18-Year-Old Eureka Resident Identified as Deceased Man Found Near Humboldt Hill on Hwy 101

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficeToday, the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office released the identity of the body found deceased near Hwy 101 about 3:30 a.m. on yesterday. He was 18-year-old Hunter Allen of Eureka. Allen was found on Hwy 101 north of the Humboldt Hill exit. His death is being investigated as suspicious and an autopsy is scheduled for August 8.

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: Unidentified Young Man Found Dead on 101 Near Humboldt Hill Exit



  • Rest In Peace young man.

  • As far as I can tell, there has been no explanation of what is suspicious in this death. Normally reports will say at least what the apparent cause of death was such as being struck by a car or something.

    • When law enforcement says a death is suspicious it might not be a reference to their cause of death, but the fact that they turn up deceased. Maybe they were a known witness to something or had ties to a suspicious situation or had knowledge that would implicate others in a crime. The press release states that they have not determined his cause of death. So maybe the manner of death is what’s in question as in why is he dead. Not how. Maybe this kid knew something or was endangered for whatever reason and now it’s suspicious that he’s coincidentally deceased. Just a thought.

    • They do that intentionally, so when someone starts talking about what happened with details they know that they probably know something.

  • Prayers of Comfort to his family and friends.

  • So very young, so sad. RIP

  • My name is not important.They killed me, they turned off my heart .I did not have a chance
    to defend myself ,but I’m asking you. Who is next?

    Someone yours,neighbors,loved one or just the person you are met in the passage,or it does not matter
    if he’s a stranger
    someone who is not in your life.
    But that person is part of the family
    who loves and suffers
    Are you still stay in the silence and hide the truth

    Who is next?

    • All the lives lost

      Who’s Next? Is what we chanted when chris Burges was killed by a cop. And we haven’t stopped chanting since and we never will! This is our town and if the cops hands are tied due to the laws, Its time we take a stand! Too much death, drugs, thieves and many other problens that need to GO! Love and light to Hunters friends and family. You will never be forgotten lil one

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