Rally for Housing Justice at Humboldt Courthouse Tomorrow

Press release from MHAction 

age from the Affordable Housing Act site.

Image from the Affordable Housing Act site.

Local homeowners and residents of manufactured home communities, renters, and community groups involved with California’s Housing Now Coalition, will convene outside the Humboldt County Courthouse on Tuesday, July 31st at 5pm to advocate for and educate the public on Proposition 10. Proposition 10 seeks to repeal the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. If passed by voters in November, Proposition 10 would allow local governments to establish more comprehensive rent control laws that protect affordable housing and address the housing crisis.

The overwhelming support for Proposition 10 comes in the midst of California’s affordable housing crisis. California’s housing crisis is being fueled by the corporate takeover of manufactured home communities, apartment complexes, and single-family homes. Many have found when Wall Street-tied corporations and private equity funds take over ownership of our state’s housing stock, homeowners and tenant face a devastating combination of rent hikes and decreased maintenance that decimates the housing security of thousands of families. Homeowners and residents of manufactured home communities and tenants are calling for an end to these predatory practices that are tearing apart communities, causing economic insecurity, displacement and homelessness. Those attending the rally will also be calling up the Humboldt County Commissioners to pass a resolution supporting Proposition 10.

What: Time for 10 Rally

Where: The Humboldt County Courthouse

When: July 31st at 5pm

Who: Manufactured Housing Action (MHAction), The Homeless Student Advocate Alliance, Humboldt Del Norte Counties Central Labor Council: AFL-CIO, Humboldt County Democrats, Green Party of Humboldt County, The North Coast Peoples Alliance, Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives and their allies.

“We need to strengthen rent control protections on the local level as corporations are buying up apartment buildings and raising the rents and pushing people out of their homes,” added Nancy Mahoney, a manufactured home owner from Arcata, who assisted in passing Measure V which calls for rent stabilization in manufactured home communities in Humboldt County. “People need a secure and safe place to call home especially those who are most vulnerable to rent increases such as the elderly, who live on fixed incomes. Our fight for housing justice in manufactured home communities is directly linked to the need to overturn Costa-Hawkins. That’s why I’m involved.”

Proposition 10 would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. Adopted in 1995, the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act exempts housing built after 1995 and all single-family homes from local rent control requirements. It also requires all local rent control laws to contain vacancy decontrol provisions, among other provisions. Under Costa-Hawkins, landlords are permitted to raise rents in cities where rent control is in effect once these units are vacated. Studies (is this true) have found this law has resulted in homelessness which have become so pervasive that some California counties and cities have declared a housing state of emergency

Doug Rose a manufactured homeowner from Humboldt County says, “to me, before we had rent control for mobile homes in our county, rent increases were a little unfair and unreasonable, but this has become a common practice in our society that is only concerned with profit. We need to have laws and regulations in place to protect people. I know how renters feel when they have no voice at the table. This is why repealing Costa-Hawkins is important because it would give more power to the tenants and the communities they live in to address the affordable housing crisis. Humboldt County Board of Supervisors should pass a resolution in support of Proposition 10”.

Participants of the Time for Ten Rally are hopeful that Proposition 10 will pass in November and give local communities the power to stop the corporate landlords of all residential rentals in the state from raising rents to a point that the majority of Californians cannot afford. They will be calling for the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to stand with the renting families and seniors of our county and to draft a resolution in support of Proposition 10.

MHAction’s mission is to engage and empower manufactured home owners that live in manufactured home communities (trailer parks) to build and win local, state and national campaigns that protect and strengthen the long-term viability and affordability of their communities. MHAction believes that manufactured home communities play a key role in rural and exurban communities across the nation in providing affordable, safe and accessible housing for all. For more information go to http://mhaction.org or contact Mateo Rebecchi (206) 218 6-018 to set up interviews with manufactured homeowners who are leading the campaign.



  • Someone should suggest to the organizers that a little proof reading might be in order in the future. The “is it true” question in parentheses doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  • How many people, in in our area, own their homes outright?
    How many pay a mortgage?
    How many rent?

    • How many live in a tent, trailer, shed, etc. on the hill? How many live in a car? How many sleep in a homeless camp or on the streets?

  • things you hear

    They must have this guy on the case if anyone is going to take them seriously.

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