Motorcyclist Injured After Crash in Eureka; Accident Captured on Surveillance Video

Motorcycle accident

Emergency personnel surround the motorcyclist. [Crop of a photo by a reader]

Home surveillance video captured a terrible accident today on 14th and E Streets in Eureka around 4:15 p.m. A motorcyclist was struck by at least one vehicle while crossing the intersection.

[See surveillance video from Jesse Osenbaugh below]

Closer view here:

The victim was injured and taken to the hospital. We don’t know his condition yet.

Below are photos of the aftermath. The motorcycle lodged against a sign.

The motorcycle lodged near a wall.

The vehicle ended up sideways in the road with pieces strewn throughout the intersection.

Traffic accident

Eureka Police had to direct traffic through the area for some time.

Police officer directing traffic.

A police officer is directing traffic as the patient is loaded and the accident is cleared.



  • I hope the motorcyclist can recover quickly that looks really bad, It looks like he flew close to 100′ 🙁

  • Looks like the car had the green light, but it had just turned green. The car in the opposing direction does what I do, look both ways before committing to the intersection. The bike was flying through that red light.

    • I was there just after it happened. The motorcyclist looked bad ! EPD had people leave the area, in the way.

    • Looks to me like the motorcycle had a red light for quite some time (four seconds if the video is playing at normal speed) before entering the intersection, didn’t even attempt to slow down (given his speed looks to be about double what the cars are doing), and this is a pretty clear-cut example of what happens when you run red lights.

  • Looks like the bike was going WAY too fast. Sad though

  • People PLEASE watch for bikers even if you have the right-of-way. Hoping the biker is going to be fine. I feel sorry for the car driver that hit him. No one wants to live with that memory.

    • Why should cars watch out for bikers specifically? Is it because they’re always doing fucking stupid shit and you want to act like it’s everyone else’s job to try to protect them from themselves?

      How about some instructions to bikers to remember that traffic laws apply to them too, as well as the laws of physics?

      Being aware of what other traffic is doing, even traffic that should be stopping, is always a good idea. All traffic, not just motorcycles. However, given the speed the idiot on the bike was going, there’s a very good chance he was not visible to the cars until it would already have been too late for them to do anything, even if they had seen him.

    • Ok, first of all, the car didn’t “hit him”, it was he who hit the car while running a red light. But yeah, it’s always good to especially look out for bikes because they might run into you or you them.

  • Did he run a red light while speeding?

  • Haha! Ran the red light and got creamed. Life lessons are hard.

    • Mama Bear ~ Amy

      no one said the person ran the light. said it was changing. this is someones family member. Such an ugly comment “guest” Not surprised you didn’t have the balls to post your name.

      • Play stupid games win stupid prizes the report states he ran a red light at more then double the legal limit. No sympathy for idiots

      • Everyone is someone’s family member, why does that give people on motorcycles the right to drive like idiots the majority of the time?

    • Haha, let’s hope it doesn’t happen to you or somebody you love.

      • Won’t happen to me but someone I love maybe they should pay attention when they jump on the scooter that I’ll do 100 and fucking 90 miles an hour fuck that you want to play on bikes know what you’re doing and pay attention

    • Let’s hope that you or somebody you love aren’t stupid enough to be flying through a red light at a ridiculously high rate of speed for a downtown street.

    • Satan. is that you?

  • Compelled to comment…the vehicle is not “sideways in the road”, but rather at a dead stop where it was struck at a very high rate of speed by the motorcycle. Both airbags deployed in the vehicle, the impact was so great. The motorcycle rider was clearly identified as being at fault by three witnesses, and MAY have been attempting to evade police as he was reported to have several warrants out for his arrest.

  • If you’r riding a fucking motorcycle you’ve got to look out for yourself that’s just stupid that guy was driving like an asshole. Now he has consequences to deal with not a problem for the driver but the dumbass tried to run the red light or beat the yellow I don’t know what he was doing but he was hauling ass fucking idiot

  • Don't add up???

    How is it that the people in the 3rd video just happened to be recording that intersection at that moment ? Who sits with a camera like that out their window just taping the intersection and commentating ? Seems fishy…

    • There are only two videos. The first is a surveillance video. The second is the owner of the video using a camera to video his computer screen…Because he is just focused on the area where the accident occurred though, it looks larger.

  • Will the rider have to pay the minimum $489 fine?

  • I’m a rider, for the last 40 years. Have had a few close calls, but learned long ago that you ride very defensively at all times. The biker in the video clearly ran a red, at speed. Zero sympathy. And yes, I do know someone who was hit by an idiot driving a car.

    • I was one once, made an illegal left in front of me. I was a hell of a lot luckier though, I walked away relatively unhurt.

      I’ve ridden for over 50 years now and I attribute my survival to realizing early on that any other driver on the road might try to kill me. That attitude may seem a bit extreme but hey, I’m still alive without kicking my bike habit.

      Best wishes to that rider but it only takes one mistake…

  • Would his road behavior be any different behind the wheel of a 4 wheeled, 4000 lb projectile? coulda taken a whole family unit out. along with a pedestrian or two.

    • Orange Sunshine

      No, it wouldn’t. Nobody is saying that it would be different. Bad driving is the same no matter the vehicle. Late at night I hear the sound of motorcycles traveling at high speeds. I wonder if this guy was one of those morons.

  • When I rode a motorcycle, situational awareness was paramount, it made for an intense ride, but I never ended up like this motorcyclist………. just plain dumb on the motorcyclist’s part.

    Many years ago, I had a motorist blow through a stop sign at basically the very same speed on 14th and A.

  • Lucky for him it wasn’t my 5 thousand pound tank he ran into. A love tap like that for me is more like the end of the road for him. That said, I am extra careful around bikers and always yield them the right of way. Of course, when they run red lights all bets are off!

  • Any news on who the motorcycle rider is? Thoughts and prayers to both car driver and motorcyclist.

    • Uninsured at fault motorcycle rider is in jail with broken collar bone on several outstanding felony warrants. Driver of (totaled) car and passenger are both okay.

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