The Carr Fire: Almost 90,000 Acres Burned [Photos, Maps, Video]

A mailbox gapes open in front of devastation Carr Fire

A mailbox gapes open in front of devastation. [All photos by Mark McKenna unless otherwise noted]

Firefighters are battling erratic winds and dry, hot temperatures on the Carr Fire which started almost a week ago on Monday near Whiskeytown Lake. The flames are rampaging through Shasta County and are beginning to threaten residents of Trinity County.  The fire, which has reportedly killed five and injured more, swallowed nearly 90,000 acres by this morning. 517 structures are destroyed. Another 135 are damaged. Over 5000 more are threatened.

Yesterday, the fire made several large runs westward towards Lewiston and Trinity Lake. This prompted evacuations. According to the Trinity Department of Transportation, “Areas east of Trinity Dam Blvd are under MANDATORY evacuation. Areas west of Trinity Dam Blvd are ADVISORY evacuation.” (See here for Cal Fire explanation of what that means. Note: Advisory and voluntary are similar terms in this context.)

The evacuation center in Weaverville.

The evacuation center in Weaverville. [Photo by Joe Pendleton]

According to Action News Now, yesterday, the Bureau of Reclamations announced that “water levels in Trinity River and Lewiston Lake could fluctuate rapidly above and below the lake [Saturday evening] due to emergency water releases associated with the Carr Fire.”

The deadly Carr Fire also headed southeast towards Igo and east towards the Placer Pines Subdivision of Redding.

For more information about evacuations and road closures, click here.

The Plan:

he remains of a house in the Lake Redding Estates

The remains of a house in the Lake Redding Estates neighborhood destroyed by the Carr Fire continues to smolder Friday morning.  [Photo by Mark McKenna] 

Cal Fire is working to keep the fire west of Interstate 5, south of Dog Creek Road, north of Cottonwood Creek and Hwy 36. And, they are also trying to keep it east of Deer Lick Springs Road to Hwy 3 to Hwy 299 to Trinity Dam Blvd.

The Weather: 

Below a video ABC10 posted on Friday of a whirlwind of the Carr Fire.

According to Cal Fire, “Critical fire weather conditions continue again…today.” They note there will likely be wind gusts (up to 20-25 mph), high temperatures (97 to 102 degrees), and low humidity (8 to 13%). They warn, “If a plume develops, the fire can produce it’s own weather, including strong localized winds and whirlwinds.”

The Firefighters and Emergency Personnel:

Ed Boontjer, with the Shasta County Search and Rescue reunites Fluffy with her owners, Keela and Wade Brilz in the Lake Redding Estates neighborhood of Redding

Ed Boontjer, with the Shasta County Search and Rescue, reunites Fluffy with her owners, Keela and Wade Brilz in the Lake Redding Estates neighborhood of Redding, California. The couple lost their home in the Carr Fire. [Photo by Mark McKenna] 

The following drawing at the Incident Command Center for the Carr Fire says it for all of us:

childs drawing on the fire map board at the fire information trailer at the Incident Commander Center. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Child’s drawing on the fire map board at the fire information trailer at the Incident Commander Center today. [Photo by Mark McKenna]


  • Operations Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.

    Carr Fire

    Carr Fire

  • KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program.

    The KMZ Carr Fire Map

    The KMZ Carr Fire Map

UPDATE:  The latest information and maps are hereThe Carr Fire Switches Attack: Some Redding Area Residents Allowed to Return Home; But Trinity County Residents on Edge as It Turns on Them

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  • NPR saying over 120,000 acres this morning. This is a horror movie come to life.

    • This is climate change modelling come to life.
      There are many studies dating back to the 70’s describing the types of fires that would happen ifthe oceans warmed even a few degrees thus affecting the jet streams that are amajor factor in weather patterns.
      As the pentagon has said for years, climate change is in top 3 most dangerous threats to natl security. The petroleum industry is literally running the country and they dont want it talked about, they are responsible for the problem. Shell oil knew in the 70’s, you can find their memos online.

      So its up to us. Every single thing we use petrileum for can be replaced by a much less harmful alternative. The problem lies in 2 things, the rule that made corporations a “person” so theres actually no one personally accountable and the buying up of patents/copyrights to new technologies by petroleum companies who then sit on them so they cannot legally be developed. Changing those 2 things would change everything.
      Its our choice folks, theres nowhere to hide, its on us. The writings onthe wall in big neon letters and has been for awhile. There havent been millions of us screaming about it since the 80’s for no reason! Govt stopped listening to atmospheric climatologists about 10 years ago, scientists from places like JPL who were incredibly well respected prior to climate shift discussions were dismissed. I took a airport shuttle with a guy who did that job about 8 or 9 years ago,and he was on route to meet with govt officials about climate change. He told me then we have 5 years until the point of no return if we stopped every contributing source today, & the govt wont listen but ill keep trying.

      • That country has been burning off and on for eons

        • That country has been burning off and on for eons

          • Not like this!

          • You can be as deep in denial as you’d like. It does not change the facts😊

            • Facts- The reality is that way more acreage was burnt in wildfires until the fire suppression policies of government forestry departments changed in the early 1950s. Until then, it was rountinely more than double or triple or more than what is happening now. Considering that our population is so much larger with corresponding increases in opportunities for human caused fires, we are doing remarkably well. This despite the general decision in the late 1960s not to fight non human started fires where lives were not at risk.

              • Between the three ideas lies the real picture…there is definitely a natural fire cycle. Life has evolved around it as a matter of fact. Fire suppression policies have contributed significantly to the fire danger. Increased global temperatures are making the situation even more deadly.
                Planning for fire is our only defense. Fire is inevitable. We can only control our preparation for it.

      • There is no universal substitute for oil. It is an amazing energy resource…. often misused, but more versatile than anything else available. The economy runs on oil. To pretend we can just stop using it is either a lie or ignorance. Our current civilization exists because of that cheap energy resource.

      • The United States seems to be leading the world in the reduction of co2 emissions. Other countries don’t seem to be following our lead. Check it out.

        Debunk it with data if possible, not words.

      • Don’t let a good catastrophe go to waste, when you spew this dribble! you really like to hear yourself talk ! Uhhhh you live in a very dark world!

  • I don’t get how the perimeter doubled since yesterday but the acreage only went up 10K? I have been trying to find that video again since Action News Now showed it 3 days ago and they showed it just once, that is insane! I think it is important to note that the 9000ac Whaleback fire north of Susanville started at the same time as the Mendo complex sucking more resources. If you are remote I would be prepared as if you are near an active fire because if something new starts close there are no resources. Great reporting!

  • Makes you feel silly about complaining about lifes little mellow dramas. When you wake up in the A.M and your house isn’t burned down and neighborhood isn’t destroyed and your safe there really isn’t anything to complain about. This is really a nightmare for the people living it, I feel for them. So sad about the great grandmother and children.

  • Agreed! It keeps coming to mind how great it would be to be able to hold that perspective without a natural disaster to compare it to, for myself at least. So much gets taken for granted, its all a balancing act i suppose.
    Made me think of this song…..


    I slept through the night, I got through to the dawn
    I flipped a switch and the light went on
    I got out of bed and I put some clothes on
    Its a pretty good day so far
    I turned the tap, there was cold there was hot
    I put on my coat to go to the shop
    I stepped outside, and I didn’t get shot
    Its a pretty good day so far
    I didn’t hear any sirens or explosions
    No murders coming in form those heavy guns
    No UN tanks, I didn’t see one
    Its a pretty good day so far
    No snipers in windows, taking a peak
    No people panic, running scared through the streets
    I didn’t see any bodies without arms, legs, or feet
    Its a pretty good day
    There was plasma bandages and electricity
    Food, wood, and water; and the air was smoke free
    No camera crews from my TV
    It was all such a strange sight to be home
    Nobody was frightened, wounded, hungry, or cold
    And the children seemed normal, they didn’t look old
    Its a pretty good day so far
    I walked through a park, you would not believe it
    There in the park, there were a few trees left
    And on some branches, there were a few leaves
    I slept through the night, got through to the dawn
    I flipped the switch and the light went on
    I wrote down my dream, I wrote this song
    Its a pretty good day so far

  • Go to youtube and look for ABC10 Sacramento and look at the comments on Carr Fire: Cal Fire officials give update on raging wildfire (Saturday afternoon update) video. It is pretty interesting to see a couple comments about cal fire being paid by the number of acres burned this year (as a new policy), weather control technology, and climate change.

    • Is THAT where to find news over the weekend? I couldn’t find a single news program afternoon, evening or night.

      • has been live 24hs since Thursday, also is a good live source. Without a 24hr meteorologist on staff Kym has been excellent

    • Weather control technology aka Weather Warfare, IS “climate change.”

      • That is denial. Climate change was taught to me in the 80s. I was given a global map and data points and asked to determine the global average temperature. I was asked to compare that to the previous several dozen years and as early as that, one could see the upward trajectory.
        Given the beginning year of fossil fuel use, the then current rate of fossil fuel use and asked to plot the rate of increased into the future.
        Asked to use that to predict what to anticipate for the year 2000. As poor a mathematician as I am, it was clear we were headed for trouble.

        This was all before haarp and Geo engineering.

        Geo engineering may be good or it may be bad, but it is a response to, not a cause of, global warming.

        Thinking otherwise is just an excuse so we don’t have to feel bad using our car and the AC and the hot tub and whatever else.

        • “fossil fuel” that about says it all.

          Bet you can recall this one from your 80s education too:
          Driving is a privilege. Driving is a privilege. Driving is a privilege.

        • Atleast you don’t deny that geo engineering and solar radiation management is a real thing like most people. Although I do personally believe that SAR and geo engineering could have a negative impact on the ozone layer and the stratosphere aswell and in turn could be allowing more ultraviolet light to enter through the atmosphere and making the planet warmer. We have no real data about the long term effects of geo engineering and I’m not sure it’s something we want to gamble with.


    Great drawing from the kids,it really shows the diversity of folks working to save everything to everyone. Heroes.

  • The Global Supertanker does not look like it was ever planned or has dropped on the Carr fire… you can see the flights it has taken here …

  • One Mississippi, two Mississippi . . .

    World’s largest firefighting airplane heads to Redding to help fight the Carr blazes
    Emma Heath, Amy Graff, The Associated Press
    Updated 10:51 pm PDT, Friday, July 27, 2018

    SuperTanker 747 fighting the Wine Country fires in November 2017 in this file photo.

    ‘November’ Wine Country fires? Geeze, Ass. Press can’t even get the month correct!

  • The death toll is up to six now, not five.

    Why does the river fluctuate due to the fire? Are officials worried the dam may burn? I noticed the river was up this morning, as I was placing my fire pump near the water.

    • Carr powerhouse is shutdown so they are not pumping water through clear creek tunnel. This has changed the water level at Lewiston and they are releasing to alleviate that.

  • Wish the operations maps would be posted more I can’t find them online.

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