8.8 Acre Fire Off Hwy 36 Frightened Residents Last Night

Sparks fly during the fire. [Photo by Kody Ables]

Sparks fly during the Fume Fire. [Photo by Kody Ables]

Around 11 last night, many residents along Hwy 36 were frightened to learn that a fire started about three miles southeast of Mad River. Wildfires across California have forced evacuations and burned homes.

According to the Six Rivers National Forest, their firefighters supported by CAL FIRE, Humboldt County Fire, the Sheriff’s Office, Mad River volunteers, CalTrans and CHP worked to contain what the blaze which was called the Fume Fire.

It reached 8.8 acres before it was extinguished. Hwy 36 was closed for a time, according to Caltrans District 2. Now it has reopened.



  • CLAUDIA Johnson

    More fires it’s everyday now I wished it would rain

  • Any report on how this fire started?

  • Not as close as the vegetation fire across the road last Summer, but still WAY too close for comfort!!!

  • whoa.. pretty scary.. this fire was less than 1 mile from my cabin where my daughter and myself, our dogs and chickens were sleeping.. nothing but a bit of natl forest between us and the flames.. woke up middle of night, maybe 3am from all the vehicle noise and our dogs barking but didn’t smell smoke so didn’t have any idea we were in danger until we went to our lookout point w binoculars this morning.. yikes.. so glad the firefighters were on top of it.. THANK YOU!! prob helps that the mad river ranger station is only about 5 mi down the road. this is the third small fire thats started in the same stretch of road over the last maybe 8yr and theyve put them out quickly every time. this time it burned just east of the big transformer beside/above the hwy on the “goatskin” property. wow.. what a close call.. thanks again firefighters.. you’re awesome!!

  • SCORE!
    By Catherine J. Frompovich
    August 6, 2018

    Whoever would even have guessed a state public utility commission would reject the New World Order’s and the UN’s Agendas 21 and 2030 “smart agenda” for asserting and implementing global control mechanisms by deliberately DISAPPROVING a utility company’s proposal to retrofit AMI Smart Meters on to its customers’ electric service? AMI Smart Meters are an integral link in the coming Internet of Things, smart cities, and possibly other control mechanisms.


    • the coming ignorance of things?

      “coming internet of things” GTFO! smart meters have been here for years now! Have you ever tried running a EMF meter around one? Try it on an old meter. The electromagnetism comes from the electricity moving through the wires. not the meters. try an EMF meter on a fluorescent light. Did you type and submit your off-the-mark post using a wireless router?

  • Kym….what is this post above
    have to do with ANYTHING

    • Probably globalism…or HAARP… or Lemurians

    • Lets see, what do firestorm meters on everybody’s home and business have to do with houses igniting and all contents vaporized like NO FIREFIGHTER has ever witnessed? But the vegetation around the homes hasn’t burned. It’s not like the “Wildfire” burned up to the houses.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e5cm5Bc7AU Why “New Normal” Smart Fires Burn Trees From the Inside 17:59 July 30, 2018

      laswan s. 1 week ago
      I think the trees in my state of WA out on the Olympic Peninsula by Lake Quinault were hit by laser weaponry. About 100 huge and I mean HUGE trees were broke off at the base. All in a circle. All snapped off at the base. Not really covered by the media. Not even local. I know because that’s my neck of the woods. MrBB33B or whatever he calls himself did a video on it.

  • So let me get this straight….

    Planes have been spraying aluminum oxide for many years over Cal and beyond (Many have wondered why)

    Aluminum oxide is one of the most powerful fire accelerants known to man

    Those are two potent facts.

    What are YOU going to do about it?

  • We was a scared.

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