[UPDATE 9:25pm] Eel Fire Necessitating Evacuations East of Covelo

Map of Eel Fire’s approximate location provided by CalFire Twitter feed.

The Eel Fire ignited at 5:30 this evening on Mendocino County Road M1 and  Mendocino Pass Road east of Covelo.  As of 8pm, it had burnt 400 856 acres

According to the CalFire Twitter feed, “At 8:33 tonight the Mendocino Sheriff Department issued mandatory evacuation orders for all residents between Black Butte River, Anthony Peak, US Forest Service Rd M4 to mile marker 10.”

Evacuation route recommendation from the Mendocino County Sheriff is to travel east on US Forest Hwy 7.

The Mendocino County Sheriff also posts there is a shelter in place at the Covelo Fire Station at 75900 Covelo Rd.  Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency will be there.  The phone number there is 983-6719


UPDATE 9:25 pm: David Dirck PIO with CalFire explained that the fire started at 3:30 pm.  While the CalFire Twitter feed says the fire is 856 acres, he said it is currently 650 acres.  He also said it is 0% contained.  While no structures have been destroyed, 10 are currently threatened as well as a campground.

Dirck said multiple crews were immediately available to respond including “multiple engines and multiple aircraft.”

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time and is currently under investigation







  • Are these the campgrounds near Howard Lake?

  • I see a pattern & hope to God this isn’t the work of some sicko hater who is trying to burn out the Emerald Triangle. How many are from an unknown cause? I don’t want to think there is anyone like that among us.
    Our brave, hardworking responders are exhausted & resources are getting thin, not to mention the toll it has taken on those affected directly. This nightmare has got to stop. Thank you to all.

  • Hash lab.

  • Marks place, O’Neill place, Hayes place, Cards place, an odd place, Covelo .. Outpost closed comments before they even started on their article. Guessing it’s the location. These fires are crazy, hopefully we don’t have a serial arsonist on our hands….

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