(Listen) Scare for Fieri, McKinley Arguments, NFLer Gets HSU Nod, Chipotle Location?; Other Top Stories

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Humboldt Last Week, Episode 91

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill Website Notes Eureka Location ‘Coming Soon,’ Company Reps Cannot Confirm (6:02)
  • Local Fighter Has Date for Second Pro Match in Bay Area
  • Shark Week Close Call for Guy Fieri
  • Marine From Hoopa Pleads Guilty in Death of Fellow Marine
  • NFL Free Agent Makes HSU Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Man Who Allegedly Committed Murder While Kids Watched Headed to Trial
  • University Administrator Accused of Verbal Abuse at Radio Station Meeting
  • Local Restaurant Honored in Movie Map
  • DMV Plan to Close Eureka Office Until December Likely Thwarted
  • Arcata Posts Arguments For and Against McKinley Statue Removal
  • Olympic Gold Medalist Motivates Local Track and Field Athletes
  • Opinion: EA Sports Makes Mistake About Former Local Athlete
  • Big Combo Giveaway Announced
  • Other Top Stories

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McKinley statue photo by Jss3255, Wikipedia Commons



  • Guy’s primary O2 tank failed on a dive, leading to him having to get to the surface fast while surrounded by sharks! Lucky he’s a Humboldt guy or he’d have lost it and drowned. You go, Guy!

  • Chipotle is poison. Support local business.

    • …. and for the statue. Just paint it black, throw a Indian headdress on him and a Mexican poncho and everyone will be happy…..!?

    • Totally agree. We have many good choices here. Yet the franchise food places along Broadway are packed.

      • Hey Some people like Soilent Green!

      • Just ask for “ice,no water” at the Taco Bell on Broadway and you’ll know why the line is always around the corner! Lol

      • Can anyone recommend favorite spots to get food that wasn’t made in a factory someplace else? I don’t get to Eureka often. I really like Stuf’t Potato but it’s not always open. I got possibly the worst food I’ve ever paid for from Humboldt Smokehouse.

        Does anyone make good milanesa de pollo? Chicharrones?

        • Its not in Eureka, but in Fortuna, Pollo Loco is really good. Its on Main St, next to the farmers market.

        • One of the best restaurants in eureka is 707 located at the carter house inn. Farm to table food with a 5 star service! You up for a 9 course dinner with a wine flight? Go there!

          • I worked there for Mark and Christie as a waiter throughout high school and for a couple years after(early 90’s) and you are right, the food/service and wine list were all unquestionably the best in this end of Ca. There isnt a close second, at least there didn’t used to be. But did they change the name?
            It used to be called the 301 or the restaurant at 301 as that was the physical address on 3rd St. I know nothing of..
            “the 707”

        • The Burger Bar in Rio Dell is good, easy on and off the freeway and you can call ahead of time and place orders.

    • It’s really delicious poison though… a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down and all.. I like their Carnitas poison burrito with black beans, no rice, add fajita veggies their hotest salsa and pico and everything else….
      I’ll eat your poison if you’re all full..🙄
      Additionally, In my previous capacity as Regional VP of a multinational corporation, I authorized and personally oversaw several cross marketing campaigns as well as corporate trade outs with them in the early 2000’s
      While they were still pretty new on the block. In my experience they were always franchised out to well vetted local owners who were very active civicly and gave generously of time/product and cash whenever called upon be that sponsoring/coaching little league (my team beat em, heh heh heh)
      Or church fundraisers or providing foods to numerous good causes and special events. Again this was just my experience over the course of about 10 years in the Santa Barbera, Ventura,Los Angeles and Orange County areas that comprised my region. I admittedly know next to nothing of their corporate overlords or what dastardly plans they may or may not have for all of us but they were always good neighbors and the burritos were slammin..😉

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