Fortuna Police Searching for Man Who Allegedly Fled Traffic Stop on Motorcycle

This is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Thomas Ashton Hodgin On July 31, 2018 at approximately 8:30 pm, an officer with the Fortuna Police Department attempted to stop a 2004 Yamaha R1 motorcycle that was traveling at a high rate of speed on South Fortuna Boulevard.  Upon the officer activating his emergency lights, the driver of the motorcycle accelerated and turned westbound on Kenmar Road and then Southbound on Highway 101.  Upon entering Highway 101, the driver accelerated to speeds well in excess of 100 M.P.H.

Due to the reckless disregard for safety exhibited by the driver and the importance of ensuring the safety of the other motoring public, the officer discontinued the pursuit in the area of Highway 101 and Highway 36.

Upon additional investigation, the driver of the motorcycle was identified as Thomas Ashton Hodgin (age 31 of Alton, CA).  At approximately 11:00 pm, the department executed a search warrant in the 2700 McDermott Street in Alton.  During the search warrant, officers located the motorcycle and additional evidence of Hodgin’s involvement in the vehicle pursuit.  Officers were unable to locate Hodgin at the residence.

The department is currently looking for Hodgin and is asking for the public’s assistance.  If you know the whereabouts of Hodgin, please contact the department at 707-725-7550 or the tip hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME.

Photo is a previous booking photo.



  • This dog needs a new home.

    OK, just trying my chops as a troll… not so good. (No more troll for me.)

    But, at some level, probably a level that is irresponsible, I sympathize with the guy.

    Is there any traffic on Fortuna Blvd at 830 pm?

    At any rate, I’m glad our Fortuna cop had the sense to stop the chase.

    Warrant at 11 pm means he must have really P’d the cops off.

    • It matters not whether there is traffic. The guy was speeding, and then saying f you on the freeway by going that fast. Lock him up before he kills himself or someone else.

    • Doesn’t matter about traffic. It only needed one vehicle to be the other half of a speed related fatality accident. He was already going way too fast when the cop attempted to stop him. Then he responded by going faster. This man’s not-so-inner child needs not to be on the public roads

    • When you don’t stop for the flashing lights it hurts their feelings, and they will spend the next 2-1/2 hours trying to find you, or your bad a$$ motorcycle. Nobody actually got hurt, just some bruised egos. What a waste of money and manpower! What do you suppose they mean by “additional evidence of Hodgin’s involvement in the vehicle pursuit.”?

  • Leave the trolling up to me from now on …

  • Got to get rid of these drugs, fasssttttt

  • Regardless if anyone was hurt, he broke the law. It is not a waste of manpower to go after a law breaker. I am glad you are not a police officer. Our town would be in a mess if every person that broke the law got away with it because” no one was hurt”. Get real and grow up.

    • Its a good thing there is no other crime in Fortuna to investigate. Frees up two or more deputies to spend time obtaining and serving a warrant over a freaking speeding ticket.

      Good thing for Dragana Solaja’s dope dealer that he/she isn’t speeding on a motorcycle, otherwise they may actually get caught.

      • If they are regularly dealing, they probably have been caught. Maybe more than once. What happens after that is not the responsibility of the police. It’s the nature of Caligpfornia politics and why people come to Humboldt in the first place.

      • Running from the cops escalates the situation far beyond a speeding ticket. Just because no one was hurt this time, doesn’t mean someone won’t get hurt the next time he wants to get his rocks off by driving like an asshole. Can’t wait for them to catch this punk and nail his nuts to the wall.

  • I say good job Fortuna Police Department keeping the public safe during the craziness of a Pursuit, and then diligently tracking down the Reckless suspect in a safe manner. That’s making him pay for his stupid decision, they will get him. Let’s hope this teaches other dumb assholes stay the fuck out of

    • He is born and raised there he aint no outsider. Hes a good guy. Why you gotta talk like he is a no body.

      • Why is it a good thing to defend actions that could get people killed just because you know the person?

        • Yes i know him. And he isnt a “bad” person. So he made a bad choice. Im sure others have as well and to judge him is wrong. Who died and made u god.

  • this guy regularly blames liberals for everything in the comment sections on FB.

  • This is old news now. This needs to be updated..

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