Two Arrested After Eureka’s POP Serves Search Warrant

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

handgunsOn August 1, 2018 at 12:25 pm, officers with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing (POP) unit served a search warrant at a residence located at the 200 block of M Street.

As a result of the search warrant service, two loaded handguns, ammunition, approximately 6 grams of suspected methamphetamine, approximately 5.5 grams of suspected heroin, and items consistent with possession for sales were seized.

Based on the investigation and seizure, the two occupants of the residence Jeremy Jonah Jones (42 years old of Eureka) and Jessica Marie Bennett (33 years old of Eureka) were taken into custody for the below charges:

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

Jones: Felon in possession of a firearm

Felon in possession of ammunition

Possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of sales

Maintaining a residence for the purpose of distribution


Jessica Marie Bennett

Jessica Marie Bennett

Bennett: Possession of a controlled substance

Possession of drug paraphernalia

An active misdemeanor warrant for drug possession

Jones and Bennett were both booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. This is an ongoing investigation and further details will be released if appropriate.



  • Is she winking at the camera? Thinking to herself ‘ I’ll be out in a day or less. Just you watch’.

    • I think she got Problem Oriented Policing (POP’ed) in the eye.

      • Looks more like she needs a couple of metal plates from a previous injury. Or a exorcism, I’m not a expert.

    • Although the news always states they “are booked into the Hunboldt County jail.” What is always left out is the “released” part.

      They are “booked and released.” Usually takes less than two hours.

      • Yes we know they are usually booked and released . 10 people think they need to mention this every time .

  • This kind of crap is getting old. I’m tired of how our justice system is trying to deal with the drug users and sellers. Something new needs to be tried. Our government needs to stop enabling these people. Harsher punishment for dealers, something that is going make people think twice about dealing! Stop giving the junkies any government assistance. Take away the soup kitchens. Don’t treat em at hospitals. They are on their life path. It’s their choice. There’s two roads. Sobriety, or a drug life that leads to a miserable life and probably a early death. Why prolong the inevitable?

    • But…. but … but, it’s a non violent crime man. Like ah stealing stuff to feed your drug habit so you can ruining your kids life and make them grow up to be just like you, a theiving no good social parasite junkie. It’s non violent crime so leave the less fortunate alone ! It’s not there fault, it’s society’s fault they choose to do drugs on a daily basis and have no job because of drug induced mental disease and now leech off of govermrnt funding payed for by you working a job. Non violent crime. Passed by California’s most ignorant voters. Oh and don’t protect yourself from these zombies with violence or YOU will go to jail, and you won’t be booked and released.

    • Treatment is a far more productive and vastly less costly option.
      And education about that FACT for folks like you is important too😊

      • Oh if only that were true. Treatment works only when the addict has reached a point of wanting sobriety more than the drugs. Not a second before that. Many addicts never reach that point or only get there after decades of destroying others along the way when staring their own death in the face.

        Conflating those who want treatment with all drug addicts is fantasy. Useless.

      • I agree, haul them to the sewage “treatment” plant and chuck em in the clarifier.

  • Agree Jacob, only problem is that society will not allow that to happen anymore. There are many, many programs for these folks. Unfortunately the majority of them don’t want the help, or cant deal with cleaning up, so we get the herds of these wack jobs, permanently homeless, tweakers walking the streets at all hours looking for their next victim or their next hit.

  • He could have picked a better lookout person…

    • She’s keepin’ an eye out

      • making fun of someone birth defect that most likely adversely affected their entire life sounds appropriate.

        • This is humboldt. Would you expect different these daze?

          It’s not like a prom picture it’s a booking photo. Fair game

        • You can call me Ray

          Are you saying it’s okay to use that to make poor life choices?
          Most people wake up every day and decide what kind of person they are going to be that day.
          It’s what you do that defines you – not what your born with.

  • “Herds of wack jobs.”

    ummm we’re going up in flames!! You guys are dang entertaining and make me laugh, however . . .

  • Where are the drugs? I am sick and tired of seeing gun pictures in the news, it gives all responsible gun owners a bad name. They should have used the guns to shoot up their drugs!!!

  • Are they Humboldt natives or transplants from elsewhere??
    I’d bet they are from the Humboldt gene pool!

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