Smoke From Fires to the North and East Are Impacting the Emerald Counties

Smoke yesterday

Smoke from fires in Oregon and one near Redding are lightly impacting our area.

Press release from the North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District (NCUAQMD):

Numerous fires remain active throughout Oregon and Northern California. The main fires that have the potential to impact our area are the Natchez Fire (N/E Del Norte County, CA), Carr Fire (Shasta County, CA), Garner Complex (Southern OR), and Klondike Fire (OR).

Expect smoke from these northern fires to pool along the river drainages, impacting the very northern interior portions of Del Norte and Humboldt Counties. Depending upon location, air quality along the coast is expected to remain generally “Good” to “Moderate” with periods of “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (USG)”.

The Carr Fire east of Weaverville in Shasta County may present widespread haze to the
Trinity Center, Lewiston, and Weaverville areas.

 Klamath is expected to have “Good” conditions with periods of “Moderate” air quality.
 Gasquet is forecast to have “Moderate” conditions on Friday, but transition to “USG” on Saturday.
 Orleans and Hoopa are forecast to have “Moderate” conditions with periods of “USG” and “Unhealthy”, but transition to generally “USG” on Saturday. Periods of “Unhealthy” may occur in the evening time in the valley.
 Weaverville area is forecast to have “Moderate” conditions with periods of “USG” and “Unhealthy” today, and perhaps even worsen over the weekend depending upon the Carr fire’s behavior. Periods of “Unhealthy” may occur in the evening time.

Particulate Matter (PM2.5) monitors are presently in Gasquet, Klamath, Weitchpec, Orleans, Hoopa, Weaverville, and Eureka. Fire information can be found at or at Current weather information can be found at

Updates will be provided as conditions change. For 24-hour Air Quality Advisory
Information, call toll-free at 1-866-BURN-DAY (1-866-287-6329).
Air quality index
Health Information for Smoke Impacts
Concentrations of smoke may vary depending upon location, weather, and distance from the fire. Smoke from wildfires and structure fires contain harmful chemicals that can affect your health. Smoke can cause eye and throat irritation, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

People who are at greatest risk of experiencing symptoms due to smoke include: those with respiratory disease (such as asthma), those with heart disease, young children, and older adults.

These sensitive populations should stay indoors and avoid prolonged activity. All others should limit prolonged or heavy activity and time spent outdoors. Even healthy adults can be affected by smoke. Seek medical help if you have symptoms that worsen or become severe.
If you can see, taste, or feel smoke, contact your local health department and/or primary healthcare provider. This is especially important if you have health concerns, are elderly, are pregnant, or have a child in your care.

Follow these general precautions to protect your health during a smoke event:
 Minimize or stop outdoor activities, especially exercise
 Stay indoors with windows and doors closed as much as possible
 Do not run fans that bring smoky outdoor air inside – examples include swamp
coolers, whole-house fans, and fresh air ventilation systems
 Run your air-conditioner only if it does not bring smoke in from the outdoors. Change
the standard air conditioner filter to a medium or high efficiency filter. If available, use
the “re-circulate” or “recycle” setting on the unit
 Do not smoke, fry food, or do other things that will create indoor air pollution
If you have lung disease (including asthma) or heart disease, closely monitor your health and contact your doctor if you have symptoms that worsen.
Consider leaving the area until smoke conditions improve if you have repeated coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness or pain, palpitations, nausea, unusual fatigue, lightheadedness.
For 24-hour Air Quality Advisory Information, call toll-free at
1-866-BURN-DAY (1-866-287-6329).
For further information, visit the District’s website at



  • Log, log, log. We must stop listening to the freak pagans who want us to live the way they think we should, and not how we want. It is not up to them to decide for us how to live. I have cut down hundreds of trees on my land to make it safe in a fire. Environmentalists are not stable and intelligent people. John Muir was a racist punk. In his diaries, he constantly refers to blacks as Sambos. Makes a note about how slow and lazy the Sambos are when they work, and that a white person can do a lot more work than the Sambos. Well, if I were a slave, I wouldn’t put out either. Duh. The fact is, he had decided blacks are not as human as whites. Why would anyone listen to this asshole?
    Why are we letting the punk Denise Boggs from Montana dictate to us how to manage our forests, fuck her, let’s log! Think of all the jobs, and taxes, not happening, because of freak pagans. We must shut these assholes down, and log.
    I mean, if earth first gave a crap about the environment, why aren’t THEY shutting down the illegal and toxic grows? Why aren’t they at these sites shutting them down like they illegally did to the loggers, who are way more friendly to our environment than illegal growers. Oh, I know. There is no money to be made, so they just let it go. No money, no bombs in anyone’s car, lol. Earth firsts friends Horowtz and Emerson do not pay for pot eradication.

    • Lol, aren’t there any other problems to gripe about and groups upon whom to bestow blame?

    • Trees=oxygen, shade,cooler air

      Uh most fire hazard reduction companies and restoration forestry groups were started by environmentalists, activists and people you’d consider hippies.
      So logging would have stopped the electric cattle guard malfunction, the blown tire rim sparking, the PGE lines going down sparking, the hand of an arsonist???

      Ive done earth first actions and guess what i also worked for a company doing fire hazard reduction work hauling trees and brush cut by experienced fallers to burn piles. I also studied at hsu&understand the role of fire&opening the understory.
      Those studies led me work on public lands that led to EF as i saw very things i was taught to never do in a forest being blatantly done by huge corporations with no recourse, or they just paid the fines.
      Cutting stands of old growth is in no way better for fire.

      The mismanagement of most of our public lands, agencies doing controlled burns in irresponsible ways and absolutely horrible clearcuts&other logging practices have made for extreme fire conditions.
      Are you really going to argue that timber companies being allowed to kill standing trees with poison that are “undesirable”& left as dead standing matchsticks, i mean trees, is somehow better than not cutting an old growth stand thats providing shade coolness and damp ground????
      When firefighters show up off duty at a board of supes meeting asking for the practice to be ended because its creating awful fires, you know its serious. Those arent EFers.

      Any firefighter will tell you the fires we’re having these days are not following “normal” patterns as to what they were taught. These are firestorms, creating their own weather patterns. If you pick up one of the many books written from the late 70’s and on about modeling of what would happen with fires if our climate shifted and the ocean temps rose affecting the jet stream, youll see its pretty scary how right they were/are. Its science, every action has a reaction to be basic. Theres no doubt climate shift is a big part of this, worldwide.

      And fyi joking about people being blown up in their car for being a public face of the environmental movement here is not funny&if i knew your name id report you.maybe youre the one who blew up judi bari and darryl cherney??

      Judi, a woodworker&workers rights leader, was very highly respected in the logging community, she was bringing that community&enviros together to talk and it was working. Then they blew her up. Funny the fbi did a car bomb training on PL land in humboldt just a few weeks prior.
      Take a few minutes to look at some of the google earth images folks are posting of areas with grows that neighbor timber company land. The logged area looks at least 10 times worse, & theres no way to measure the millions of tons of silt dumped into the eel and van duzen riversfrom logging, still running off after 20+ years.

    • Elric of Melniboné

      Nice bit of trolling.

    • Going to research the Muir claim. He’s a god to progressives

      • It would be kind of funny! Like how Gandhi slept naked with his daughters. I like watching peoples’ heads explode as they try to reconcile or explain behavior of their chosen heroes! (For the record- I like the results of Muir’s environmental work. But I do love irony.)

    • Seek help.

  • Smoke drift on Spyrock

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