[UPDATE 10:08 a.m.] Fire Burning off of Alderpoint Road

vegetation fire iconA vegetation fire is burning east of Dyerville Loop Road off of Alderpoint Road east of Garberville this morning. First reports place it as a half acre.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, Cal Fire is requesting County Roads help set up a partial lane closure as they fight it.

Multiple resources are inbound.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 9:44 a.m.: A photo from John Schaafsma shows the charred and smoking fire area.

Charred and smoking grass line Alderpoint Road

Charred and smoking grass line Alderpoint Road. [Photo by John Schaafsma]

UPDATE 10:08 a.m.: The fire is contained at 1.4 acres, Cal Fire Battalion Chief Paul Savona told us. The cause is under investigation.




  • Oh no. Please let this get put out immediately! Blessings to the fire fighters, that they have all the best circumstances fighting this.

  • Page out came across as power lines down. Life hazard. Good luck FFs!

  • Veteran's friend

    I believe it has interrupted broadcast radio….KHSU just went off air on 89.9 local.
    KMUD is still up ….

  • What time did this start? We’re right on the CALFIRE flight path south, and have not heard a single plane. Maybe they’re diverting east before 4 Corners, but we usually would still hear them.

  • No time for nonsense.

    PG&E once again. Good news I think it’s out. Sooo sick of PG&E and their BS. The companies they hire couldn’t give a damn about their work or the danger they put communities in. Do pole work in house like you used to. Have some damn pride. PG&E needs a complete overhaul. Their disgusting.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    How do YOU know that it was PG&E that started this fire? Did YOU see them start it?? Can’t believe some people.

    • Very true Eldon. PG&E is blamed for just about every thing when it comes to fires. I am sure we will here what the real cause was.

  • I’m in Blocksburg area and I heard the chopper go over that way. Hope it’s out. Looked like it might be on Ft.Seward Ranch.

  • Just passed it. One way traffic. Lots of rigs. Appears to be under control.

  • Thank GOD its out

  • I could see that one going out of control in the meadows, hitting the trees.
    Was mentally packing my evac bags…
    SO glad it’s out!

  • I agree if it got out of control & into the timber it might well spread down here to Bridgeville!!! We neither need nor want that!!!

  • BFPD has enough to do already backing up the Cal Fire station in Bridgeville!!!

  • Well this one was nowhere near Bridgeville. Actually was southwest of Blocksburg.

  • Our firecrews rock!!!

  • Big reminder….
    Get your emergency kits and go bag ready to roll. It only takes a few minutes and it can literally save your life. Make a backpack for each family member that they can grab in emergency&have kids put stuffed animal&game. Pets need carriers ready&go bags too!!!

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