

  • My wife’s Abuelo emigrated here from Mexico City and he did it by joining the Marines and nearly getting his ass blown off on Iwo Jima in WW2. When he sees people demanding citizenship for breaking the law he is so insulted and almost gets as pissed as when he sees people who don’t want citizenship waving Mexican flags in his country who are just here for the free ride.

    And for anyone with a hole in their head supporting illegal immigration so that the globalist corporations have an exploitable work force, go try and run that border yourself, it is deadly. I grew up there, it is gnarly, especially for the central americans who the Mexican coyotes think of as their Mexicans, they rob them, beat them, rape them, kill them, that is what you are promoting. I have pulled more half dead illegals out of the Carrizo Badlands about and hour from death with feet already gangrene than you will ever go out of your way to meet in your life. Just stop it and pull your head out of your white guilt ass and help some homeless vets.

  • Listen, it would be real nice to be able to include everybody. To let them come to our country, sign up for free benefits, and be able to chase the American dream, which these days seems to be sitting on the couch as much as possible. The fact of the matter is there’s over 3 billion people on this planet, even with the legal population that we have in the United States today Bernie Sanders had to admit that just universal health coverage would cost us over 1.3 trillion dollars a year by his estimation, with other studies on the same plan saying it would be closer to 3.3 trillion. If you people want government subsidies that will allow you to live comfortably, such as food allowance, medical coverage, a cash allowance and rent paid you’re going to have to cut down the pool. Name one country in this entire world that provides free medical care, housing, cash allowance and food with a population more than a hundred million… and remember we have now over 325 million legal residents with another estimated 11 to 30 million illegal immigrants. And are already over 22 trillion in debt!




  • Commendations to the riders!
    The immigration issue is one that most politicians (mostly Republicans) have not had the guts to try to seriously fix. Shame on them! Obama at least did something (DACA) for the kids who were brought here. Someday, someone will need to tackle this issue, in a comprehensive way. Like it or not, our economy and way of life depend on immigrants (legal or otherwise).

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