Unidentified Young Man Found Dead on 101 Near Humboldt Hill Exit

Death investigation, coroner, sheriff HumboldtA young man was found deceased early this morning on Hwy 101 near Eureka. According to Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “[A]bout 3:30, we were called to invest a suspicious death on Hwy 101 just north of the Humboldt Hill exit.”

Karges said, “A deceased male subject was found near the roadway. The subject appears to have been in his late teens or early twenties. He has not been identified. We have not determined the cause of death.” The time of the autopsy will be released later today.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445 7251.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • RIP young one hopefully they can figure who etc cut your young life so short & punish them to the MAX allowed by law!!!

  • Another body so many I don’t know what’s happening to this county Drugs?

  • CLAUDIA, what happened is the liberal horde that has moved into the County over the last 2-3 decades, that has spawned the green rush, and created mega programs to help the homeless (not local homeless, those that have been drawn in either by the green rush that has ended, or word of mouth throughout the west coast of the mega programs). In addition, those same liberal minded folks have eliminated the industry in the area, because they don’t want to see industry they want are protectionists.

    There are a negligible amount of good paying jobs for our young, so they either leave, or they try to escape through drugs. A local drug tolerant culture from liberal ideals and perspective, seen no where else at this level!!

    • you sound delusional.

      • Actually, he’s spot on.

        • if you would like to learn something, do some research. the important factor is this problem is a nationwide low income high crime relationship topped off with a hard drug issue. the mills where I grew up were shut down by a variety of factors, mainly the rise of japan, but the ignorant ones also like to blame liberals. please educate your kids.

          • Your solution? Spend more money locking people up? Build a police state? The one we have isn’t big enough?

            • no, my solution is the 20 year plan that focuses on education. there is no way to lock up 2,500 perps in a town of 30K. there was a day in my past where I faced a class 2 felony in a zero tolerance State, I got probation and made something of myself. I never got arrested again.

          • Sorry but you are buying a liberal talking point festering in fallacy. Nashville for instance has grown like a weed in 10 years and has jobs galore. The growth rate beat its original 10 year outlook in a year. Williamson county in Tennessee is one of the wealthiest counties in America becuAse businesses like Mars , Nissan , GM , Ford motor credit have established businesses their. Your narrative is false. Many states like Texas , Tennessee , North Carolina etc have seen these types of growth. 0 state income tax , insentives for businesses to relocate such as tax breaks fuel their economy. Your liberal area and state ARE to blame for the drugs , high home prices with out jobs to support them. Middle class is being pushed out of California creating a socialist government that you are either rich or poor. The rich love it while everyone else suffers. Yet , they are teaching the populous that they can get a handout , live off the government and suck the tit of liberalism as the only way to live. Keep pushing your false narrative as you are proof of the problem.

            • the south has the highest drug and crime rates in the US. Red states use the most welfare. those are facts. blaming the rich for your own failures is a scapegoat.

              • Again , speaking in fallacies. So the south being an area 1/4 the size of the US doesn’t mean shiz. Speak to the point. Many areas in the “south” have similar stories like the onset of liberalism and jobs running away but to use a blanket statement about the country as a whole and jobs gone etc is your biggest fallacy. Get outside of your bubble , stop reading the bleeding rags like the HuffPuff , and maybe your cup won’t be half empty. Your perspective is of a surface thinker and one who isn’t truly educated. So please respond with more assumption and fallacy.

                • I look at pictures, like pictures of US data maps. I don’t read anything for pleasure. you should try some data with a 3rd party viewpoint it might help you.

          • Greatnortherness

            Hey local observer I like to call it the culture of poverty. I was born in Garberville but grew up in Mendo. There were sawmills up the ass running 24/7 when the greedy cocksuckers (GP LP) shut it all down there was NO employment. This led to folks doing things they normally wouldn’t do the next generation saw this as the norm and it’s been getting worse. But I’m thinking it’s gonna get ALOT worse when the county has put all the small farms out to make way for the blood sucking parasite corporations takeover. California voters shoulda read the fine print. Sad we can’t organize and take back our “we the people”

            • more like the culture of blame.

            • Speaking of my dad being a marine veteran says if you read that and read the fine print sadly it says We the People take it in the ass.. and sadly that’s almost true. alright just had to stop in and read this article, just sitting over here on the borderline Shasta Trinity County still on emergency standby evacuation but we’re doing all right, hope everybody over there on the coast is fine. Hopefully his crime will get solved for the young man, no matter what the circumstances are sad to see such a young life taken so early if it was intentional thing shame on them I hope they catch them if this was some kind of a freak accident May he rest in peace

          • I couldn’t agree more. “Liberal” and “conservative” seems to be too many people’s go-to excuse. This is not one or the other! This belongs to each and every one of us.

          • When I was 17 you could stick a pair of gloves in your hop pocket and start early going mill to mill asking for work. usually you would have a job by noon.
            Think those days are gone forever.
            Pot IS a progress inhibitor, smoked it for years. One day I just quit for years.
            Meth KILLS.

          • Liberals and conservatives – it’s all a sham to keep you asleep. Right vs. Left doesn’t work anymore. It’s all a slave economy. “Shop local” is a scam, as local businesses are as bad as national ones. They are far worse for hiring.

            I am unemployed. Local businesses won’t even interview me. They hire friends and family. Cronyism and nepotism is king in Humboldt.

            Homicidal drivers abound here, especially in Eureka. EPF does nothing. I am nearly run down in the street every day. Drivers ignore crosswalks. Pedestrains are always targets, even in parking lots like Bayshore Mall and Target.

            • You must of not tried hard enough, my families biz, just hired 3 random walk in applications. If you couldn’t get a job at Humboldt House Inn l, Rays or Shop Smart, you might want to look into help filling out your application. Maybe Google some hiring tips. Seriously, who can’t get a job at either of those 3, even as a last resort? They hire anyone and everyone!

        • Bunched Pants on aisle 5

          When was Eureka this bastion of virtue that you remember? Dude loggers in the 50’s were bigger socialists than any Arcata latte SUV pilot.

        • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

          Totally agree – Lax attitude on drug culture. Not enough emphasis on education or economic growth. Unregulated infestation of huge mega grows, collective apathy and a trail of homeless vagrants that move in droves from east to west for the freebies and good weather. Supervisors that have thrown south county under the bus.

          Said it before and will say it again — If town wants to make a recovery, time to clean out the vagrants, no more food programs, freebies or shelters — We don’t have the infrastructure, funds, housing or mental health available to support the influx and today’s vagrant is NOT your average 1970’s free love drifter. TOTALLY DIFFERENT TIME.

          Major California cities can’t effectively handle the homeless influx.

          Draw the line. Kick people off your property. Call the police. Close the bus station transit. Hold the hotels accountable for hosting drug dealers as their main customers.

          Refocus on creating a charming town for residents, retirees, investors and tourism like it used to be. FULL STOP.

          • Good communities are grown by good people.

            And using the comments section under a report of a young man’s unexplained death, to go off on a rant about politics instead of offering condolences or sympathy is a)terrible manners and b)mean.

            Which is just as much of an ugly side of this community as its drug and economic problems.

            • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

              Random deaths and murders were very uncommon back in the day. The shifts in the culture have also brought a new wave of crime and death. I feel for this loss of a young life. I’ve lost many young family members. You never get over it — premature deaths can also be a sign of deep social problems in a community — and that was my point.

              • You are very ignorant regarding what went on “back in the day”. The numbers were smaller, the proportions were the same.
                The murder rate has decreased over time.

          • Absolutely perfect and spot on to all accounts!! You nailed it for what we have become and what we need to do to right the ship.

          • Kicking out homeless people doesn’t end homelessness, it just displaces it. You’re a textbook definition of a NIMBY: you don’t want to actually fix societal problems, you just don’t want to have to see them so you can pretend they don’t exist.

            • Conservative Stupidity


            • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

              Good luck fixing massive social problems and drug addiction. Real change comes from within and I applaud people who make use of resources to turn things around. Many people on the street do not want help. They want to just hang and not have any responsibilities or expectations placed upon them.

              Real homeless are people who are too old or sick too work, people who have lost jobs, the mentally ill and veterans — Not people who just like to hang out on side-walks, fully able bodied (20’s and 30’s) and ask for hand outs.

          • If your really a concerned biz owner, Id think ya’ll should focus on opening later in town, instead of opening after the tourists check out and closing shop before the tourists check in vs just blame vagrants for towns issues!

            • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

              Vagrancy is a serious issue and blight on the entire town and the north coast. Countless people from out of the area have related stories or being turned off and intimidated — and that they won’t be coming back. Hard working productive people don’t want to be around that. Druggies passed out on sidewalks and evening strolls just don’t mix.

              Also, from a business perspective, this town has just about the worst labor force selection I have ever seen…It’s very hard to run a business in this town and have long hours of operation if staff is limited and provide bad service to customers.

              • Oh you mean the bad reviews left after the tourists could do nothing in town but tour the vagrants like garden statues. Maybe if anything were open before 11 or closed past 4, they would of had something else to do but complain. Bad workforce? Maybe work some hours yourself and set an example of real hard work. Might inspire your worker bees some.

                • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

                  Running a small business in California is VERY difficult. It sounds like you have no experience with that because the owner is often working the hardest to keep it all afloat.

                  The ethics and efforts of many seeking employment in this day and age are in the toilet…particularly young people who think coming to work means being glued to their phones and acting out in defiance like you’re mommy or daddy rather than their boss…..I’ve also had exceptional employees and they are a rare gems.

                • Actually I been in biz my whole life, learned to walk in my families store. I think I might know your problem, from the last statement. It sounds like you’ve set no boundaries from the beginning of ones employment. If you address those 2 issues at, day 1 of training, you should have a easier time. 1)” If you have time to lean, you have time to clean, PERIOD! ” 2)”This is a biz, not a debate hall! It’s my word or the exit door!” You have to remember, common sense is not common! Seriously, set that in stone, day 1, and you might have a better hire in the future.

    • Wow talk about delusional… This young man died… Take your paranoid behavior somewhere else!

    • Nope he’s not. LoL, most born & raised growers I have met, who hire foreign trimmers, & are on the get legal list, wear MAGA hats!

    • What is in your pipe?

      • There herb those MAGA guys grew, that’s what. Silly question.

        • Their herb, not there herb, where did you go to school, must have been the public school system! And that’s probably the real problem!

          • Conservative Stupidity

            Love a trucker who cares about proper English usage and grammar. Keep on truckin’!

          • Lol. It was actually suppose to be, ‘The herb’, not ‘there herb’ or ‘their herb.’ Dang auto correct. Simple tech mistake, had nothing to do with public education silly. I’d think you could come up with a better insult, with your private school access. Is that what they teach you there? Insult those with less access to education because of financial status?

          • I did not go there, Herb🤣🤣🤣

    • The people who actually run the country applaud your ignorance as they continue to take a bigger and bigger share of the wealth of the nation for themselves leaving us to fight over the scraps.

      • Yawn. It’s always been that way. A 100 years ago 5 Americans owned most of the WORLDS wealth. Being that your a lefty for life definitely lets us know how stupid you are. Thanks for making it clear before you speak. Your leftly talking points are tired.

    • [Edit] this was my son that got killed and it has nothing to do with drugs, well maybe the coward ass loser that struck him was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. My son didn’t use drugs ! Your comments are all pointless

      • I am so so so sorry for your loss! I felt nauseous after reading this story until I was able to get a hold of my “early 20’s” son. I can’t imagine your pain-prayers to you and your family.

      • Peace to you and your family. Sorry you have to read all this bullshit. Your son and his death are what matters now <3 sincerely hoping that they are able to locate the perpetrator

      • so sorry for your loss

    • Have you ever gone anywhere outside of the county?

    • Liberal….. Ine brass diversity
      Leftist .. For Liberty over authority
      Don’t be a sheep and use words incorrectly

    • Pretty much the reason I left humboldt. Dead end job is the highest legal income. Or join the drug life and trim or grow.

  • Perhaps connected to the `Herrick ave` incident ?

  • Wow, person deceased, no information on cause, no information on the circumstances, but narratives are quickly spun nonetheless.

    Who needs facts when one has imagination and/or agendas?

  • Yes. Build prisons up and down Hwy 5 easy access and don’t start with the “we spend more on prisons than schools” I don’t give a crap. Maybe if kids didn’t have to put up with tweakers and thieves daily and knowing they’re gonna go to jail if they’re bad, they’d do better in school.

    • That’s the same reasoning as repeatedly cutting yourself, and deciding that the way to deal with it is more Band-Aids — when what you need to do is stop cutting yourself.

      Concentrate on the cause, and get education the priority it needs.

      • Jail will help you get a GED.
        Free men and women have to pay $250 for it.

        • But even with that GED you can’t get a job because you were in jail.
          Like the inmate firefighters…they will save you from fire and as thanks ….they cannot get a job as firefighters because they have a record.
          American logic writ large.

          • Anti troll league

            Oh it’s so hard. A GED with trade training will have more work than they can handle. It’s the 4 year college degrees working in retail that are a problem- too self important to do physical work yet not able to do hard mental work.

            It’s the college degrees making the regulations that you object to.

  • I think it’s pretty low when people choose to stoop so low as to use someone’s death to blame political points ,or cannabis opinions,I disrespect that.

  • In the history of humans on this earth no economy has ever sustained itself more than a few generations if it was solely dependent on just a small handful of resource extraction industries. Economies fail even more quickly if they were founded on those extraction industries and are geographically isolated. It’s called boom and bust, and whether you’re talking about timber, fishing, or weed, it’s the only reason Humboldt even has white people. Now that they are all three busted, why would anybody be surprised that the next generation has no hope?

    • Anti troll league

      It’s those who refuse history that cherry pick disasters abuse those who adapt constantly . The cherry picking being picking moments just before transitions and not noticing what happens afterward. Assigning hopelessness based on one’s own bigotry is like the preacher pounding the pulpit over damnation yet who is the one actually creating damnation.

      The reality is that all people take the easy road of resource extraction. The ones who succeed are the ones who either fight or adapt when the resource is no longer sufficient. Life on earth is a roller coaster, not a long frictionless glide.

  • Why ????????????????????

  • There have been wayyy to many deaths on 101 between Humboldt Hill exit and Herrick Ave exit. Maybe there needs to be more street lights and a slower speed limit in that section of highway

    • Maybe pedestrians need to stay off the highway?

      • I just want to give my deepest of sympathies to the family, I’m so sorry for your loss hopefully they will find out exactly what and how this happened, as I said earlier if it was a crime I hope they find them and make them pay for it if it was an accident either way may he rest in peace.. I pray that if somebody hit him that they will find it in their heart to admit

      • Hopefully Kym will edit the violent out. Grief can excuse anger but not violence.

        Better to remind people of the things that made you love him. That will allow others to appreciate his loss and hopefully grieve with you. Because the senseless loss of a young man hurts us all and we should feel it with you.

  • A young man is dead. So Very sad. May his family and friends find peace

  • Blame it on the illegals, why not, the head MAGA did and his followers keep drinking that koolaide and well your at it the cartels are also involved, MS13 and all the greedy gringos are to blame too.
    RIP young one, my thoughts and prayers, oh wait those rebulicants use that, dang it!!

    Sorry for the loss of life of a young one.

  • R.I.P to young to be gone😥

  • Why are so many of the comments to this article an irrational political polemic? “Right,” “left,” “drugs,” “Republicans,” “liberals.” We still have no idea who this unfortunate fellow was, nor what the cause of this fatality was. All this is sooo absurd! Let’s at least give it the dignity of the moment.

  • R.I.P sad ….hope they can find out who he was 😱

  • Just to note that there is no footpath between Humboldt hill and Herrick Ave. The freeway is the only way into town. People are forced to walk on 101 day or night.

  • Prayers for this poor child and his family.

  • As I skimmed through 56 comments, I can’t believe how politically ugly 50 of them turned; no compassion for a young man’s life & his grieving loved ones. And yea, there’s no other way to get to town from Humboldt Hill other than walking on that stretch of the road. It saddens me, I have nephews that age that I adore. Very sorry for the family’s loss.

    • Thank you he was my son and he just graduated from school he just turned 18 years of age

      • Sorry for your your child’s untimely death.. I have an 18 and 21 year old grandkids. My heart stopped when I saw the article. I called to make sure they were ok.

      • Terance

        We know how much you suffer!
        And it hurts us for our child
        So many bad comments from this community.
        Nobody respects our loss
        Everyone thinks about himself.
        Everybody thinks that something like this can not happen to them
        My sincere sympathy for your son.

      • so sorry for your loss and also sorry that everyone just assumes the worse when taking about tragedies here ugh. My son is the same age I just cannot imagine how you feel. Rest in peace young man and condolences to all his family and friends!

    • I went back and deleted my semi-political comments because you are right let the dead rest in peace and save politics for the appropriate platform.

  • Prayers are sent for you & your family at this difficult time!!
    As for the rest of you idiots who were trying to act big as far as your selective words all I can say is this… “YOU WERE WRONG” on who is to blame for failure of a once beautiful city & county. It’s not the citizens but actually it’s the ELECTED OFFICIALS we have voted in & let do this. It’s time to change this or we are doomed. Look at all this money they are spending on a TRAIL between two cities!! OMG, I can think of at least a dozen things those funds should’ve been spent on. Roads, Schools, Parks, Cleaning up the city itself, everywhere you look in Humboldt anymore it’s rundown & delapidated. Sad but true. Used to be a proud town but not anymore.

  • Umm…. perhaps money for a trail along this section of freeway wouldve saved this kid’s life, [edit]. You might want to think about your own selection of words next time, so you don’t choke on them. This article is about an 18 year old boy who was killed walking along the freeway. Get a freaking clue.

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