[UPDATE 5:54 p.m.] Vehicle Fire Spreading Into Vegetation

Firefighters are at a vehicle fire which is spreading to vegetation off of Heindon Road southwest of McKinleyville. The vehicle is “fully involved.”

“There is a large amount of brush on fire,” reported the Incident Commander.

UPDATE 5:30 p.m.: A reader sent us the following photo:

A van on fire spread into vegetation.

A van on fire spread into vegetation. [Photo provided by a reader]

UPDATE 5:46 p.m.: Another view.

Black smoke boils from the vehicle.

Black smoke boils from the vehicle. [Crop of a photo by Jonathan Beck]

UPDATE 5:54 p.m.: Firefighters have gotten on top of this quickly, according to the scanner.




  • Lucky thing we have fog and rain here. I was mentally bitching about the gloomy weather, but I won’t any more.

  • I just got one of those small fire extinguishers for each vehicle.
    If everyone had one handy,it may help.

  • CLAUDIA Johnson

    There have been a lot of car fires in last few months More than I can every member I wonder why??We have to be so careful We are the only part of state not burning

  • Update the Humboldt County ordinance fire is still burning out of control with approximately 330 properties threatened with no relief in sight the behind-the-scenes story gets more interesting as we move along from what I understand if you get one of these letters you have to clear all cannabis growing on the property including personal use and medical and then start paying fines per day for as many violations as they could come up with and this is just the beginning stay tuned for the backstory

    • You have a problem with people that are from here, may I ask why your here then?

    • Anti troll league

      No comparison to the poor people who lost everything in the ongoing fires and hadn’t done anything wrong. As opposed to those who sought to make big money doing what they were well warned was illegal and had consequences.

      Say to yourself repeatedly until it finally gets through: “It’s not always all about me and what I want.” Then seek accommodation based on a clearer understanding that you are not owed the right to flip everyone else off for profit.

      • Just reporting it as it is it’s the County who’s flipping everybody off just when everybody voted it to be legal and now it’s more illegal than ever and a lot of people don’t know how much it is driving the economy do you think it’s commercial fishing crabbing or do you think the logging or tourism that is running the economy most of the Cowboys even were growing the stuff and from what I understand some of the people who got these letters are true Mom and Pops and true medical people some of them were not even growing marijuana. And the most important part of the story is still to come keep your ear to the ground the horsemen are galloping

    • I’ve been thinking lately that there’s no point in me replacing all my culverts because some day the place is probably going to burn down someday.

  • Thank you once again, firefighters.

  • joe chill

    • Just upsets me when most of the people don’t even realize that a large part of the county is on fire and how it got started okay good night yo

  • What the ??? Are you rambling about, this is a story about a vehicle on Fire!! How or when did it turn into a story on marijuana & growers?? Wow some of the readers on here & lost coast need to get in touch with reality & get back to earth. It’s not all about you & pot ok

  • Joe Dirt,

    The terrorists will continue to chuckle behind closed doors as they divide their share of the booty, and it will continue until the terrorists are physically picked up by force and removed or in the extreme case executed.

    History has clearly written that reality over and over again across the globe over the centuries. The names, circumstances, and tactics may change but the end game always remains the same. When dealing with thieves and criminals from within any political body, they breed and multiply as their theft goes unabated and the general populace will always acquiesce to avoid confrontation out of fear of harm by stronger forces.

    The thievery intensifies, the number of thieves increases, their tactics used by the thieves intensifies, until one day the population has had enough and revolt. Individuals and small groups that revolt are usually destroyed by the thieves. Also, thieves being thieves, if they see their looting being jeopardized by public revolt, where they think the public just may revolt and successfully eliminate them, they themselves having the finances of the decades of looting accomplished, then organize and promote themselves as the revolution to eliminate the ‘criminals’ of the ‘black market.’ The public then unwittingly being in a state of blind hostility from decades of being stolen from, follows the instructions of the thieves themselves. -Walter Burien, CAFR exposure (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)

  • Joe Dirt,

    It would be nice to hear from historians in this current “MJ” debate regarding Corporate rights in a Constitution written by people with an understanding of state citizen as something based on accountability and membership in a republic society.

    The weakness is the lack of validity. Unelected, fully-funded Honsal puts on a costume every day and performs his job, acting as Sheriff. There’s a part of this governmental equation, the doctrine of the separation of powers, that’s missing. Who’s playing the lead role of judge, jury and executioner? Acting in their personal capacity, outside of the republic, practicing a foreign (Bar Union Member) jurisdiction, they are personally liable. Every body who joins in the fraud, is as guilty as the perpeTRAITORS,

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