[UPDATE] Carr Fire Pushes Into Trinity County; Evacuations

A house in the Lake Redding Estates survived the blaze, but it's yard didn't fare as well.

A house in the Lake Redding Estates survived the Carr Fire, but its yard didn’t fare as well. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

The Carr Fire, now estimated to be over 95,000 acres, is pushing westward. Additional evacuations have been ordered. Cal Fire tweeted the following:

So far Cal Fire is reporting 657 residential structures have been destroyed, three commercial structures and 214 other structures are gone, too. For more information on evacuations and road closures, go here.

UPDATE 9:54 p.m.: Caltrans is now tweeting, “Closure for eastbound SR 299W traffic is now at junction with SR 3 near Douglas City in Trinity County.”

UPDATE 11:43 p.m.: Cal Fire issues advisory evacuation notices for Weaverville and the surrounding area.


UPDATE: The latest maps, photos, info here: The Carr Fire Switches Attack: Some Redding Area Residents Allowed to Return Home; But Trinity County Residents on Edge as It Turns on Them



  • Lewiston is under mandatory evacuations. Now!!!

  • Remember the canoe fire? That thing just moped along within view of my neighborhood for days …Was it weeks? I don’t remember . We were on guard, smoked out , but not panicked. The dramatic advance and destruction of these fires in recent memory? … hellacious .

    • Right, they use to be slow moving and predictable. Now there is no level of too paranoid when it comes to bring prepared to evacuate. For the love of God, please do not leave anyone home without a car if you are within 20 miles of a fire. Remember they can move up to 14 miles an hour, so if you are 14 miles away from one it can be at your front door within the hour worst case scenario. Sparks can travel miles so a new spot fire can be near your house in a heartbeat. If you live near elderly people that aren’t the best with technology and checking multiple sources and updated maps then make sure to bring them regular updates and make sure they have a ride out. Sending prayers to our epic firefighters!!!!!!!!!!

    • Veterans friend

      The Canoe fire was a series of deplorable errors. The lightning caused fire burned inONE TREE for nearly 3 weeks but it’s location was deemed inaccessible except by foot so was left to smolder unchecked until it burst into an inferno. I live very near and listened to every report on my scanner. It subsequently burned thousands of acres.

  • Man I hope this fire cant and wont travel all the way to willow creek…….

  • Douglas City is pretty far into Trinity County. The fire was on the east side of the mountains, burning down to Redding at the bottom. Douglas City is at the bottom of the grade on the West side. There’s nothing much between it and the Berry Summit, which is the pass over the mountains and the county line, so the closure of 299 there makes sense, but I hope the fire is nowhere close to it.

  • Hwy. 36 is being used to evacuate Igo and the fire is also pushing that way. So Hwy. 36 in the Ono/ Igo areas could close at any time…and Hwy. 20 is also closed due to a fire…..call Caltrans road info number if you are heading that way. 1-800- Gas-Road…

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    • Smoke another one

    • Ya, the UN actually admitted to controlling the weather since 1954. It’s so funny to hear people still denying it when they have been told not just from their own government, but all countries in the UN have officially and on documents admitted to weather control using multiple methods. Funny thing is when the UN made their announcement about 6 years ago they admitted they were doing it because of climate change, so since at least 1954 they knew about global warming. THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM ON THE PLANET IS OVERPOPULATION. They know people won’t allow being told to have a responsible and ethical number of kids but they will still do whatever it takes to save the planet from the people. Natural disasters, mass shooting were no motive is ever found, disease. Wake up sheeple, stop overproducing and start paying attention to what the media leaves out.

    • Thanks “wise up”. First link was good. Second link went to a blank page.

    • You seriously need professional help. You are clearly a paranoid delusional. This is not an insult, I am dead serious!

      • I am always amused by these skeptics who see everything as a conspiracy yet some crack pot posts something on line and they take it as gospel. Being an Air Force veteran I can’t tell you how dumb the whole “chemtrails” thing is to anyone who knows anything about jet engines and the aviation community.

    • Billy Joel said he didn’t start the fire.

      With your amazing leaps of logic let’s just assume he did.

  • Did they say how the Carr fire started? Seems close to the road, please don’t tell me a cigarette…..

  • Advisory evac for the Ville has been rescinded.

    17% containment.

  • What about Lewiston?

    • Lewiston still under evac., my understanding is the fire is still at least 4 miles away from Lewiston.

      They saw this fire race downhill to Redding, normally fires crawl downhill and rave uphill.

      I think they’re playing extra safe after Santa Rosa and now Redding disasters.
      There are also thousands of personnel on tight roads…more space the better.

  • Is Willow Creek is safe?

    • From this fire yes. One spark away from our own disaster though, for the next month and a half.

    • That’s what I want to know. Where I live aswell. My friend that’s a fire fighter said it wont come out this way because it would have to travel past alot of rocky mountainous terrain that has very little fuel. I’m not an expert on fires but it leaves me a little more at ease seeing that they have reached 17% containment so I’m not really worried but if I lived in weaverville It would be a different story. Oh gosh Emily let’s pray not!!!!

      • Geography is working against it.

        Trinity mountains also create longer inversions than most other areas geographically.

        I seen firefighters from outa town that just get tripped out by our inversions here.

        I’m in the feeling that Trinity will kill the Carrfire. But I’ll also say and remind myself that there’s never too much as far as fire prep. I put up a roof sprinkler system yesterday.

        If the Carr comes up my hill I’ll tack extra metal roof sheeting on my exterior walls. I am prepared to kill it on my property.

        But also don’t forget, it was 24% contained a week ago at 3000+ acres. Shit happens.

        *unfortunately your friend was wrong about fuel load levels though. Trinity is full of fuel.

  • #carrfire killer

  • 3 heads of #carrfire killing for a 30′ roof.

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