Body Found in Eureka Alley

Police tape crosses the alley.

Police tape crosses the alley. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

At approximately 3:15 p.m., law enforcement and medical personnel poured into an alley off the 600 block of West Del Norte Street in Eureka.

A witness told our reporter that he had found a body of a man that was pretty far up in the bushes with no shirt on, a tie-off on his arm, his eyes open, and flies on him.

The Eureka Police have not released any information.

Emergency Personnel and law enforcement line an alley in the 600 block of Del Norte.

Emergency Personnel and law enforcement line an alley in the 600 block of Del Norte. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

UPDATE 5 p.m.: Stormy Taylor said that the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office is now on the scene.

coroners truck

[Photo by Stormy Taylor]



  • So sad! Another life cut short cuz of drugs.

  • We shouldn’t speculate that this was due to drugs. The tie off could of been because he was trying to donate blood. Or maybe it was a tourniquet because he was bit by a snake.

    • Well,it’s bad enough that we’re supposed to know what a tie-off is

    • No tie offs are used locally in the blood donation process, only cuffs.

    • 🤣

      • Free tie offs and needle exchanges. This surprise’s you!? Lol. Whatever. Fuk junkies n theives

        • I feel sorry for all the people on drugs because im sure this was not their life olan things happen bad choices i feel for their families

    • Common sense says we can speculate .you don’t tie off unless your shooting up…prayers

      • Ya, speculating is when you say things that aren’t already a proven fact. When it says how he died there’s nothing for people to make up about him, he clearly died shooting up. No matter what got him to that point it’s definitely a sad way to leave. I hope you found peace buddy…

        • Quote, “what would lead you to write assumptions about strangers who died? Are you lacking happiness or experiencing mental health issues or overall lack of fulfillment in life?” J, august 4th. There is nothing more proven in this case yet than the release where this was written, just saying…

        • Actually, to a junky, leaving his world high on dope might just be the ultimate experience.

        • No, speculation is when you make an educated guess, considering the facts you’ve been given. It has nothing to do with making things up, or saying things that aren’t proven facts. It’s filling in the gaps with the most plausible possibilities by utilizing the facts that are established. This is why utilizing the English language is so important; so you know what the f@ck you’re actually saying.

    • Or maybe he was diabetic!

    • was drugs I’m sure…if he was donating blood the nurse would of took of the tie off before

    • Or it could have been a murder and the suspect did a tie off to make it look like drugs.

    • R u fucking kidding? Of course it was drugs

    • Your right, Aliens were probably takin blood fer research.

    • You win today…

    • If you hear hoofbeats you think horses, not zebras. With the drug problem we have running rampant through our streets completely untamed…drugs are a legitimate assumption, as opposed to some other obscure reason like a venomous snake that we don’t have around here or an incomplete blood dontation.

    • 😂😂😂

    • I live right there and there are needles and bent spoons in front of my house all the time.

    • You know it could have been staged to cover up a murder …. easiest way to do it these days and get away with it cause Humboldt county isn’t much into going the whole 10 yards for an investigation if their is any easy answer to close their case. Did they Id him yet btw.? U just never know til the facts are in y’all…..

  • Sad indeed a damned shame for a fact!!! Hopefully they find the peace they were looking for in the drugs on the other side!!!!

  • Curiouser and curiouser

    Such a sad way to go. Alone in the weeds. Man, that is truly sad. Heart goes out to this man and his family.

    • Thank you for feeling compassion for this poor soul. 💜 Gives me hope for this world.

    • Maybe not. I’m not about to do it and i hope others don’t try, but your “alone in the weeds” could also be seen as unbothered in the fragrant golden summer grass, with flowering mustards and Queen Anne’s Lace all around, a sunny day in Eureka (if indeed it were daytime when this final bliss went down), and the exact rush of total pleasure this person needed, delivered to perfect the moment.
      Think that’s perverse? To me it’s another angle, a way of looking at those last moments as perhaps not a sad, alone, miserable moment, but a (short-term) planned moment of peace and satisfaction in a tiny, hidden spot of Nature. Whether the final outcome was planned, who knows… but i don’t think a field of “weeds” is any worse a place to die than, say, an ambulance gurney.
      I imagine it felt worse to the person who found it than to the one who has left us.

      • good to look at things from different perspectives

        • Or not. Romanticizing the sordid reality, making it sound better than it is where another choice could have been, made is not just ” a different perspective.” It’s dangerous to those who despair but can still choose.

          • I understood the responsibility in making such a post. Decided that if anyone were so predisposed to off themselves that a blog comment from me sent them over the edge (fat chance), they were probably pretty darned ready to go… and if they did it in a way that made them happy at last, more power to them. Hope i die in a patch of vegetation myself, if i have a choice, preferably a larger space. (Though, as an aside, i don’t think we should assume they meant to go… overdoses or poisonings are accidental.)
            I think the better way to help the despairing would be to care about their present lives than to tiptoe around the undisputed facts that death would stop this particular reality for them, and certain drugs will temporarily stop it.

            • Sleepy Alligator

              Laura I have to say that these two posts of yours are the most honest and real comments I’ve ever read on here. I hope the loved ones of this deceased man have the chance to read them.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            You call it “romanticizing” and Laura calls it “another angle” but I call it being open-minded enough to know that the obvious is not always the definite. It’s also called being a realist. Most things in life can be viewed from many different angles if the viewer is capable of thinking outside the box (one’s personal beliefs). I commend Laura for her comment. Whether she’s right or not (only the dead guy knows) she showed me an angle that had not crossed my mind.

            • Nonsense. Reality is talking about being incapable of rational thought or enjoying life enough to not want to lose it for a chemical high, violent seizures and drowning in vomit, related diseases and dying in the midst of dog poop, cigarette butts and used syringes. And maybe grieving families.

              Seeking beauty in dying in weeds is what you are forced into when you have lost the capacity to just stand there and enjoy. Just like child pornography, there is harm in sanitizing it.

              Caring for people’s lives includes not encouraging the delusions that leads them ever further into despair. Or worse make it sound like a viable relief to those who have not yet gone there.

        • Thank you, good to see your smiling face M!

      • The grass is greener in Humboldt.

        I have never heard something as amazingly beautiful. My prayers are with you, the family of the deceased, and all of the people affected. God bless.

      • Indeed,
        From what I understand when someone dies their bowels let loose.
        I’m certain it was worse for the person that found the body.

    • Crazy judge mike

      Good person right here

  • Fentanyl is death.

    • Exactly!! It’s killing by the dozens in some towns. I hope that doesn’t happen here. But it’s SO deadly; people don’t realize!

    • In my 1911 I trust

      9/11 2001 the twin towers were attacked. By 2003 there was a full-scale invasion of Afghanistan. As of 2016 there were approx. 690,000 acres of opium under cultivation world wide, with Afghanistan cultivating 500,000 of those acres, that’s about 72% of the world’s production. My question is, for all the noise being made about how terrible opiates are and the scourge that they bring on our country, why did our army not torch the opium fields when we were literally standing in them? More over, why did we stabilize them? The opioid epidemic is not one of the street dealer, the addict, or even the cartel. Its one of our own gov’t that is supposed to protect us, it is an epidemic to continue to destabilize us and to be used to take away more freedom to keep us “safe”. Yet as more laws are passed to keep us safe and more poor souls pass away in the bushes, don’t forget to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the US Army and Government, don’t let them pass the buck to the street dealer that wouldn’t exist of it weren’t for the good ol gov’t.

      • The Ostrich Hunter

        By torching Afghan opium fields, you simply turn farmers to fighters and risk the lives of our soldiers.

        Meanwhile, production would just ramp up in Mexico, or any other place that grows poppies.

        Supply will always continue to meet demand.

        Until opioids are treated as a public health matter, and not a criminal justice issue, we won’t see progress.

        • Even in the most drug tolerant countries, creating and selling drugs outside of regulation is criminal. There is no honor in supplying addicts.

      • amen to that:and a quote from one of our founding fathers”[t]hose who would trade liberty for security… deserve neither”…

  • HACHR is death.

  • Firefighters rule

    Why not speculate it’s a drug death it might stop someone from Dyin, that’s right it’s never that easy…..

  • Permissive Humboldt is to blame. Druggies gravitate here. Locals grow up to be druggies. Shout out to the “generational” growers and their spawn, plus the dope culture and it’s dope leaf trucker hat-wearing youth. Great job to all of you! Keep on killin’!

    • Spot on Stormy, and just what I have been saying for a long time. Permissive drug culture and lack of proper perspective on reality/what it takes to grow up to be a good person.

  • Is anyone keeping count of the drug overdoses in Eureka?

  • Another junkie o.d.

  • Another guy named mike

    Oh know not the infamous heroin snake IT STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!! some people…

  • Alt Right For Life

    Free needle exchange is slaughtering people by promoting drug use.

  • Thank god, one less tweaker.

  • Maybe some of that good fentanyl finally got here and the herd will be rigorously thinned

    • Natural selection has to reignite in our species or we are really going to be doomed in the future.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      So you think people who make comments like yours are so much better than people from that “herd”? That’s the first issue with yourself you should work on.

  • Location clarification: Alley is at the rear of 600 block of West Del Norte. Enter alley off of Spring Street. Location is correct in story, incorrect in photo caption.

  • Do not judge lest the be judged. It’s a damn shame your life is so sad you have nothing better to do.

    • Anti troll league

      Little is a better spending of time than pointing out the end that drug abuse can lead to. Judge away, loudly and constantly about the delusions of drug abuse, so that maybe even one person thinks twice about going there. The one you save might be your beloved.

  • Sorry I meant “LEST THEE BE JUDGED”.

  • Elric of Melniboné

    Fenton Nell strikes again.

  • DONT listen to the haters, i hope you guys are alright

    Yall assholes. This family whoevers family this man belongs too is probably worried sick. And probably dont appreciate you trash talking on their family member that you dont know personally. What if your son, daughter, brother, or wife was found like that and people said the crap you have. You should be ashamed.

    • Anti troll league

      As if not talking about drugs addiction and its results is more compassionate. Maybe, if there is a lot of hard hearted talk, there will be less cause to worry about the feelings of unknown relatives of an unknown person who died, because everyone will be so aware of the ugliness of drug abuse and what it means, they don’t go killing themselves in the first place. Maybe the public comments that are frank and unkind are just what is needed to save the next person, which would be a greater compassion than averting eyes politely, of the true risks and unglorified reality.

      Somehow the idea has gained traction here that it is more important to spare a few people some extra grief than it is publicly announce of the utter ugliness of drug use. Go ahead, criticise the behavior that leads to death by self administered drugs as much as you want. Whether speculation or not. The more the better. Make everyone totally aware, at every opportunity, of the utter degradation it leads to. There will never be a better opportunity than now where the example lies in a back alley, not hidden away decently from public scrutiny.

    • When a family member starts the spiral of drug addiction, you wait and hopefully you don’t get that phone call or knock on the door. No one is ever prepared … hoping the family finds peace and closure, I’m so sorry

      • Anti troll league

        I didn’t mean families should condemn their relatives wholesale. I meant that society in general has some sway in how young people view drugs. Adolescents never sees themselves as vulnerable to a drug addict’s end. It gets romanticized when famous people are constantly reported as having an addiction. So the view is that drugs are part of being creative or successful or rich.

        If someone on the other hand who is spectacularly ordinary or even unsuccessful, not to mention otherwise unattractive, meets an ugly end through addiction, it is the only time a contrary idea to the popular myth of drug addiction is seen. That drug addiction is seperate from being creative or successful. So I don’t think that the feelings of relatives should be deferred to in suppressing the ugly reality. It is the only opportunity to get the idea across in a way that can’t be so easily ignored.

    • Phyllis, I will answer your question. If a relative of mine died like that I certainly wouldn’t get upset at what random people on a news blog have to say about it. Why on earth would they be reading the comments section anyhow? I’ve gotten that phone call about a close friend. It is what it is. You make choices in this world and live with the consequences. I don’t find the open discussion of the dangers of drug us to be offensive. Perhaps they will help someone make a better informed decision in the future. If you do decide to use dangerous drugs I have absolutely no problem with that, just be aware and prepared to deal with any risks and consequences that come along with it. Its not like someone jamming a needle in their arm is reasonably expecting a good result and this outcome is some unfair rare side effect. I in fact believe that death might be a good alternative to the suffering these people are obviously living through that would drive them to do stuff like this in the first place. Death doesn’t always have to be view as a negative thing in our culture. Often it is the ultimate eliminator of suffering and the most natural part of any life cycle for any living organism.

      • I agree with you mostly except….I’ve known many people who stuck that first needle in their arm not from suffering as much as a sense of adventure coupled with a desire to get real high. Then comes the addiction and suffering. So in this regard I agree with Anti Troll League. I think we would do well to remove any romantic or adventurous connection to hard drugs. They suck and people die. Often on their way they steal from everybody who loves them and then strangers. We have tried the sympathetic, sensitive and caring route. Perhaps we can speak out strongly and draw some hard lines? And then if kids still fall prey we can still help them get clean. We can do both.

    • Thank you. Broken hearted mom, wondering who that is……

  • Free needles is a high price to pay

  • I don’t think free needle exchange is prompting drug use, it’s just that many more needles off the streets and out of children’s reach, it’s up to parents to teach their children about the dangers of drugs, with the price of everything so high parents are too busy working or others doing drugs they can’t properly teach their children anything

  • Sadly no matter what the circumstances another life was taken and yes because of the tie off drugs are a big possibility did anybody stop to think maybe they committed suicide it’s all about the air bubbles

  • Some of these comments.. smdh. Use your brains people
    We aren’t fucking stupid. There isnt a venomous snake for him to tie off a bite from LOL LOL LOL.
    And the blood drive wont leave you with a tie off on. 🤗😩
    R.I.P. and i hope ur at peace now.

  • I know usually names aren’t publicized for overdoses, any chance we’ll get a name for this one though? I moved out of the area a few years ago, but my daughter’s dad is still in Eureka, homeless and struggling with addiction. We haven’t heard from him in over a month, which has happened before, but it would be nice to be able to rule this out.

  • Tin Pan Alley ,blues there is killing me !

  • Another casualty of the misguided war on drugs.

    • ???? Yeah like the War on Drugs, a failure or not, was created before there was a serious problem that it was supposed to address. The lack of policy was failure. A policy of calling it a disease and demanding treatment is a failure.

      The closest thing to success is providing drugs at will so those addicted can indulge with minimal criminal activity against everyone else. They will achieve a steady state, where those who will kill themselves will have done so and those who haven’t killed themselves have no reason to hook others into their addiction for drug money. That is the result of learning fatalism. Learning that some people are irredeemable.

  • Lol that snake came out of nowhere and bit him in the ass! Watch where you walk when “tying off” Lol!

  • I have to stop reading these comments. It is tainting my view of humanity.

  • How many more Eureka? Handing suicidal people the means to kill themselves is not helping them. Please find it in your insanely asinine budget to fund some recovery centers and some drug use prevention in our education system. I know that after you put in your safe injection sites, needle return kiosks, and funding your needle exchange program, there probably won’t be much left for it. To continue this present course will only leave more bodies in the bushes of people who might have found a way out.

  • Crazy judge mike

    Why live in such a shithole place? To start a business and make money off these junkies… you are a crazy for living there

  • All of u people on here who wants to talk bad about this person who has left this earth …. Man fuck all of u look down your noses ..!! Because they were an addict .. Things happen for a reason an what goes around comes around .. Even your poor shitty way of seeing things

    • Anti troll league

      When has keeping silent changed anything? The least a person can do when confronted with a problem is to speak out. For the sake of those living.

  • Im wondering if im gonna be killed in this horrid corrupt county before im able to leave. These opiates are basically legal WTF>

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