[UPDATE: Located] Three-Week-Old Needs Immediate Medical Attention, Says EPD Who Asks Public’s Help Locating Him and His Mother

Press release from the Eureka Police:

Veronica Brooks

The Eureka Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in locating 33 year old Eureka resident Veronica Brooks and her three week old child, Benjamin Nunez.

Nunez is in need of immediate medical attention.

Brooks was last seen riding as a passenger in a small blue car with a male driver in the downtown Eureka area. If you know the whereabouts of Brooks and her son, please contact EPD dispatch at (707) 441-4044. EPD Missing Persons Case #18-005438

UPDATE 7:20 p.m.: According to the EPD, “The mother and 3 week old child have been located.”



  • Veronica, I don’t know you, at all. But here and now, you make a choice. Dope, or your son. Simple decision. Please choose a drug free life with your child. There’s alot of people to help you. I pray your not just another statistic, overdosed, another motherless child. Please step up. Prayers to you veronica.🙏💪💪💪👊👊👊❤💙❤💙

    • If you don’t know her as you clearly stated… Then how dare you assume she’s having drug problems??? How dare you judge her when you clearly said you did not know her! I’m sure the advice you just tried to give her has been given to her several times that is if indeed if she has a drug problem! I don’t know her either but I don’t like what you’re saying and assuming you’re making an ass out of you and me!

      • Yeah, she could be just finishing up her other eyebrow.

      • if you knew how many parents abandon their kid(s) for the hard drug life you would be rethinking your comment. it is one of the main reasons we have a serious social problem. it even happened in my family and I became a relative care giver as a result.

      • Mary, the only thing making an ass out of anyone here is your reply.

      • I thought her comment was positive and from the heart , no matter what her struggle is , it should help that it’s a positive comment . Anyone can see that and appreciate it . I know I would never be in that position with my child and I live in the same world so she should understand the comment.

  • Sharon, apparently, has a crystal ball.

  • Shut it, mary.😘💪💪💪

  • In the middle of it all Mary you implied “if she does have a drug problem” so you are making assumptions too.. So who’s making an ass out of who.. It’s just best NOT to throw your 2 cents in when its not even worth that.. The girl has problems but what’s the most important thing here is the safety of that child.

  • She left rehab in the middle of the night last year around april while still pregnant with her daughter Talullah. Thought she moved away. Seemed like she was trying to get her shit together, it’s too bad she can’t figure it out for her and her kids:(

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