Two Mountain Lions Spotted Crossing Road Near Korbel

Mountain lion by Art G. (originally posted to Flickr as Those Eyes) via Wiki Commons.

Stock photo of a mountain lion by Art G. (originally posted to Flickr as Those Eyes) via Wiki Commons.

About 12:30 p.m. today, Thomas Moon, a resident of Maple Creek Road near Korbel, said he saw two large mountain lions about a 1/4 mile east of Camp Bauer.

“They just crossed the road in front of me,” he said. “Both were huge…They were the biggest I’ve seen.”

Moon said he wanted to warn residents of the area. “I was worried,” he explained. “I passed a jogger going up the hill just a minute before I seen them…There was a wedding going on at Camp Bauer.”

He explained that it wasn’t normal to see mountain lions in the area. “It’s been years since I seen them,” he told us.


  • Laytonville Rock


  • I lived on that road 40 years ago and was on my bicycle one day when I saw 3 very large cats in that same spot.

  • In the full daylight?
    Knowing that they are out there, joggers, runners, hikers and all should have a means of distracting them…
    I like the idea of a small air horn, myself.
    And aren’t we lucky they’re still there?

    • Always jog with someone fluffier than you or with a cyclist, they seem to prefer cyclists to joggers.

    • Lucky we do have them or we’d have deer living in our yards in town. I have them coming to eat just certain flowers when they bloom right in McKville.

  • Yay, kitties! Hopefully some idiot(s) don’t go shooting them.

  • Sonabitch need gramhar lessin. The mountain lions are fine. No one calls the local paper when you cross the road…take a chill-pill and a deep breath, you’ll be ok. [edit]

  • A couple of months ago, I saw one, freshly hit, in the middle of 101 at the road construction near Myers Flat. It was the middle of the day and there were workers very close!

  • Survival of the fittest, California is on fire, wildlife are in a fight for their lives, wouldn’t be surprised to see more sightings. The damage from these fires is just devastating, heartbreaking

  • I got 50-60 lion scats on my road in the last two months. It is marking territory around the meadow and has killed all of the deer there except a couple. It has crapped in my fenced yard at least 3 times, and there are deer parts everywhere. I am armed wherever I hike. Here kitty kitty.

  • they have a right to be here a mammal on this earth .although I also believe we should be able to hunt them as to manage their species

    • Fish, Foul, Reptiles and Amphibians have no rights. Right?

      I always get confused on that issue…

      Also, I believe climate change is going to manage OUR species.

  • so how big was that cat.?ive seen 6′ full grown + the 4′ plus tail … up to a nice meowist…

  • It was the guest of times

    Steve French! He’s just a big stoned kitty

  • Mobius Dancer’s post: YES!

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